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  1. Fuck outta here, you're probably one of those fanboys who were defending Phil being with Machinima whilst everyone else was telling him to get out of there. But of course now he leaves you're like "fuck machinima". Honestly you fanboys needs to get this grown man's dick out of your mouth. Fair enough man
  2. I'm getting the impression that Machinima dropped Phil. The managed partnership status was incredibly important to the DSPGaming channel so I don't so why Phil would give that up unless another network is offering it too.
  3. So this has what's happened to the DSP fandom? Resorting to mocking people with 2 jobs? You're clearly and school student who has never been in the outside world. Not all of Western society is like your backyard, there are people living rough and in the current economically climate find it hard to pay their bills so they work their damn ass off to pay them bills. Not every in the West is apart of your "modern society" where you get a fancy new car, days off, vacations, the latest technology. There is world you have no idea about kid, so get off your high horse and do some fucking hard work for
  4. I never said there was something wrong with him. But there is no way I could get my point across to him, I've debated him in the past in youtube comments and he's been unbearable, he can't look at things from the other side, just Phil's.
  5. I'm not even going to debate with you, you're notorious for being a blind defender of the guy.
  6. Did I say that you shouldn't have a better situation? As a human being, I want you to have enough money to be able to take time off but that's isn't the situation you're in unfortunately. "There are people in far worse situations than me, and you sound like one of them." I'm not sure if that was your way of belittling me but I'll let that slide. Now I personally feel there is a sense of self-entitlement and you've shown that in the past. Now you speak from your concern about becoming ill from overwork and I say that's life? Millions of people around the world are overworked and have poo
  7. You wrote just because you owe a bit of money or are struggling doesn't mean you have to go work 12 jobs a week for 34 hours a day. Work rest and play is what it's all about. But he doesn't just owe "a bit of money" he's stats in his videos that he's in a position that he "doesn't know if he can pay his bills" that's not just owing a bit of money, that's life changing. I'm old school, I did come from a "hardgraft city" as you described it, where it's a dog eat, dog world so I have the mentality that work comes before pleasure, I have to be able to afford that pleasure and if not I work hard to
  8. You're on the money. I'm not troll, I'm just providing an opinion and something to consider. Look this conspiracy theory, you have no evidence of what you said about me to be true so doesn't that make you the troll. Like I said if he wants to do that fine, but he shouldn't complain about lack of money if he's taking time off when he could be spending that time working.
  9. Standards for thousands of years? Wow, you really need history lesson. Yes a lot people take a day or two off each week, cause they can fucking afford, those of us who can't don't, if I'm sick and take a day off, no food on the table. I've been injured doing a job before and carried on cause I have to put food on the table and I have no idea why you're bringing religion into this, I guess to try and make it look like you're giving an intellectual answer?
  10. Ok we're not going to agree on whether time off is a luxury, you think it is and that's your opinion and I respect that. Now I'm glad you can agree that you shouldn't take time off if you can't afford it but I don't see how Phil think he could afford it if he's constantly making videos on how poor he is doing financially, he often says there's the threat of him not being able to pay his bills and that to me sounds like he certainly can't afford to take time off. A couple of extra hours a day ain't gonna cut it, he has to be working his damn hardest every day to make ends meet. But like I
  11. I was actually talking about your "b8 comment" remark.
  12. And now I know why the forum has a bad reputation.
  13. Time off is a luxury, you should only take time off if you can afford it. I don't like the fact that Phil has made it clear he has financial struggles in plenty of videos and then makes a video saying he should take time off. If you want to take time off then don't make another video complaining about having no money cause in those days off you could have been in the office working your ass off. And maybe I am generalising but that's all I fucking see today, people who believe they are entitled to something and don't want to work for it.
  14. Neither of you have a response that could logical counteract my post so you resort to labels. You both surely are smart.
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