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  1. Fuck this i am done with Phil and his bullshit. Any criticism and you just get shit canned And Phil YOU ARE taking to E BEGGING to a new level it is sickening.You are 34 years of age own your own business guess what it takes 80 hrs per week to make it work.You are just lazy and FOR FUCKS SAKE tell BSV TO FUCK OFF he is just causing trouble and it will reflect back on you.There are some good and smart people giving you advice start listening. In ten years time what do you think you will be doing.Stop telling people they are morons because you are leading by example.FUCK OFF ps WHAT THE FUCK BSV
  2. Does Phil ever do giveaways like codes or t shirts also how do i vote on the worst games poll ?.Thanks
  3. Yeah that sounds like a better plan
  4. I prefer just to drink beer.Drinking spirits just seem to fuck you up to quickly
  5. Hi guy's Pete from Australia .I dont get to see many streams bc of time diff but i like watching his vids but tomorrow is my sunday so i hope i can join in. PS how do i change my profile pic
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