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  1. Nah, it's not Phil's job to supervise people throughout their fandom until they make stupid decisions. Idiots come and go. If you wanna be a fan be a fan, don't stab those you supported in the back because you read detractor tweets. That's a real prick move. But then, you would defend this motive right?
  2. Exactly, was a poor effort by the young troll to try to deflect. Guess we know who he really is.
  3. Looks like a whole load of trolls posts got deleted.
  4. Only one person apparently. This critique is rather niche and isn't really widespread.
  5. They think we are all the same person, that's fine by me.
  6. I’ve heard about a conspiracy to boycott and take DSP down after his marriage to Kat Burnell. This is wrong, insulting and shows that you aren’t true fans. We’ve had a few mods walk out, all over him getting married. If you are one of these I have to say – shame on you! Can I just say, hopefully you can forfeit your rights to a more deserved member of the group eg. myself. You don’t have to agree with everything your heroes do, but if you have a difference of opinion then you should keep it at that and not get upset by throwing your toys out the pram. This is your own behaviour you should
  7. I've seen it myself and didn't even notice the spire tbh as it's at the back. I'm sure they'll build a massive solar panel spire in the future so it can generate all the electricity itself.
  8. Apologies to all fake fans posting here. You should be allowed to post to pretend and bait other users.[/sarcasm]
  9. Well, the game doesn't explain itself very well. If he's streaming, probably safe to assume he can't be ploughing Youtube on his phone the whole time huh?
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