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  1. There are currently 4 different ways to watch the exact same playthrough of Dying Light on Phil's channel: the livestream as it happened, the livestream archive going up a week later for no real reason, the regular videos, and the best/worst montage. It's giving the audience the same content over and over in slightly different forms in lieu of giving them something different or interesting, all in an attempt to wring a few more views out of the time already spent playing the game. It's transparently lazy click baiting and lacks focus.
  2. Well, it tricked 3000 people into clicking on it expecting something worthwhile, so I guess it's sticking around.
  3. How much doesn't really matter, it's greater than zero. Asking fans to donate their hard earned money to alleviate debt and then publicly spending ANY unnecessary money are so *fundamentally opposite* that it blows my mind when you or Phil think people are rude for asking questions.
  4. ​The first draft of Phil's Patreon page said that the money contributed to it was going to "defray the debt from the move". I doubt anyone is accusing him of taking from Patreon and spending that directly; it's just such a baffling decision to accept that $150 for January while offering nothing in return, and then immediately spending several times that on a frivolity.
  5. The simple act of taking a break isn't an issue. As is usual with Phil, the way he went about it, his lack of self-awareness about how people would react to it, and his bad attitude are the problem.
  6. Here's something that I don't think has been brought up yet in the Patreon conversation. If you meet these goals, that obviously means more time working on side projects and fewer playthroughs, right? So how are you planning on choosing the games that you WILL play? I suspect you'll still be planning things months in advance, based on what you think will get the most views, and that'll probably end up being the usual triple A mainstream stuff. If you end up cutting back to completing 3-4 games a month in between completing your goals, that essentially pushes retro playthroughs, indie games, n
  7. New Patreon goal idea: hiring a time management consultant to map out how you apparently spend 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, playing videogames and doing light maintenance of a modest home.
  8. Rather than goals, most of those ideas sound like things you should be doing anyway, like right now, to try and expand your viewership. Holding good video ideas and stream interactivity hostage for monthly goals, when you're just gonna go on and monetize them on youtube anyway, doesn't read as something good for fans. I also think the fighting game community would eat you alive, and you've shown how well you handle negativity as of late. You don't have thick enough skin these days to follow through with that goal.
  9. ​In a single Dying Light video you died twice due to your own mistakes without owning up to it (poor gameplay), and called your chat a bunch of dicks because they were explaining how you killed yourself (poor attitude). There might be a bandwagon, but you're the one a thousand miles ahead of it, paving the road.
  10. ​And it seems like since he moved in with Panda he has an extra set of hands to do all three at once.
  11. This forum was never meant to be anything more than a dumping ground for terrible photoshop fan art and be something to brag about, because the only things Phil values in life are having more expensive possessions than his fans and showing them off. The fact that friendly conversation accidentally broke out was a mistake, and it's been systematically erased and discouraged in the past week.
  12. The proper way to handle tonight's Grim Fandango screwup would be to realize that the recording and uploading method Phil is using is flawed beyond belief. But he's already blaming PC gaming and Sony. So, uh.
  13. Here's a real suggestion, that I'll bulletpoint for your sake. Only using your forums to make lengthy, defensive posts about how whatever you do is absolutely correct and reply to pages of conversation with a blanket "no, you're wrong, stop it" rather than engaging with what little community survived this past week's purge certainly does not make anyone else want to join up or try to chat with you.
  14. The Resident Evil thread has now been completely closed and replaced with a second that mentions none of the issues that people have brought up in the past two days related to it. Like I said, he's rewriting history as he sees it, the rest of us be damned.
  15. I feel that for the sake of the health of these forums, the current trend of Phil making long, borderline inflammatory posts and subsequently either deleting responses that he doesn't like or closing threads outright needs to be addressed. Phil is essentially being allowed to re-write history on these forums as he sees fit. In the Resident Evil thread, opinions and screenshots are labeled as "ridiculous attacks/misinformation" and Phil ends the post with "grow up" once again. Nearly an entire page of posts that were in direct response to Phil's tone and poor, defensive attitude, were then co
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