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  1. Earlier I posted that it did not really matter to me but after seeing the pictures above and thinking about it why not do it. If he is going to use face cam all the time now and you have a green screen I do not see why it is not worth an afternoon of work. Phil could even stream while setting it up his Switch set up stream did well I think.
  2. Well Manson committed a horrible crime and is serving time for it. I have not looked into it but I would guess he is also getting treatment for his mental illness while in prison. He was not charged and sentenced just because he had schizophrenia but by your logic because one bad guy had it everyone else who has it should be treated the same and disowned from society. That is not how society should work.
  3. Yeah just started season 2 of Fargo and I am watching the last episode of Legion as we speak.
  4. I do not really have an opinion on this twitter guy but I find your reaction to those with mental illness out of line. Even if someone with a mental illness is dangerous they should not be disowned they need help. The key word is illness they did not choose to have this just the same as someone does not choose to get cancer. The fact you use these words as insults for some guy who takes ten minutes out of his day to tweet bout Phil shows you were never around a person with a mental health issue and I doubt you have any training in psychology so next time drop the armchair therapist and just
  5. Yeah getting into politics right now is a terrible idea. Living in the U.S. everyone is so divided saying anything about a topic is a no win situation. People take the issue seriously and it could lead to Phil losing fans which is something he does not need to happen right now. My wish would be a revamp of patreon. I was looking at the reward levels today and it dawned on me I can get the $1 text shoutout, $10 verbal shoutout, and $20 question if I send Phil 100 bits on twitch. The text shows on screen, Phil thanks you by name, and if you add a question Phil will give a quick answer.
  6. I do not think it is a big deal. I have seen people use them and it looks cool but sometimes it does block some of the action in the game. Wish Phil would have been a bit less definitive about this though if he ever does use this set up no doubt haters will use these words against him.
  7. I just want to say wow man you put in some work for this. Good stuff backed up by sources hopefully Phil uses some of this.
  8. I am late to the party on this but I am loving the first season of Fargo.
  9. Balancing Nioh and Horizon. Usually do not buy games till the price goes down but these two were too tempting to pass up.
  10. I feel the same. Do I think Phil is a racist or these jokes are offensive not at all. Do I think these jokes are shallow and unfunny god yes. I believe you can attempt to make jokes about anything but things like "chicky chang wang" is just such a played out hack thing to do. These jokes are just crap out of some "offensive" joke book from the 70's. Phil having videos out there like DSP's top racist moments of 2010 or whatever does not do him any good either. I do not even think the people who call him out as a racist think he is either it is just low hanging fruit just like the jokes Phil
  11. Yes I am a new user with one post which is a long one about Phil. Why is this? Because I made a account to post a long post about Phil. I have good things I can say about DSP. I think he speaks well and I got what I was looking for when I watched his game footage. Those things just did not fit into the post I wanted to write. How are any new fans supposed to feel welcomed if people with a small amount of posts says something they do not like and are branded autist who should be banned? I agree. I never wanted to say I think Phil only cares about money just that it can come off l
  12. Hello. It is rare that I do things like post on forums of people I am a fan of but I need to get something off my chest. I know you are in a rough spot right now and I hope if I share my experience it could help you in the long run. Last November I found myself unemployed and with a lot of time to kill. Eventually I stumbled upon Darksydephil's videos and enjoyed them. It is rare I pick up games on the day they come out so it was nice to have a place to go to see some gameplay of these new releases. I would check out your channels and sometimes come and lurk at the forums. While lurking i
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