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  1. Ordered a Xbox series x from walmart on july 22 and it arrived on aug 11 which was supposed to come on aug 6. Better late than not receiving it at all. I have to admit, I like the xbox series x because of gamepass.
  2. I beat ratchet and clank rift apart yesterday and platinum the game. That game was so much fun which took me between 15 to 20 hours to beat.
  3. I finish God of war 2018 and I have to say that game was so amazing. I played it on my ps5 even though it was a ps4 game plus I had never played a God of war game before. I really love the graphics, the music, and the story. I enjoyed it so much. I'm glad that I got to experience the game that I never played. Can't wait for the next God of war.
  4. I still can't believe that I got my ps5 on April 28 2021 with some help. I got it from target at 4:56 am and picked it up at 10:17 am. It felt like I won the lottery lol.
  5. Hi Phil, Have you ever seen the gameshow Legends Of The Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon in the 90's before? Keep up the great work.
  6. Going to watch some Legends Of The Hidden Temple on Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus needs to add a watch list.
  7. Got my eligibility letter today for my vaccine because of my disability. Now it is time to find my appointment which is going to be like pulling teeth.
  8. Just found out today that all Fry's electronics stores has all gone out of business. That is very sad because I love going there and looking at all of the electronics.
  9. Just got our new tv today from best buy. It was suppose to be delivered tomorrow but we got a day early. We got a vizio m series 50 inch tv. I have to admit, it is much better then our old Samsung flat screen which was from 2010 I think. Our old tv was a hand me down in 2017 after my grandma passed away.
  10. Time to watch some more Dinosaur the tv series on Disney+.
  11. I was going to quit Watch dogs Legion due to the game locking up too much but I told myself I was going to finish Watch dogs Legion on base ps4 before the end of 2020 which I did on December 24. After that, I deleted the game lol.
  12. Hey Phil, I was wondering have your ever seen the original Looney Tunes before? Do you have a favorite segment of the show?
  13. I got just cause 4 on the ps4 because it was free for ps plus members. It is a little better than just cause 3 but I wouldn't spend money to buy it.
  14. Journeyman Project Pegasus Prime - pc God Of Thunder - pc, which is free to play. Both of them are on steam and fun to play.
  15. Hey Phil I was wondering, have you ever watch the Price is Right with the host being Bob Barker before?
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