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  1. You mentioned recently on stream about being pulled over by the police, for following a friend home, but didn't want to explain the whole story at the time. I don't recall ever hearing this story, so could you possibly elaborate?
  2. Yo, Phil, what's up, hopefully you get some good news from Mitch soon (if you haven't already). My question is: what has been your favorite Patreon/sub event or marathon (and/or best hidden gem game you've experienced bc of an event), in the 3 years you've been doing them, so far? I've enjoyed them a lot, and there have been some great playthroughs that have come out of doing them, good stuff. Thanks, and here's to many more events/marathons in the future!
  3. What game has given you the biggest blue balls? Is this your favorite episode number of Ask the King? ;)
  4. I love the few, funny deaths so far, keep it up!
  5. Hey, Phil! My favorite part of your HATE Live Podcasts was the "Back in the Day" segments you used to do. I know why you discontinued that series, and do think Phil Reacts is a good series, but I still miss you telling stories about the crazy shit that has happened to you over the years. I was wondering, do you think there is a way you can incorporate that segment into your current content again? Maybe even let Patrons/viewers suggest topics for you to talk about, or do you think you exhausted the best stories you have already? Either way, I've been enjoying the content, and hope you have a sp
  6. Yeah, I know, Phil claimed that neighbor was drunk, but he wasn't raging in Spider-Man, I want to know if his salty moments alerted someone off-camera.
  7. Did you ever get noise complaints when recording in your condo? I recently went back to the 2012 GTA playthroughs, and the rage was through the roof. I have to think at least a couple of the rage moments over the years had people concerned. Thanks!
  8. If you had to convince a new viewer to watch you, just based off of one playthrough you've done, which one would you tell them to watch? Genre doesn't matter.
  9. Sup, Phil! I just wanted to ask what's up with The Best and Worst of Alan Wake, you did one video on it, and then didn't make any more montages of old playthroughs, or really even talked about it? I know you have KO Gaming now, so maybe you'll consider continuing those?
  10. I was born in the 90's, will I get the references?
  11. If Naughty Dog made a Crash Bandicoot game of just bridge levels, turtles, and "The Lab" on loop, would you play it?
  12. Your living revolves around recording, whether it's gaming or vlogs. I want to know, what was your first experience with a digital camera, and what was it like to record video for the very first time?
  13. How does doing a playthrough differ from casual gaming for you? I know worrying about the capture equipment and commentary can be a concern, but for someone who has done hundreds of playthroughs, you would know some insight.
  14. Hey Phil, we all know how many haters you have, and how many people just want to see you get mad, so they say things that will anger you. I even see it in the stream chat from time to time. What I want to know, has there ever been moments in your career where you were in the middle of a game, and someone spoiled a major plot point that you're not supposed to know yet? Any examples? I know, personally, how spoilers can affect someone's view of the game, and it ruins the first time discovery of playing a new game. Thanks.
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