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  1. i'm curious, did phil say something about the water charity?
  2. oh boi you gotta love how Homer won't let this thread die out. It has been going on since March LOL
  3. Religion I agree, politics should be a topic left to those who understand it. On the podcast, phil should talk about gaming related topics, since he's a gameplay youtuber. He should invite other youtubers to participate on his podcast (like h3h3 or baited) and discuss games or youtube in general.
  4. doesn't matter what they do, ANTIFA is always cringy AF
  5. No, i'm pointing out the paradox of saying that you love to roast drgnkiller after saying that you can't understand why detractors do what they do. If you're too dense to understand that, you're not in position to give out any grades.
  6. As it's the best horror multiplayer ever, i'm very sad that dsp won't play Dead By Daylight
  7. if you're going to try to be smart, at least say some shit that makes sense.
  8. You're blinded by fanboyism, so there's no point in trying to explain...
  9. There should be a facebook group and a discord chat about dsp.
  10. Alien: Covenant will be pretty much the only horror movie worth watching this year.
  11. Are you familiar with the term "lolcow"? What dsp is to detractors is called "depression porn" by some and it's basically straight up taking pleasure in seeing someone who supposedly doesn't deserve sympathy getting fucked by life. In all cases though, concepts such as happiness, fulfillment, accomplishment and meaning in life are incredibly subjective if you don't believe in religious objective moral values. If you got an amazing weekend at a barbecue or hiking with your friends for example, people who enjoy depression porn and lolcows might have enjoyed themselves just as much as you by l
  12. dsp for president? i mean, maybe we need a guy who is street smart like phil, instead of someone who is book smart :)
  13. you're very loyal man... good boy :)
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