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  1. Hey Phil I know you play GTA games which I think is good for you so I was wondering in the downtime you might want to play the Simpsons hit and run it play like GTA just let you know ok.
  2. Hey Phil I got a good question for you. On June 28 2016 there is a game coming out and it called Lego star wars the force awakens it might be a good game to co-op with Leanna on weekends just let you know. thank you tmp1114
  3. Hello there Phil I was checking Patreon.com and I saw someone using a name that is call dspgaming and I check it and I think someone is trying to get steal your youtube name and use it as their own so if you have time check it and report it and tell them someone is copying you I know you have a Pateron goal I just telling you Becareful don't let the people who hate your content make you give up. From tmp1114
  4. what about Scarface the world is yours.
  5. Hey Phil I got a question so here it is when wwe2k16 come out what do you think the Story Modes should be about.
  6. Hey Phil I was thinking if Kurt Angle was induct to WWE hall of fame who do you want to induct him in WWE Hall Of Fame.
  7. Hey Phil when GTA 6 come out do you think it will set place in vice city if yes what kind of secret do you want to be in the game.
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