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  1. Wanglord

    I'm done.

    Not gonna be posting on the forums anymore. The community has become a husk of what it once was, and the newest revelations about Phil (which I won't mention here) was the icing on the cake for me. Been a part of the community for 5+ years, but there's nothing left for me here anymore. Shout-out to Static, MoA, Beechey, Hazz3r, Lemon, Michael, Raiden, Slyspy, Cless, Cooper, Icured, StealthBlade, Revan, Drilbit and others for once being part of a great community. I apologize if I forgot anyone. See you around.
  2. There's a big difference between the people who actually want to help Phil improve his channel to regain some sort of growth, and the people who just want to see it all come crashing down. I find it baffling that some of his most adamant fans - you included - are so quick to shoot down any form of feedback that go against the status quo. The status quo doesn't work anymore, even Phil himself has admitted it at this point. The fact is that Phil's views have been consistently declining for years now. Fans of his are not "crying" about the lack of edited content or the lack of variety, they're giving their feedback on how they think Phil could improve things and thus survive in the long term. OP simply made the suggestion that Phil should take this "lost" time and spend it on something productive for the long term instead of cranking out even more raw gameplay. Obviously I get Phil's struggle to stop himself from just pumping out gameplay when it still brings in money, but it's a question of long term vs. short term gain. He needs to reinvent himself. Fans like you (and others) pull him in the wrong direction by being a very vocal minority compared to the general Youtube viewerbase, and attacking every single opinion that contradicts your own is just making it even worse.
  3. Plenty of people on Youtube do animated series by themselves. Egoraptor built his fanbase on making animated videos. Main difference between DSP and most other very popular Youtubers. DSP is all about quantity, most others are about quality. DSP "complains" (read: mentions it on Twitter) when he edits for a couple of hours; many Youtubers put 10+ hours into one video.
  4. Jeff Gerstmann hasn't admitted to anything like that, the fuck are you on about? He left Gamespot because the management didn't know what the fuck they were doing; in other words, his dismissal was an abnormality, not the norm. Everyone else has reiterated this for years now. Also, Zoey Quinn didn't sleep with anyone reviewing her game. She slept with someone who mentioned her game once in a random article. It's shit like this that keeps this weird assumption that reviewers are paid off going. Baseless speculation based off hearsay.
  5. Really? I thought it was laughably bad. Like I couldn't believe this is what Gearbox had been working on for so long.
  6. The two games aren't even similar. Battleborn is basically a MOBA, whereas Overwatch is similar to TF2.
  7. Yep. The PC version will always look better, if you got a rig powerful enough. This is nothing like Watch Dogs, which looked inferior on every platform compared to the E3 footage. The consoles are just very underpowered. Usually new consoles were really pushing PCs to their limits (games such as MGS2 and Gears of War required insane PCs to run properly), but these new consoles are performing worse than $650 PCs, which is absurd when you consider the lower cost of gaming on a PC when it comes to games etc. Case in point, I just pre-ordered Fallout 4 for $40. I haven't paid $60 for a game in years. If you want the best graphics in terms of fidelity, resolution etc, you have to pay for it. It was your choice to pick up a console instead of a PC.
  8. To add to this, just to make it clear. It was me, and only me who did some dumb shit after we stepped down. I tried to ban Phil's account, thinking surely that wouldn't be possible, yet it was. Problem is, this was done after everyone else had been stripped of power, and since I never had the power to unban people (being a mod, not an admin), I couldn't rectify the mistake and there was no one else to do it. All the porn and hentai shit wasn't posted by me; but I didn't remove it either, and found it quite funny. I apologized for this later on, and I know it was retarded. Ironically, most of it was posted by a person who was later promoted to moderator on this very website. Beechey, DXMichael, Lemon, Hazz3r and the rest put so much work into the old forums - WAY more than I did - so throwing them under the same bus as me is downright disrespectful. I made a mistake, not the other staff. Just because Lemon had the same powers as me when the forums went to shit doesn't mean he did anything with it. Am I proud of what I did? Fuck no. But I won't let you keep blaming people who worked their asses off for you for years to keep a fun community going. It's fucked up. Everyone involved can back me up on this.
  9. Personally, I'm really not a fan of the "Views are decreasing and no one can give me a reason why" attitude. Why is it our responsibility to analyze your business' performance? Wut? Asking for more donations when general interest in your content is decreasing is a short-term solution. That's fine if you want to squeeze the last drop out of the viewerbase before retiring from doing full-time Youtube, but that's obviously not what you want to do. You say tons have changed. What exactly? It might look like it on your end, but look at it from the viewer PoV: Patreon was a means for you to play the games you want to play and work on creative series. You're still playing 95% of all AAA releases (currently shitting on Halo 5), you cancelled your big creative series and the only Patreon goal right now is to see you play one newly released AAA game. You've done summers of retro gaming, GTA marathons and the likes in the past. Doing one longer stream per month and improving your sound quality is NOT "tons of change", especially not from a viewer PoV. Streaming less frequently is not change, it's just going back to what you used to do not too long ago. What has actually - meaningfully - changed? If you want an answer to why your views are decreasing, I'll give you one: You've been putting out the same content for 5+ years, stayed in a perpetual vacuum of not reaching out to other content creators to do crossover to mix things up, waving a flag stating "I'M UNIQUE AND REAL" while at the same time lambasting other Youtubers for "selling out" because they followed the trends of what most viewers wanted to see. Why should people watch your content? 90% of your videos are raw gameplay with you occasionally saying "I didn't do that", "okay" and "come on, man". None of the boring parts are cut out, which means you're expecting viewers to filter through hours upon hours of mind-numbingly boring content to get to the actually funny/interesting parts. You don't even have the time to watch a few Youtube videos a day; Why are you expecting your viewers to set aside 3+ hours a day to watch you play video games? People don't want you to fake reactions on a webcam. They want you to put in the actual effort of creating interesting, digestible content instead of expecting the viewers sit through hours upon hours of nothing happening until we get a "naughty nightwear" moment or something similar. Perhaps it's time you actually watch your competitors to see what it is you're actually competing against. Perhaps then you'd realize how much of an ancient relic your content looks like at this point.
  10. I don't understand why he plays games that he has absolutely zero interest in. It's been evident for years that he doesn't like the Halo franchise. His hatred towards Halo: ODST - one of the most well-liked Halo games among Halo fans - is well known. Why even bother? "Exposing" the game by running past enemies is ridiculous. You can do that in almost every single game out there.
  11. A company contracted to produce weapons, vehicles and the likes for the army.
  12. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/16/drone-documents-whistleblower-edward-snowden-daniel-ellsberg https://theintercept.com/drone-papers It corresponds with the reporting done in Yemen by independent journalists. They've been reporting these numbers for years, albeit anecdotally, but they now have the numbers to prove what the civilian population has been saying.
  13. Well.. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/25/us/tally-of-attacks-in-us-challenges-perceptions-of-top-terror-threat.html?_r=0 http://www.npr.org/2015/06/24/417192057/right-wing-extremists-more-dangerous-than-islamic-terrorists-in-u-s You just don't hear about it, mainly because there's nothing to be gained monetarily from people hearing it. Fear mongering about foreign threats = more wars = more money in the pockets of defense contractors and the weapon industry. Also, Bill Maher is a moron. His whole schtick is sounding smart and well-informed to morons through well-crafted one-liners and arguments that fall apart as soon as you begin to analyze them. The amount of innocent civilians the US has killed in the last 30 years is insane. Recent leaks about the drone program shows that 9 out of 10(!) of the people killed by drone strikes are innocent civilians.
  14. Tragic news. Haven't always agreed with him but his pro-consumer stance has been admirable in a media that is so focused on clicks/views/buys. He's also by far the best PC focused critic out there. Hopefully his relative young age means he can keep going for much longer than the average. I've heard of people living 10+ years with that type of cancer.
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