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  1. Hey Phil i have two 1) not sure if this is too political but what do you think of the fact that people like to use video games as a reason that violence occurs in real life. I personally think there isn’t enough evidence to connect the two and that other reasons exist why tragedies happen. 2) I was wondering if you used to watch anime growing and if so which ones. I grew up with Pokémon, dragon ball, Bakugan and have now recently gotten into yugioh. Thanks for the videos been watching since 2012
  2. "Theres a mute button" Rock Band 4 Marathon 3 hrs 15 min to 3 hrs 16 min
  3. Hey Phil have your thoughts changed on the Batman AK season pass now that it's been announced what it actually includes such as a story expansion for batgirl, more story missions for batman, as well as various skins and tracks for the batmobile and characters. Personally I believe that considering all you get it is worth the price, but I was wondering if you felt the same way and if you will be purchasing the season pass. Thanks for reading and stay positive heres a link to the article http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2015/05/04/is-batman-arkham-knights-season-pass-a-total-ripoff-after-all-you-can-play-as-batgirl/
  4. Hey Phil Have you heard about the release of this years assassins creed game: Assassins Creed Syndicate. What are your feeling on this game after the disastrous launch that unity had last year. Thanks and stay positive
  5. Hey Phil Its been a while since we heard anything about John. I was just wondering if you were still in touch with him and how hes been doing. Thanks for reading my question and keep up with the great the videos!!
  6. Would you consider replaying the batman arkham games again in anticipation for Arkham Knight in June? I'd love to see these games played through again with your new setup. Thanks for reading my question!!
  7. Just finished keep Kingdom hearts 2 HD and now playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep HD
  8. The Evil Within Watch Dogs Octodad: Dadliest Catch The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Infamous Second Son Alien Isolation Broken Age Act I Wolfenstein: The New Order
  9. 1. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 2. Dark Souls II 3. South Park TSoT
  10. I can't wait for Batman Arkham Knight, The Order 1886, and Uncharted 4
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