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  1. BunlordKleo

    ArcSys and Bandai Namco Dropped A Hype Bomb at EVO!

    I hope mitsuru is in the cross over game but i wish they used P5 characters. It seemed ripe to do so but i guess it was easier and cost efficient to just reuse existing P4 sprites than making new ones for P5 lol.
  2. BunlordKleo


    Well the redemption one was probably made after the criticisms of the first. And i think dragon slayer had a bad experience with dsp with the last submission so i dont think he would want to go through that process again.
  3. BunlordKleo

    What Anime/Manga Are You Currently Watching/Reading?

    i watched Little Witch Academia i hope netflix ups the rest of the dubs soon! im dying for more!!!!
  4. BunlordKleo

    Regarding the two copyright strikes

    no worries i was just wondering. i thought it would be best to ask you first before jumping to conclusions.
  5. BunlordKleo

    Regarding the two copyright strikes

    but in the emergency video you said he used a generic gmail. now he used the official take2 email. i mean good for you that those were fake as you said but why are you now saying the email they used was taken from take2 when you said before it was a generic gmail account?
  6. BunlordKleo

    so about persona 5

    id agree but P5 has been pulling in more cheers than his normal streams when he isnt asking for people to be more generous or when drama hits.
  7. BunlordKleo

    so about persona 5

    Yea but he has a contact with atlus and he doesnt have 2 strikes right now. So i dont see why he cant return to persona 5. If anything he could at least just stream it on twitch only. He gets a lot of cheers during P5.
  8. BunlordKleo

    so about persona 5

    since he got all the strikes cleared up does that mean he can unprivate persona 5? i dont get why rockstar gets to be unprivate and will return to rockstar playthroughs but persona 5 cant be unrpivated and returned to.
  9. BunlordKleo

    what i would like to see phil do for a dark souls stream

    well im not saying dsp has to play on a pro level but he should at least have some challenge to over come. its great to see dsp tough it out in a challenge. yea it might take a lot of tries but its something rewarding for the viewer and the player. thats what makes video games fun in the first place. yea he may like the game in a particular way and i said before thats fine he can play it how he wants. but i would like to see dsp make some decisions rather than confer with chat or base decisions on what people have said. thats why i made this suggestion im just giving my opinion what i think would make for a entertaining stream. if you or anyone else disagrees with me thats fine too i just dont think dsp is understanding the suggestion here. even on prestream today he voiced a lot of criticisms that are so far in the extreme i just think he is missing the point and only focusing on the extreme ends of the criticism and not the constructive part. im not insulting dsp for how he is playing this game im not demanding him to redo the game etc im just giving my thoughts on it. and i know this isnt really directed to you GuessWhat but i really think dsp should understand a conversation is a two way street and neither side has to fully agree on certain things. dsp should respect my opinion as i respect his.
  10. BunlordKleo

    what i would like to see phil do for a dark souls stream

    i didnt say there was anything wrong with this current playthrough. im not saying for you to stop what you are doing right now and redoing the entire game. im saying in the future which could be next year or whenever you get the chance. maybe even for the next fromsoft game. im not demanding you to play like this im only suggesting it. i even said you dont have to accept my suggestion. and i know you are enjoying it and so too are others. im only talking about what i experience. my experience with this current session is its kinda boring to me because you are just going through this game with no difficulty. again thats fine you want to play it however you want and thats fine but im only basing my opinion on how i think of your playthrough. i dont know why you are putting words in my mouth when everything you claim i said i didnt even say. i didnt call this a redemption run i did not say that my suggestion was the only way to play dark souls and i am not demanding you to play any game the way i suggest. also saying what you are doing for fun is fine but for other the fun part of darksouls is the challenge and finding out hidden mechanics. so you just saying "im doing this for fun" can on a level be argued because not everyone considers using power stance to be fun. again if you find that fun more power to you i am not trying to force you to do anything you dont want to do. im just suggesting maybe do a run where you dont ask the chat what you should do next time because it would be more interesting seeing your decisions impact the game. but if you dont want to do that then thats fine you can continue being you and play the game however you want. when did i say "nobody enjoyed this playthrough"? i never said that. in my post you clearly see i am only talking out of my own experience. "why aren't YOU enjoying it?" im not enjoying it because every time you get a item the stream gets bogged down with "what do i do chat? what should i do? what should i equip? people are saying i should equip this idk dude what do i do?" you dont experiment with things see what works instead you just ask chat what you should do. if you enjoy that fine nothing wrong with that but the question is "why am i not enjoying it" and thats why. i am not enjoying a person playing a game and not experimenting or trying things to see if that works. "Do some introspection and you'll probably come out not only liking a lot more stuff in life, but also as a better person on the other end." what does that have to do with me giving you a suggestion and expressing my opinion on your playthrough?
  11. BunlordKleo

    what i would like to see phil do for a dark souls stream

    you get it. you are right. i think he should just read what the class does and think either "what class havent i tried" or one that sounds interesting to him. when i play for instance diablo 3 i try classes i would never try. it should be up to him and what he wants. almost everytime he has to level up or get gear he goes straight to what chat wants and what people said. he should look at other stats and not go with what does the most damage necessarily he should think what can compliment the combat and give the enemies a fair shot instead of just one shoting everything.
  12. or any from software stream is a stream where he makes a character picks the class etc without asking chat what he should do. he can look at chat for tips on where to go i will be lenient on that but i am tired of seeing chat rush to tell him how to make a over powered character and what weapons he should do etc. because seeing chat help him build a tank is boring and not that fun. i remember dsp said "its ok for people to come for the rage and fails" but his chat seems to prevent any of that from happening. people aren't asking phil to not use weapons etc but he always builds over powered characters which lessens the difficulty. Dsp will no doubt argue "but its in the game so its ok blame the developer" doesn't make it any less cheap. its like in fighting games people get mad when people spam projectiles so with dsp's argument they have no right to complain about the player spamming because the game gave them the projectile to abuse. this is the only thing that bothers me when he plays these games is the chat hold his hand so tight its almost as if the chat is playing and not phil. DSP if you are reading this this is just a suggestion you dont have to take it and thats fine but im just saying id like to see YOU play dark souls not the chat.
  13. those games were picked by the patrons the "issue" is the people who voted voted on games they wanted to see you play but didnt translate to what the common viewer wants. but you have said in other vids that people who complain about patron playthroughs dont have the right to complain because they didnt pledge and vote their game in. you cant say "its your fault if you didnt vote" and then blame people for nominating and voting in games they want. "WITHHOLDING from pledging to my Patreon" is exactly my point those people should be pledging if they dont want to see it since they arent pledging they cant nominate a game that can potentially win. its like people who complain about trump being president then didnt go out to vote. do you think the government will add new regulations to who can be president for those who chose not to vote? no they wouldnt. so removing options in a event thats supposed to give power to the patrons because the guy who didnt pledge isnt happy is ridiculous. honestly phil you should have just called this event something else because calling it "patron's choice" then removing options doesnt give patrons much power or choice. if you dont want people to spin this negatively then dont call it patron's choice. call it "patron selection" or something be creative because calling it "patron's choice" is an uphill fight against the obvious contradiction the name and your description is.
  14. BunlordKleo

    Street Fighter V

    1). imo that shouldnt matter no matter how much i may agree with him on it being in the base game but with WB thats kinda to be expected. 2). he has time now. just today he mentioned going back to I2. 3). he is covering USF2 way more and that is an ancient game in comparison despite it being a rerelease etc.
  15. BunlordKleo

    Street Fighter V

    red hood is something he should go back to. he is a very unique character. red hood isnt for the scrubs. but he played more USF2 and i have a hunch he hates that game slightly more than I2.