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  1. Some times you watch others play a game because you either can't afford it or are just checking it out to see if it fits your taste.
  2. I've been using a bookmark to go directly to DSPs video page for the past year. Works great. Sorry to hear about your troubles. :\
  3. Part 201 3:50 3 levels short :\ Part 191 4:25 His final rank up of Death.
  4. ​He has over 100k Yen on him so he can probably do the whole dungeon in one day. That fox is OP :P
  5. ​If I remember correctly he has done it 4 times. 2 times he got a boost to money earned per fight, Once he got to see the weaknesses of all enemies and 1 time he got decreased powerful enemies. I hope that last one didn't ruin the experience since now he avoids them like it is all bad. Note: Just remembered he got the more persona cards effect as well. So far no negatives.
  6. Hi guys. While searching for Persona 4 related content since it is new to me and I am liking it I found this. Seems they made a Persona 4 Anime which has extra content we don't see in the game. I thought some of you who are fans of P4 or are new to it would enjoy it. :) The videos are on this guys channel and are dubbed in english. It has a total of 26 episodes but if you are following Phil's playthrough I wouldn't go past episode 9 atm. Persona 4 Animation (English)
  7. ​This. I could see someone putting up like $500 just to remove it later.
  8. I would expect most watch it like a tv show except during the vlogs. Those hate live podcasts are good for listening too while you do something else.
  9. Grats on getting 3.4 million views this month, Phil. Best month since August. :)

  10. ​Hmm I was thinking more along the lines of a gaming related vlogger. Gaming reviews, tests and discussions about current gaming news/events. Those 30- 45 minute Sony/Microsoft press conference discussion videos you did were received well.
  11. Still think Phil has years ahead of him before his youtube job starts to pay less than a regular job. This is IF the views were to keep declining..but seeing as youtube is very unstable that can't be predicted. If your gaming channel ever hits a low you could switch to a full time vlogger. Those vids get quite the following.
  12. I actually caught the raw stream feed that he posted on his channel and checked it out for a few minutes. Then I noticed the 2 and a half hour video was ending. Great game.
  13. If you had the chance to be part of a development team what genre of game would you create and what features would it have?
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