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  1. Not like you ever leave your moms basement anyways, greasy spotty faced nerd probably popping your zits and masturbating while watching hentai. xD losers.
  2. Trust me if you saw me in real life you wouldn't say that, i promise you. :)
  3. I wasnt talking about you, im talking about the ill twitter stalkers. It joined both my posts together now calm your tits and get a life, everyone has their own opinion on matters so cry in a corner. You can't even tell the difference to "nowadays" and "all" don't skip school buddy,
  4. Where did i say ALL women are like that? Can you distinguish the difference between "nowadays" and "all"? My girlfriend isn't like that at all and we are happy. However all my previous ex WERE like that and even my girlfriend admits MOST women are like this. I find it so funny how Phil's ill stalkers are saying i'm sexist yet they kept insulting Leanna everyday on her appearance, calling her Phil's daughter and calling her a leech. Yet i'm the one who is sexist? You people are funny. Here screenshot this post and post it on your social media you bunch of spotty faced greasy nerds.
  5. Hardly sexist when it's true. So you're telling me when you go on a date and you refuse to pay and let the women pay she will see you again? 99.9% chance of that happening mate. That's how society is so it's hardly sexist, this whole feminist bullshit these days is seriously ridiculous you get offended at every little thing like little babies and start name calling everyone sexist. Grow a pair.
  6. I never said Leanna was like that, i was talking about Phil meeting other women in the future and they could prefer that lifestyle. I've met many women who were like that and i've currently got a girlfriend who is not like that at all. Now get out of your moms basement and stop creating sock accounts trying to act like my opinion is offending you, theres more to life then Phil's personal life. Just because you think my opinion is crap doesn't mean it's untrue. My opinion is based on experiences i've went through in my life which doesn't really concern you and i have a right to
  7. True, nowadays when you have a partner it's expensive as hell. As the women expects you to pay for everything and buy them loads of gifts otherwise it means you don't love them.
  8. That's not the only thing they did, Leanna had a picture on her Instagram with a cat on a couch they were literally investigating if that couch was in Phil's house to find if Leanna was with Phil. They went through old videos of Phil doing a tour in his house and trying to find all the couches and see if they match with the one Leanna had on her instragram. MINDBLOWN. Stalker level over 9000.
  9. Phil's main source of income isnt really youtube anymore, youtube seems to be dying quite honestly. When you look at channels that were big in the past they are all slowly dying like YOGSCAST, they barely get any views anymore. Youtube is now all about drama and controversy thats the only way to get views. The only people who won't by effected by this is extremely big youtubers like PDP. Furthermore looking at Phil's recent videos and reading the comment section, it is literally cancerous. I've changed my mind and i think he should just disable comments altogether. He gets interaction on
  10. I personally wouldn't disable comments i would honestly just leave them and not even read them, ever. One day the no life trolls will get bored, maybe, hopefully..... I'm hoping for too much, never mind. I mean when you think about it these ill people stalk Phil when he plays video games and create PSN accounts with an insulting name like when you have that much free time unfortunately your only solution is booking that psychiatrist appointment. This is my call for all these people. Call that damn psychiatrist and let them help you on why you have these tendencies.
  11. Turning off youtube comments, first world problem for these stalkers. Now they cant get their fix of commenting nasty shit on his videos to feel better about their shitty lives.
  12. As long as it makes butt hurt trolls like you mad i will make sure this thread never dies. Keep making sock accounts.
  13. His got to be a young child probably in his teens still and so he has a tremendous amount of free time because a mature adult wouldn't spend their life like that or let alone have the free time to do it.
  14. Quite honestly i don't know how Phil deals with it for so many years i mean i would have left the internet a long time ago if i had these creepy dedicated stalkers on me. This dude Drgnkiller even donated to Phil's patreon once to get access to patreon forums, thats how deep the dedication is. The internet is truly one fucked up place and as long as everyone can hurt, stalk and cyber bully someone anonymously nothing is going to change. They are basement dwellers, you really think these people socialise and have real friends? If they did their friends would actually try to help them realise wh
  15. Because when you call Phil's cyber stalkers a bunch of no space low lives they all create sock accounts to reply because they are offended.
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