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  1. Hey Phil have you thought of doing a Twitch Watch Party? You could find a title that you enjoy and commentate over it while watching with Prime subscribers. It will be great when the game releases slowdown.
  2. It does make a big difference when you are playing a survival horror game.
  3. Maybe he can't do push-ups because of the herniated disc in his back....
  4. First of all he can't do any physical jobs like factories, stocking shelves, or walking long distances because of the herniated discs in his back. According to a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast employers won't give him an office jobs because they won't hire him because of all the stuff Phil has put on the internet. His bankruptcy isn't totally his fault because a group called Sons of Kojima filed false copyright strikes. This picture was posted on kiwifarms when Sons of Kojima fell apart.
  5. I installed the browser on Saturday and I've already earned $.47 that I can tip to a youtube or Twitch creator that signs up with Brave.
  6. It's bases of google chrome, it has adblocker and tracker blockers integrated. The browser allows you to earn a small amount of money by looking at ads offered by Brave and donate the money to a youtube or twitch creator that registers with Brave.
  7. The game is House Flipper and not Fixer Upper on Steam. My bad. Steam sale will probably start June 25th.
  8. Fixer Upper-Steam Thief Simulator- Steam When you buy games on Steam wait until the summer Steam sale starts. It should start on the 25th.
  9. He was doing more than just playing minecraft. He was playing and recording at 1080p running at 60 frames per second using a graphics card from 2013.
  10. Intel I74930k processor gtx780TI overclocked 3 gigabyte I'm sure he has a solid state drive
  11. Playing Fallout 76 is certainly doable. I've seen one youtuber kill Super Mutants above his level solo by using molotov cocktails and grenades. If Phil can equip the lone wanderer card it'll be even easier.
  12. Was playing Farming Simulator 2017 on PC and noticed the people were walking around town like zombies.... It was a cool little detail they added for Halloween.
  13. Hey Phil, the House of Representatives is trying to create a copyright small claims court to lower the cost of suing copyright infringers. It's called H.R 3945 aka The CASE Act. Awards would be capped at 30,000 but you probably wouldn't need to spend 10000 to get a lawyer to start your case. What do you think about this and how it could make it easier to go after people that repost your content.
  14. If he sold a video through Amazon direct he would only get half of the money. If he made his video available to Amazon Prime members he would on;y get .06 for every hour watched by the viewers with is pitiful. He would be much more successful if he sold videos on Vimeo because they give 90% minus the transaction fee. Also Vimeo is available in more countries than Amazon.
  15. Hey Phil have you heard of a new youtube program called Copyright Match? It will show you videos that match yours and you could ask youtube to remove videos that are obviously stolen from your channel It's only available to channels with 100k subscribers so only DSPGaming would be eligible. For example if you uploaded your vlogs to DSPGaming you might be able to ask youtube to remove your vlogs that are re-uploaded without editing by detractors
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