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  1. BigAlUpdates

    Losing weight

    VertigoTeaparty is the man. All very good ideas. People with sensitive stomachs, like me, should steer clear of 2 but all great ideas. It takes patience to lose weight but once you get down to where you want to be, it's all maintenance from there. Good job VertigoTeaparty.
  2. BigAlUpdates

    Scary Film/TV suggestions for Halloween 2017

    He was. In fact Darren Mcgavin's character in the x-files was originally supposed to be Kolchak from the series. I believe it was cut due to copyright issues.
  3. BigAlUpdates

    Scary Film/TV suggestions for Halloween 2017

    Yes I love the Thing, Alien, etc. But man it's awesome to see someone know who knows of It Follows and The Decent! Those are such awesome movies no one knows about! The Vincent Price House of Wax is worth watching and I agree the Paris Hilton House of Wax is worth the watch as well.
  4. Come on guys, I know you have some great suggestions for what you watch during the Halloween season. Myself, I suggest the original One Missed Call. Very good film.
  5. BigAlUpdates

    Losing weight

    DSP is a guy who loves his meat related items. Who doesn't right? Well there is a meat substitute that is really good for you, portobello mushrooms. If prepared the right way it can taste just like a burger and they aren't very time consuming to make! You can also use them to make mini pizzas which are very tasty Ive also seen ways to make homemade pizza with doe made from cream cheese if DSP would prefer that. It cuts down on the carbs. Hope these tips help.
  6. BigAlUpdates

    La La Land opinions?

    Yeah the screw up was terrible. I'm glad it went to the rightful person, I just felt so embarrassed for the La La Land people. I don't know what they should do, but they should do something to make up for it for being so gracious with the mix up.
  7. BigAlUpdates

    So who's buying the Switch?

    understandable. I'm just a huge Nintendo fan. But yeah the lineup is......ehhhhhh. I can't wait to play Zelda and some of the later releases look awesome. They really need something that sells the shit out of the system though. Like another Metroid, a new franchise, something!
  8. BigAlUpdates

    La La Land opinions?

    See that was my only thing, I don't like musicals but I may still have to see it. I see the trailers and it looks like such a beautiful movie.
  9. I love when Phil picks up and old school game like from the 90s-08 time frame. He really does shine with those, like it brings a certain happiness to him. Maybe its the thought of playing the game in his youth or something else entirely but I'd watch him play Super Mario 64 or a game like Spyro 10 times! When Phil is having fun, I am having more of a blast watching him.
  10. BigAlUpdates

    So who's buying the Switch?

    Got mine coming from Amazon as we speak.
  11. BigAlUpdates

    DSP Tries It Suggestions

    I wish he would do more non-food items like he used to. It would be funny to watch him revisit old school toys like the Skip-it or maybe play a board game with Leanna.
  12. BigAlUpdates

    What is your favorite TIHYDP?

    I'll be honest. The Resident Evil Remastered one is really great.
  13. BigAlUpdates

    Feedback to Ad Fiasco Update

    new to this forum. Hello everyone. I do agree it shouldn't be changed to a shorter time. Most youtubers, including myself, upload 25-30 min. Just my two cents guys.
  14. BigAlUpdates

    La La Land opinions?

    Anyone see La La Land? Was thinking of going out and seeing it soon.