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  1. So you quit playing it cause the game is a piece of shit, worst game ever? Guess what, this supposed to be a worst games marathon, that was the point... to play this game. And according to you, it is bad. Not to mention patrons played for this in advance. What a terrible 5 and a half hour "marathon". But for something positive, now you can make a shirt with a "I ragequitted Scarface, Twice" slogen.
  2. It was a youtube comment and not a twitt. It was more funny than insulting. Instulting was not finishing the game on EZ mode.
  3. There are no cons for using a greenscreen (especially if you already have one), you just need to take time to set it up. Its better for the viewer, we see more, look more professional, easier to setup position.
  4. After last nights disaster, anyone still defending not using greenscreen? Move your ass and do it.
  5. I remember a tweet about this, not on stream. I wont look it up that tho, its not worth.
  6. I think he already said he will choose EZ.
  7. Looks like a proffesional streamer to me. Sadly, I can already hear the 1000 excuses. "Too much work."
  8. Greenscreen adds a lot. Guys, be patient. He is getting there... maybe in 2 years.
  9. In general... he dont need it. But when things happen like this, he should do it, so he can play/stream it early. (he should have done it with Andromeda, but he is not smart) Also. many peepul forget, that for 3pounds a month, you can play a lot of games which you dont need to buy. Its not just playing games early, but playing games in general. There are the games you have access for that money: https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/store/origin-access/vault-games
  10. Its a bit too late and pointless now. In 7 or 8 hours, the game will be available to EVERYONE. You talking about ME:A, right?
  11. Handholding is no interaction. It should be a 2 way thing. It pisses me off every time when they spoil the game, help him, sometimes bitcheer-help (most pathetic thing) him. I often watch Cinemassacre stream and Mike talks to the chat, not just let them help him and/or doing a q&a. Thats interaction.
  12. Just a question guys. You have an internet based company and you are about to do business with a random person on the internet. Would you like to know how is that other person behaves on the internet?
  13. How about shorten your videos by editing them? Instead of uploading 4 hours of raw video, upload only 4x15mins edited clips? You said that "other youtubers" edit their videos by cutting out the boring stuff. Bot thats not you. Well... if you leave in the boring stuff in and make us watch it, you are wasting our time. Also, make custom numbered thumbnails. That takes a very little effort.
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