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  1. DasBoSchitt

    Which method of survival do you prefer?

    If none of you have played "This War of Mine", I highly, highly recommend it for those of you, myself included, who like survival games with an ending to them.
  2. Oh my God, the Bob thing. That is such a good example, and yet I had actually forgotten about that. I think that's kinda what YouTube expects will happen. Give it time and people will forget and simply return to their shitty kissing prank videos.
  3. Phil has spoken at length about why YouTube's copyright system is a pile of crap that's very easy to abuse. I also remember him saying that until Google starts actually getting hit in the bank and starts seeing some real stiff competition that's driving people elsewhere from YouTube in droves, they're not going to listen to simple complaining. YouTube has made plenty of crap decisions that everyone was staunchly against over the years, and yet they did what they wanted to anyway because they knew people always have and always will return to their site regardless. That said, I highly doubt Phil thinks another dime a dozen slactivist hashtag movement is going to get YouTube's attention.
  4. DasBoSchitt

    PS1 Games Phil Should Play

    It'd be cool if Valkyrie Profile was a possibility, but I found out a couple months ago that it's rare now and expensive to get a hold of. Emulation would have to be the way to go in that case. Einhänder was a favorite of mine for a while, but side scrolling SHMUPS don't seem like anything he'd be interested in playing, especially since there's almost no story in the game and it's all nonstop action with guaranteed retries.
  5. DasBoSchitt

    Undertale Playthrough Discussion.

    From what was said in the pre-stream, Phil does intend to take on multiple playthroughs when he finishes his middle-of-the-road path he's taking on right now. If you ask me, taking on the pacifist run after this is a great way to reflect on everything he picked up on with the lore on his first playthrough and what's different about everything. Seeing a lot of backstory and lore for the 2nd time is the best way to absorb information for just about anyone. He'll just have to have to remember to follow the hint to return to that big scary fish house in Waterfall after he spares Undyne and he should be good to go when that playthrough is rolling.
  6. Oh, my bad, I thought the podcast was on Tuesday.
  7. Wasn't he sick as a dog and his voice didn't work right around the time the podcast was happening?
  8. DasBoSchitt

    Undertale Playthrough Discussion.

    Yeah, the spoilers need to really stop with these people, but I can see where the Undertale fans are coming from when they pretty much demand you play a certain way, which often times is the True Pacifist path. It's the path that's the most amusing, the most heartfelt and has the best, most complete ending of the game. Genocide route is brutal and could lead to a ragequit, and of course, playing middleground gives you an ending that isn't all that great. So, while the people's demand of playing Undertale a certain way, particularly the True Pacifist route can be irritating to the new adopter, I can at least say that their demands are at least well-intentioned.
  9. DasBoSchitt

    How should DSP edit upcoming playthroughs?

    What I hope he can manage to do is, he can leave the raw unedited stuff up on the DSPgaming channel, but then every time a day's session is over, he goes back and cuts together all the highlights, be them fails or wins, until he reaches about 20 - 25 minutes. Then he can upload those 20 - 25 minutes as its own video on the new channel. Another thing I'm hoping for is, when he tackles Street Fighter 5, that he starts cutting the fights together into 15 - 20 minute chunks, rather than making each fight its own video. And finally, any top 10 lists he does, hopefully he'll no longer make each entry its own video. I've always found that to be a really strange way to do top 10 lists, so hopefully that won't be a thing anymore. One more thing, when the new channel is made, do try to make use of custom thumbnails more. Perhaps a re-occurring theme can be on each thumbnail depending on the video, so when people see it in searches or related videos, but have never seen DPS's videos before, the design will eventually keep coming back to them which should get them curious to eventually click the videos if they haven't yet.
  10. DasBoSchitt


    I would have to agree that bringing up the TMZ nonsense in a raised voice is pretty counter-productive in every way. It gives them the attention they want and it just bothers the fans that it's being brought up again. I know the more ridiculous the claims get, the harder it is to resist talking about it, but do try to keep yourself from bringing it up.
  11. Hang in there, man. I don't have time to watch it tonight, but the vlogs have always been great to have up while working early in the morning. I'll catch it then. Peace!
  12. DasBoSchitt

    Where is the DSP Fans Podcast

    I don't think a lot of people consider it because Phil does his own podcasts and they cover a number of different topics that often branch away from himself. So that being said, they decide watching that is a better, more digestible option.
  13. I think the answer is more simple than people make it out to be. Full playthroughs don't have the pull that they used to. People much like Alucard check out an LP to see whether or not a game is something they'd be interested in or not, and you only need a few starting videos to know that. Watching a full playthrough takes a ton of time and patience to take part in, and they often appeal to people who are interested in a game, but have no intention of buying it, which, if you ask me, isn't a very hefty audience anymore. If only Phil had the time, or a helping hand in making a fast paced best and worst montage video of recently completed playthroughs. That would be great for those who don't have it in them to watch an entire playthrough, but still want to see all the good parts. I bet that would add a nice chunk of views.
  14. DasBoSchitt

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Playthrough Discussion

    Yeah, there were still some things that Phil was getting dumb on, like the fact that flying forward and landing your board sideways makes you fall over. Still, looks like this game tried to shake things up a little beyond what the last several iterations of the series were doing, but they were executed poorly. Just goes to show what happens when a franchise goes on a little too long.
  15. DasBoSchitt

    Bias is getting in the way of your content

    I'm a Platinum Games fanboy. I say that with gusto.