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  1. Hey Phil, I have been a fan of yours since 2011. I was wondering with Nintendo Switch Lite coming out in September, do you think the Nintendo 3DS/2DS is finally dying out? Keep up the great work and stay positive and hopefully things will workout for you. Thanks
  2. I know right. Even though with that, my favorite level is hideout helm. That music is so epic and so intense. If you didn't get any blueprints, you only have 10 minutes which is impossible to beat if you don't glitch the game. If you found all the blueprints, you have the max of 50 minutes. I like K rools laughter when you get 30 min, 20 min, 15 min, 10 min, 5 min, and every min after 3 min. His laughter use to scared me when I was little lol.
  3. Beat Donkey Kong 64 yesterday which took me two weeks to find everything in the game. I have to say that the beetle race is a lot harder in world 2 than world 6 but still hard lol. The hardest bonus stage is beaver bother especially in world 7 where you have to get 15 beavers in 60 seconds and have to do it twice in that world. That bonus stage can get really annoying after a while lol.
  4. I remember when first got Donkey Kong 64. It was so much fun. Glad I didn't get rid of that game because it was a masterpiece lol.
  5. I am currently playing Donkey Kong 64 for the n64 which is my favorite.
  6. Just beat Kingdom hearts 3 on critical mode today. Even though I used the ultima keyblade, I still died about 45 times and maybe more. I have to say, I like Kingdom Hearts 2 better on critical mode. KH II is my favorite game. KH III is just the middle of the road for me. I just think they should of added critical mode when the game first release which would of made it harder but that is just my opinion.
  7. Man, playing Kingdom hearts 3 on critical mode is very tough so far even though I just started a new game plus run with the ultima weapon. So far I haven't even finish the first world yet and I have been dying a lot in it. I almost died on the tutorial level on critical mode lol. So far, I am having fun with it even though I think Kingdom hearts 2 is better.
  8. I have to say, the final boss in kingdom hearts 3 was very challenging for me and plus I forget to add curaga to my command menu. I had cura instead but I told myself lets keep it and fight the final boss but I beat it. Took sometime though. Plus I played it standard difficulty which was a challenge for the first time playing it for me.
  9. Just started playing my favorite game today on snes which is super mario rpg. I love this game and the music.
  10. Hey Phil, with kingdom heart 3 going to release next week, why do you think people want to leak gameplay on youtube? It is so annoying especially for someone like me who is going to play the game. I remember back in the day no one could leak gameplay. Man, has the time change.
  11. Man, there are so many spoilers for kingdom hearts 3 right now on youtube. It is very annoying. Be very careful you guys! I just want to play the game for myself lol.
  12. That would be crazy if they did added VR support for a new Alien Isolation game lol.
  13. I saw Alien Blackout trailer on youtube a couple days ago which is a mobile game. I have to say, I will not be buying it. It is looks like five nights at freddy's with Alien in it. I wish they would make Alien Isolation 2 instead of this.
  14. On last week Wednesday, I found out that I had Essential hypertension blood pressure which does sucks plus taking medication for it also sucks. I do feel a lot better than a week ago which is really good.
  15. Had a good trip to Disney World last week. We left on August 18 to 25. We start with Magic Kingdom on Sunday, Hollywood Studios on Monday, Epcot on Tuesday, Animal Kingdom on Wednesday, Epcot again on Thursday, Magic Kingdom on Friday, and end it with Magic Kingdom on Saturday. My most favorite park was Animal Kingdom because I got to see Pandora: The World Of Avatar. I also got to go on the Flight of Passage ride and loved it which is my favorite now.
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