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  1. Finally I am at floor 13 in Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of memories on the ps4. I am all most finish with Sora's story. Next will be Riku.
  2. I am finally at floor 10 on Kingdom hearts re chain of memories on the ps4 and just started 100 acre wood or what I call a intermission world lol. I sure need that. On Disney +, I decided I am going to check out Chip n Dale rescue rangers tonight.
  3. I don't have a GBA anymore which is sad. I am playing it on ps4 which is all I have. I am at least getting the hang of it but I do know I will run in some problems soon. At least I am not doing it on proud mode lol. I think that would of cause even more problems.
  4. I can't believe this, I start playing Kingdom hearts Re chain of memories on standard mode today. I have to say so far, this is not my favorite Kingdom Hearts game. In compare, Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a good game but it is much better than Re chain of memories. Imagine using the card base battle system in Kingdom Hearts 3. That would of been very bad lol.
  5. Man, I beat the last four secret bosses in one day in Kingdom Hearts 1 on proud mode. It was very tough but fun but the phantom battle was the most annoying one of all. Now it is time to finish it tomorrow so I can get the trophy for proud mode.
  6. We've been having a historic wind storm in California today which was very crazy. We had at least 60 mph wind gust that was like a tropical storm force winds with lots of wildfires. It is still windy but not as bad as it was.
  7. Well my power is going out tomorrow due to a high fire risk in CA. Plus we don't know when the power will come back on which really sucks. I was looking forward watching dsp's gameplay streams tomorrow and continuing playing every Kingdom Hearts game but I guess that won't work until the power comes back on lol.
  8. I am going to play every single Kingdom Hearts game on my ps4. I really just want to compare it to Kingdom Hearts 3 to see how bad that game was which should be very interesting lol.
  9. Finally beat darker side in super mario odyssey mission Long Journey's End and I say, that was the most painful moon of all but I did it. I lost how many time I died lol. Once you get to the bowser part, that is very easy. Before that, it is very painful and hard. I feel like that was a big accomplishment to do but I did it.
  10. I never though I would ever own a Switch but now I do. Got it at best buy on Saturday and got super mario odyssey too at the same time. I have to say, that is a fun game lol.
  11. Hey Phil I was wondering have you ever seen the movie honey i shrunk the kids before? It stars Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski who also plays in ghostbusters. Keep up the great work.
  12. These two are my favorites DSP Tries it videos and I think you will remember this. DSP Tries It Ep.137 - DEVOUR Chicken & Waffles Dinner: DSP Tries It Ep.138 - DEVOUR Spicy Pesto Sausage Ravioli:
  13. Just subscribed to disney plus yesterday due to me being a D23 member. It is for three years for $140.97 or round up to $141 which I save $23 per year. I said to myself why not try it to see what it is.
  14. Had a fun trip to Disneyland from 08/18/19 to 08/22/19 which was for my birthday. Took southwest airlines to Disneyland which is my favorite airline for short distance. Got a picture with Peter Quill and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy which I wore my sora jacket from KH3 which was fun and funny. I also got a lot of pictures with favorite monster Sulley from Monsters inc. in my same jacket lol. Coming home was bit annoying because our flight was delay twice and our gate got changed three time.
  15. It was another hot day in California. The high was 104 degrees today. Going to be another warm night and as always a pain to sleep tonight lol.
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