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  1. ThatDogGuy

    Archive of RedDeadDSP

    i dont know about this. didn't Phil have the same password or something to the accounts tho when he as last hacked?
  2. ThatDogGuy


    Errr, this has nothing to do with Howard and John. lol
  3. ThatDogGuy


    I'm sure.
  4. ThatDogGuy


  5. ThatDogGuy

    The Ban Hammer emote is not a good idea...

    Depends if they deserve it. I've not seen proof of anyone not deserving it so far, but if someone can present the full text logs, screenshots etc then would hold some weight behind it.
  6. ThatDogGuy

    The Ban Hammer emote is not a good idea...

    'Nuff hate for the banhammer. Fear the banhammer!
  7. ThatDogGuy

    How is Phil so good at fighting games?

    He's not the best gamer but high up there, in the top 10% for sure.
  8. ThatDogGuy

    I think it’s time....

    If anything has been proven his fans care about him and anything unfair that happens to him is offset by their generosity. I understand the fans donated some hardware to him recently, which is a great gesture considering the expense of it. Phil has proved time and time again that he can survive the worst of the worlds unfairness.
  9. ThatDogGuy

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    Agreed. I wouldn't expect they would work by just plugging them in anyway especially as his PC is older than most.
  10. ThatDogGuy

    Persona 3

    So according to you @PhiI is an idiot? Or at least idiotic? Another bad day Nich? I'm getting a little bored of you always slagging him off.
  11. ThatDogGuy

    Monetization restored to Youtube!

    Oh, so you mean you don't believe @Phil's story?
  12. ThatDogGuy

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Mate I don't need to have played a game to know that is ridiculous game design. I hate JRPG's personally.
  13. ThatDogGuy

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Did you not see the stream?
  14. ThatDogGuy

    Monetization restored to Youtube!

    Well, circumstances have changed.
  15. ThatDogGuy

    Monetization restored to Youtube!

    True that. DSP is the most determined guy I know. Proof that no matter how bad it gets, a human can keep going and prevail.