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  1. I gotta say the game does look awesome. I never have played a Monster Hunter. It does look sweet. I do love how Capcom is firing back...new Zelda in 2018 or 2019 and this. I may rent Monster Hunter World to see if its as good as advertised.
  2. As some have posted I'd discuss possibly the scheduling of it and a couple games of it. I mean its not dedicating a whole scheduled month to it. And ya never know , you may like it if you get playing it. I'm sure there are games people have said , no way will I like this. Then once they get going they go , ya know ...this is pretty fun. I was the same way for years with Call of Duty. I was like no way will I ever be a guy who plays COD games. Not my deal. But what happened was I found a cheap copy of Ghosts at a flea market for $1 buck and started playing it. Then I was like...ya know this is
  3. Yeah its gonna focus on a prince who lost his kingdom from what is claimed. I don't expect anyone to do all the bounty hunts etc. The grinding in the 1st one drove me crazy as I need to finish 2-3 hunts to get more trophies to platinum. I finally was like...fuck it. I gave up....one day I'll finish it. But I can see why Phil didn't do it.
  4. Yeah I gotta agree with this. It also helps to have someone to do a video with and establish a friendship with online. Youtubers do it all the time. The Game Chasers bring in Gaming Historian and others. It only helps exposure wise. Ok I didn't know , I know there are thousands of videos and I kinda in the back of mine wondered had he done that one. But the sequel should be as quick as the 1st one if he breaks it down and stays away from bounty hunts etc.
  5. I never played Monster Hunter World . But Ni No Kuni has a beautiful storyline and Phil could do that one quick and easy. He wouldn't have to do side quests or try to do every bounty hunt etc. But he could do the main storyline and get it done quick.
  6. The 1st Ni No Kuni is a great game. I'm a few trophies away and now doing a friggen long grind to complete that final trophy there. Which I know after the main storyline you can quit basically. No need unless you wanna try and Platinum the game. Anyhow hopefully the sequel is just as good. Monster Hunter World looks like a cool game. I've never played any of those games but this one looks pretty cool.
  7. Well right now there is a big push from youtubers angry that people are taking their videos and doing NO EDITING to them and basically claiming it as their own. On CUPodcast , Pat showed one youtuber that had his literal videos he's made , a foreign channel uploaded them. As Pat claims usually you have people add things like edits or voice overs to do the fair use deal. But some channels are taking peoples entire content they create and claiming it as their own. I get folks like H3H3 doing videos and adding their own voice to it as response type video. But youtube needs to put a
  8. Ya know I have avoided this whole deal because really , its one of those things you just have to step back from . I honestly think if Phil right now doesn't want to reveal the girl he's seeing right now due to privacy concerns maybe he should never do it. I mean do we really need to know said name or her in a video later ? Not really , if you share images of her ...hey good. That is nice , people take pictures with loved ones. But they don't need to reveal names etc etc. That is his deal. At the end whatever Phil decides is up to him.
  9. I remember months ago someone on youtube claimed companies were sending in take down notices and getting videos removed ? Maybe it happened and where Phil has such a library of videos and game footage he never noticed ? I mean that could be a reason possibly. I know he said KOGaming was dead right ? So without looking at the channel awhile maybe that happened.
  10. Or ...you can go back to page #1 and look at the 2nd post that started that whole discussion.
  11. Has anyone watched a few of those Kitchen Nightmare shows ? Comically in a few the diner owners will take their servers tips. I do love Gordon Ramsay's reaction to it and he at times will cuss those sobs out. One I remember is he literally told the owner , "Listen fat boy , your servers work hard. They need their tips and have families too."
  12. Am I missing something , I could have sworn there was a couple posts here.
  13. Well there is the lottery option too lol....
  14. One waitress told me and it made me feel for her , she was making $2.75 an hour. I was like ...wow. But that is what they earned and lived on tips. She worked in a diner and the jar was up front. Her and the other (2 waitresses worked the diner during the hours) split . Course a lot would just live tips on the table so they'd go and put it in the jar 9 times outta 10.
  15. I have seen the tip jar in bars and restaurants as well. It works in some aspects. People will put a buck in for a waitress or bartender etc , and it works. I would tip them as well because I have worked alongside waitresses and know the struggle they have to make ends meet. Now I admitted when I 1st came here , I do not donate to anyone. No one online or anything. Its not my responsibility to keep anyone doing videos online. I like watching sure , but its not my deal to do that. I have my own grown up responsibilities with bills etc to handle. So sorry , its just how
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