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  1. I think phil is going to have a very hard time with the rematch with the infamous Canary Mary in world 8 lol. I still can't beat her to this day.
  2. Hey Phil, I was wonder between the Uncharted game series and the Tomb Raider game series, which is the best in your opinion?
  3. Man this brings back a lot memories when I was little. I can believe it that I found this game on steam.
  4. I beat all the Data fight but I just started on the yozora fight today. I think that fight will take some time to beat lol.
  5. Well, I finally beat all the Data fight in KH3. I have to say master xehanort data fight is hard as heck when you get to his DM. There are 17 steps in order to get pass his DM and I believe it is by far the most complex DM.
  6. It explains how sora rescue kairi which I think it should of been in the main game. The only new thing it has is the data battles with most of the music remake which is after the main paid dlc. But, I still think it should of been in the main game instead of a paid dlc. That would of been fair for everyone if you want my honest opinion lol.
  7. Man, I am really liking the music from the data fights in Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind limit cut episode. It is hard as heck but fun in critical mode. So far it is lots of raging. It even makes the data fights and the lingering will in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 a cake walk even in critical mode lol.
  8. What shock me was that Christopher Lloyd played master xehanort in the Kingdom Hearts 3 re:mind dlc. When I heard it, I was like it is Fester Addams from the Addams Family Movie lol.
  9. Me too. Hopefully it is not just an hour dlc and you are done. That would be very bad.
  10. Found this this video on youtube. Man, this brings back a lot memories when I was a kid. I remember seeing this at Toys R Us. I miss the Nintendo Power Previews cabinet.
  11. I made a goal tonight that I was going to beat Julius the secret boss in Kingdom hearts dream drops distances both Sora and Riku and I did it. What a way to end 2019. I think the Lingering Will is my favorite secret boss than this.
  12. Finish Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix hd on Saturday with the gold crown. The Lingering Will is a pain but fun at the same time. i died a lot but I beat it. I almost died to it on its last life bar with the curse to the magic but I used final form and won lol. Now three more games to go not including Aqua story in 2.8 so I can compare the games.
  13. I like Vexen too. But my all time favorite would have to be Axel lol.
  14. I finally completed Kingdom Hearts Re Chain Of Memories on ps4. I will say the Ansem boss was a pain while playing Riku. I died so much especially on his last bar health even in dark mode. I spammed duel so much and I finally beat him while in dark mode. Glad re chain of memories is finally over and what a pain it was. Now I started playing Kingdom hearts 2 on critical mode which is my favorite game.
  15. Finally beat Sora's story in Re Chain Of Memories on the PS4. The Marluxia final form was so easy to beat but I all most died on his last health bar. Now playing Riku's story which should be very interesting.
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