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  1. Kazzy

    The Walking Dead

    I was totally shell shocked by this episode!!
  2. Kazzy

    The Walking Dead

    Loved seeing badass Carole again!!
  3. Kazzy

    The Walking Dead

    I agree! Makes me wonder where exactly the noise is coming from, if it's from inside or outside their town and who the hell is making it?!!
  4. Kazzy

    Question regarding game suggestions...

    Now that looks creepy as hell!!
  5. Kazzy

    The Last Post

  6. Kazzy

    Fear the Walking Dead

    Have to say that I really enjoyed episodes 3 and 4, things are finally starting to happen! I like the way they are showing the military and the safe zone area, we can only guess that things are going to go to shit fairly soon!!
  7. Kazzy

    Your Top Game of 2015

    Until Dawn
  8. Kazzy

    14-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Bringing A Homemade Clock To School

    ^ Now that's very interesting! Make me wonder what he's hiding? Is it just the fact that he didn't really invent a clock or something more?
  9. Part 9 1:13-1:33 Part 10 8:53-10:03 Part 14 1:32-2:09 2:37-3:08 Part 18 8:26-9:19 Part 22 1:02-2:05 Part 23 7:08-8:10 Part 25 8:47-9:23 Part 26 0:00-0:27 Part 27 3:08-4:09 Part 28 2:30-3:44 5:12-6:44 6:48-7:07 Part 29 1:22-3:02 3:07-4:19 4:23-6:23 9:16-9:50 Part 30 0:00-0:20 3:20-4:52 6:00-7:49
  10. Part 1 0:00-0:45 3:58-4:25 7:05-7:20 Part 5 0:46-1:02 6:15-6:35 Part 7 0:31-1:06 2:08-2:25 Part 8 6:09-6:27
  11. Kazzy

    Hannibal Season 3

    This season was amazing, I absolutely love the way they ended it! It's a crime if we don't get to see another season!!
  12. Kazzy

    Fear the Walking Dead

    I think it will become more and more like The Walking Dead that we know and love. I'm actually looking forward to the series, it just felt a little slow to me but I'm sure it will get better :)
  13. Kazzy

    Fear the Walking Dead

    I must admit I was disappointed with it too, bring on the action I say!!
  14. Kazzy

    The Last Post

    Pretty good effort guys
  15. Kazzy

    Phil dislikes Ledger's joker?

    Personally I think Heath was brilliant as the Joker, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion...