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  1. There finally here 1.Squash you like banana 2.Skeletons Fear 3.Cheer Bit tip hype
  2. I knew it's early I also need to fit the size is ok I'll make 4 more 2 tomorrow and then another two may 14
  3. I have a few ideas for injustice 2 editing fan art so I hope people will look forward to that :D
  4. Random one fan art there's always a sewer level xD
  5. Yooka Kaylee enjoy I don't want any credit it was for fun
  6. Updating with newer videos soon sorry about that my bad I'll put in some videos soon my sincere apologye I'll find something give me time thanks for understanding
  7. Hey Phil Here my question Do you think the new modern of video games style has changed over the year far cry primal forcing the player doing animal hunting and crafting quest just to get the true ending also now games in this area seen to focus only online of all the time no more story progression I would like to hear it for your self thanks!
  8. I'm still watching the same anime series I only buy episodes that catch my eye these are the titles I'm watching still/ Bleach,One piece,Fairy tail,Space Dandy, Kill la kill Naruto Shippuden there some characters I like beside Naruto that why I still watch it new titles that catch my eye and I don't see yet are Dragon Ball Super One punch,Show by rock,No game No Life I don't have giant list but I just gonna keep my list small until something big come up in the future
  9. Ps3:Zigster26 Xbox live :AheadTortoise89
  10. Maybe list The order 1886 Bloodborn Mad Max ------------------ The Hype List kingdom of Hearts 3 the newest Gears of War Battlefield hardline the newest call of duty Mortal Kombat X Evolve Batman Arkham Knight Mass Effect
  11. I like to play three games reason is if I get stuckone of my games such as if I have to upgrade my characters like RPG or Upgrade ship or armor sometimes I get a little bit bored from playing the same content over and over again but like I don't mind playing it later and the next day I just swap game Assassin's Creed rogue GTAV actually beat this game but I return back because I want to do different scenarios that I didn't do before Call Of Duty advanced warfare
  12. Gears of War Collection 1 2 & 3 Deus Ex Human Revolution Xbox one and ps4 Dishonored ps4 and Xbox one
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