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  1. A lot of platformers unfortunately don't have continuous music that I remember. The only game in recent memory that had continuous music was Sonic Lost World, unless I just don't remember other games that did it too.
  2. I would say that if Spongebob wins that he holds off on that like he did with Phoenix Wright: T&T and play the remake when it comes out. And instead, he plays the 2nd place game, which currently is Super Mario 64.
  3. Just be safe, from what I'm reading there could be stronger earthquakes in the coming week. And there was a 2.9 magnitude one recently in southern Washington, not that strong but still.
  4. Wouldn't make sense to since they're an american company.
  5. He's said it in regular streams, not just prestreams
  6. Eh, might as well see either a 3D Mario or an RPG :P
  7. The reason it's not in the poll is simple. He just recently beat a visual novel game and has already stated he's not playing another one like it this year. Danganronpa is a visual novel series, and he will not play v3 this year. Voted Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 2, and Hollow Knight. Glad to see first 2 choices be popular ones, would be happy with either winning.
  8. Man, why can't more companies do something like this?
  9. Well, with no context, all I'm seeing is him trying to get that enemy to hit the 10 coins, he wasn't trying to go to the next area
  10. Mhm, they already crossed the DMZ into North Korea. As much as I hate Trump, it is a pretty big deal.
  11. If their policy on the dancing games is any indication, they might be more lenient. For example, you can stream the games/share screenshots through the PS4. Maybe they'll allow it this time but just have you warn people that there will be spoilers if you watch.
  12. God guys, you're giving Phil so many choices already. I approve, continue flooding here :3
  13. Yeah, sub personas don't have strengths/weaknesses. So you do have to be careful about who you bring. Although you can get them abilities that resist elements/physical attacks, like I have one that resists ice and I give to Ann for example. Also I'll say now, Naoto has both bless and curse damage attacks, she has suddenly become so much more useful :D
  14. I'll say this now, you're gonna want to use everyone possible. Considering all the weaknesses you gotta remember, some characters will be useless in future areas. Honestly there is no best characters so far imo
  15. 3DS is dead at this point. Nintendo doesn't even talk about the 3DS anymore.
  16. See, I was watching a reaction stream and they were saying the first one wasn't that good
  17. So this is a game I'm really excited for. I've only been able to try it out with PS Now and only like 30 minutes of it because PS Now is trash for streaming, at least for me lol. So another great game on my list to get in September.
  18. Well, Watch Dogs Legion has my attention. I got the platinum trophy in 2, so shows I love it, so I should hopefully have that same fun in Legion. Helps it comes out a few days after my birthday :D Other than that tho, Ubisoft didn't really interest me tbh xD
  19. Never heard of Perfect Dark. Super Mario RPG was a Square Enix game, not sure if they are able to touch that one. Paper Mario, I honestly doubt at this point. Kirby was already released on Switch. Same with Yoshi and Bomberman (was launch title). F-Zero may happen, Metroid got pushed back because of development issues (we'd have information on it already if they didn't have to restart development with a new studio). Star Fox, honestly unsure what they're going to do with that franchise. Just look at some of the games this year. Super Mario Maker 2, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, remake of L
  20. Fair enough then. And yeah, Pokemon Company always does what they want. They don't like having their games be in the same spotlight as others lol And funnily enough it worked out because they don't look bad for announcing their release date before another game with the same date like Jedi: Fallen Order did XD
  21. And wait, you're saying that the Pokemon Direct was their E3 direct? Uh... I don't think you know what's actually happening.
  22. Uh, Nintendo attends on Tuesday like every year. Just saying.
  23. Already at first boss, love it so far. The changes they made to gameplay really help. Like having reserve party members be able to knock down enemies, the different types of personas (DEF, PHY, MAG, etc) help try to create a balanced team. Music is awesome, and happy that specific enemies have to be defeated in order to get personas (which aren't too rare to be a problem). A lot of good changes imo. I do think I need to level up a little more as I failed my first attempt at the boss.
  24. Fun fact. Stadia uses up a TB of data with 65 hours of use :P
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