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  1. Finally someone who isn't a troll.
  2. I believe you're getting mixed up with Nich.
  3. It's so simple but needs pointing out. Phil's told you he didn't believe it was a real offer. 'nuff said!
  4. No idea why you guys are getting all your panties in a twist about this one. Talk about taking the bait.
  5. ThatDogGuy

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    That's true dat.
  6. ThatDogGuy

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    Amityville are you a Patreon now then?
  7. ThatDogGuy

    Will Phil ever go back to reviewing games?

    Didnt he get a million views for one of his reviews? Can't even remember the game, it was a terrible open world shitfest. So just dont call it the Hateful Truth anymore. Just do a clickbait title. Everyone is doing it nowadays and it might help raise some cash.
  8. ThatDogGuy

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    Can you add a "t" to the end of his name?
  9. ThatDogGuy

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    That is a seperate issue. You made a statement that it wasn't work and Amityville proved you were in fact incorrect. Work isn't necessarily stuff you have to hate ya know.
  10. ThatDogGuy

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    So.... where are we going to find the $16,000 dollars boss?
  11. ThatDogGuy

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    The part time job thing is just nuts. Stop suggesting stuff you know won't fit in with the streaming.
  12. I heard last night that Phil was crying. After watching his hour long Thanksgiving message, he clearly wasn't. Emotional, but not crying. It was a heartfelt message about what social media is doing to the world and how in todays society people it's OK to bully people as long as its not physical, and no one will ever do anything about it.
  13. ThatDogGuy

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    You can't comment when you've literally admitted to only playing at a friends house for a few hours, blad.
  14. ThatDogGuy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Good riddance.