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  1. Gordon Freeman - Half-Life series
  2. csos95

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    You're all amateurs, it's my first time playing and i'm already winning!
  3. Currently playing Far Cry 3 and Elite: Dangerous.
  4. I think it should just be a segment of hate live. If he's doing it weekly or even every two weeks, there's not going to be enough wrestling content to talk about in a separate stream unless you want him to just ramble on about nothing. It takes more time to do a completely separate stream for that one topic than it would to just do it as a segment and I don't think the amount of people that would watch it in a separate stream is worth the time that could be spent doing other stuff.
  5. I want one so bad, but I can't justify the cost with the lack of content and how much better the consumer version will be.
  6. I just started watching psycho-pass and so far I'm loving it.
  7. Has anyone been keeping up with the new 52 stuff? I tried for a while, but didn't have enough time for it because of school. I mostly read all of the stuff that included batman, flash, and the various lanter corps. Porbably going to try to get all of what I missed together soon and try to pick it up again.
  8. Read the five books in a song of ice and fire that are released and then cry when you finish the fifth and realize the next one isn't going to be out for a very long time.
  9. When I was like 10 I played the danny phantom dog fighting game on nick a lot and to save your score you had to register. I tried css (my initials), but it had to be at least four characters long so I just added a 'o' so it as csos. A few years later when I was making a xbox live account I needed a username at least 6 characters lon so I added 95 to the end (the year I was born) so now my username for pretty much everything is still csos95. EDIT: just went back to see if the game is still around and it is http://nicktoons.nick.com/games/danny-phantom-fright-flight.html
  10. On the topic of what videos should be counted as patreon content, (what videos phil gets the money for) I think it should be the final episode of a playthrough (it the review if he does a full review) and the videos that take considerable editing such as the year end series he does. On the topic of what levels there should be, I think it should be something like: $1 - your name, gamertag, or username on a thank you page of the site that lists all of the supporters. $5 - same as above plus an extra chance in any drawings that happen. $10 - same as above plus being able to submit your Ask The Ki
  11. EDIT: meant for this to go in the other patreon discussion.
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    Built it in summer 2013 and it still runs almost everything on max settings at 1440p-60fps
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