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  1. D9Fred95

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Forza Horizon 3's complete edition is on sale for $30 where I am. Quite the deal. I'd buy it but I have such a backlog that I can't really bring myself to make it bigger.
  2. D9Fred95

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Didn't Just Cause 3 have the same problems? That it was too similar to JC2?
  3. D9Fred95

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    Ehh. I wouldn't say that Fallout games are poor per say, but internal consistency is all over the place in the franchise. Like Super Mutants can be created by a river with FEV in it now, even though the whole creation of Super Mutants required specific conditions in previous installments.
  4. D9Fred95

    Your thoughts on the Halloween Horror Marathon

    I find it kinda funny that DSP dressed up as Bob Ross and I noticed during The Conjuring that the official Bob Ross stream was in my recommended channels.
  5. D9Fred95

    Fallout 76

    The lore is pretty weird. Somehow the BoS has a division in West Virginia 20 years after the war through use of a satellite.
  6. D9Fred95

    Telltale is Shutting Down

    Apparently TWAU took some liberties with the source material judging by what the hardcore Fables fans have said. Bigby not remembering Flycatcher and stuff like that. It being one of the most beloved TTG game's rubs them the wrong way.
  7. D9Fred95

    Telltale is Shutting Down

    This is why I don't like season passes. Granted this is a worst case scenario but you never know what the content is going to be like until it comes out.
  8. D9Fred95

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I haven't gotten around to playing Cuphead myself. Only run n' gun game I've gotten around to playing would be Max Payne. I do want to give Cuphead a whirl though.
  9. D9Fred95

    Half Life 2

    Yeah. One I wouldn't pay $20 for.
  10. D9Fred95

    Half Life 2

    Phil should play Hunt Down the Freeman after Episode 2 is finished. The perfect way to end a series.
  11. D9Fred95

    Fallout 76

    I can't wait to try and turn in a quest to an NPC only to get shot and killed by a griefer mid conversation.
  12. D9Fred95

    Fallout 76

    I really dislike the fact that nukes are what Orbital Strikes are to GTAO. It's kind of a slap in the face to what nukes represent in the Fallout universe.
  13. D9Fred95

    Total Biscuit dies

    It's on his twitter, his wife said it when the official Fortnite account gave their condolences.
  14. D9Fred95

    Total Biscuit dies

    Apparently he died thinking of Fortnite due to him talking about it in his coma.
  15. D9Fred95

    Playthrough Requests

    Been looking through some of Phil's older videos and I came across his Mercenaries 2 videos of the races and cathedral mission. Despite that Phil didn't think highly of the game in the clips, I wouldn't mind seeing a playthrough of Mercenaries 2 some time in the future.