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  1. I'm honestly cheering for Darnold to do good this year. Will just prove how awful the Jets are lol
  2. Gotta love making a poll on twitter asking what to stream next and it ends up being a tie, do I just do a coin flip if it doesn't change? -_-
  3. Just to clarify with this one, you'd want to play this on Xbox Series X, as the game got a performance boost and should run at a constant 30fps unlike the previous generations (the engine was so advanced the 360/PS3 just couldn't handle the game enough, not even xbox one could run it smoothly)
  4. I will say, I'm probably gonna give Deathloop a shot. Haven't really played shooters in a while and I like the concept for it. Could be a lot of fun
  5. Better him than letting California potentially turn into Florida with very little restrictions imo. The big issue at this time is covid, as that was what most people said their biggest reason for their vote was. If covid wasn't a thing, maybe there'd be more success in finding a new governor. But we'll see what happens next year. I won't say that I'm well informed on the policies he has, just the covid restrictions that were put in place
  6. It was a very interesting opening week for sure. So many upsets, good teams either underperforming or just getting destroyed. And weaker teams surprising people with an excellent performance. I hope Darnold can continue having a good season, but considering he played against the Jets, I'm not sure if that's possible. Same deal with Tyrod, played an awful Jags team. Gotta see how they play against better teams first. Was hoping the Bills would do better offensively, but hearing how that defense disguised their weakness in the backfield, I kinda get how it ended up this way. Defense di
  7. Jesus, saw the new trailer for Metroid Dread, game's going nuts and I'm so excited for it. Can't it be October already?!?
  8. Ok, I thought you were making a reference to Metroid Dread since that comes out on the 8th XD
  9. Actually just recently learned how to use Citra for 3DS emulation. Works quite well with gamecube controller and being able to upscale the quality so games look so much better
  10. Somewhat, with the people I ended up hanging out with for a couple years now, didn't really have an identity there for a while. Glad I had good friends who helped make one for me ^_^ But I'm still the same me as before. Also helps I'm friends with quite a few artists :P
  11. Yes, hello! XD How're you doing?
  12. I mean, my account's fine. It seems that there was a data breach on another site and I just had the same password here as a few other places like that site. I've taken care of it, so there's no worries now As I think about it now though, I should probably change my stuff to how things are currently for me. So don't be alarmed by name change and such xP Ok, can't change name I realize (gives you an idea of how long it's been lol). But I go by Bluey now (Bluey6 on other sites since I needed a number)
  13. I'm good so far. Just a lot that's happened and changed for me the past couple years And admittedly the main reason I got back on here is because my account here was at risk according to google. Fixed that of course, but I've still been following Phil, just very quietly for the most part. Watching vods from time to time. Just too busy to make it to streams (either when I'm working or with online friends). I've changed quite a bit xP
  14. So, uh, hello, it's been quite some time since I've been here... How's everyone been? xD
  15. A lot of platformers unfortunately don't have continuous music that I remember. The only game in recent memory that had continuous music was Sonic Lost World, unless I just don't remember other games that did it too.
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