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  1. Alex is now going after content creators who made videos of other games, such as Death Road to Canada and Duck Game. She just keeps digging that hole, PLEASE let this go to court.
  2. Technically, she doesn't have to "not get rid of them". By issuing the takedown and falsely claiming she owned the copyrighted material, she committed perjury the moment she clicked "Send". As said in the video, you can go after people just for doing that, not even having the issuer not getting rid of the claim to do so. The reason someone like Phil couldn't do this to people who issued false DMCA claims are that it's not worth it financially, and/or they're usually hidden behind VPNs to hide their location, and/or they're in different countries, and/or they're a giant corporation like NIntendo who could just drag the case out and bleed him financially. Alex Mauer is a known public figure who lives in the United States and isn't a huge corporation. So yeah, she's the easiest person to set a legal precedent with that bigger corporations and people would have to follow.
  3. Well, this is the latest in some of the worst abuse of the Youtube DMCA copyright system I’ve seen. Imagos Softworks are the developers of Starr Mazer: DSP. Alex Mauer is a composer that's contributed pieces to Need for Speed, The Simpsons, and Spy Hunter. Alex was paid per month to compose music for the game. However, the contract was terminated early, as was outlined in the original contract that they would be able to do. Now they're in dispute, with Alex claiming that the music was for “Starr Mazer”, not “Starr Mazer: DSP” (which SidAlpha agrees with was stated in the contract), while Imagos claims it was for “Starr Mazer” and all “Starr Mazer” related products. At this moment, I personally can’t find any records of “Starr Mazer” existing, only “Starr Mazer: DSP”. But while this dispute is going on Starr Mazer, Imagos has removed DSP from Steam in order to take out the music. And important to note, the contract explicitly states that Imagos owns all the work that’s created for the contract. But now is when things get really scummy. In an attempt to raise awareness of the dispute and get public opinion on her side (LOL), she issued DMCA strikes against Youtube videos of Starr Mazer that had the music she composed in them. Music that she does not legally own, which would classify this as a frivolous DMCA claim, which is perjury. And when SidAlpha contacted her about it, her reply was to complain to the developer of the game. So yeah, since she does live in the United States, I hope those channels that were hit by her DMCA claims file successful counterclaims and do take her to court. To establish a legal precedent against these types of spurious DMCA claims would be a big win for content creators and consumers alike.
  4. Welp, the idiots are going after him hard now that he revealed his breakup with Leanna. Let the comments burn, I say, and turn them off.
  5. Just watched your pre-stream and your plans for Zelda being primarily a streaming game. A suggestion: Make a highlight of the daily stream, and use it as advertisement to try and draw people to watch the Twitch Archive/daily stream. Put a message at the end of the video that says something like "Daily streams from X AM - Y PM" or something as well. And don't just put it on KOGaming, but put it on DSPGaming because that's where it can reach the widest audience. Make sure NIntendo gets as little as possible from your work.
  6. Oh, don't worry, I wasn't saying you were. I just like venting at how absolutely stupid Nintendo is when it comes to the internet.
  7. Quoted from their website: "The advertisement revenue share is 70% for channels and 60% for videos. (This rate may change from time to time.)" So if you're a dedicated channel, it's 70%, 60% for videos on non-dedicated channels. Either way, it's a ripoff, they're taking 30-40% for "giving people the privilege" of promoting their game. Another mark against them for someone like Phil whose business model is based on getting daily content out: "It can regularly take up to three business days for your registered content to be reviewed and finalized" That's 3 business days where his content isn't making the 60% revenue. So really, it's not a viable or fair option for anyone for any variety Youtube gamer.
  8. It doesn't matter what anyone argues or not. Nintendo puts in a Content ID claim, they collect your ad revenue, and youtube just lets them do it. And if Angry Joe (with like 2 million subs) can't get Nintendo to change their minds, I doubt Phil could get them to change their minds.
  9. From the non-Managed Youtubers I follow, Content ID (companies taking the ad revenue of videos of their games) is still a thing that Nintendo pursues, along with Konami and Sony (and Arc System Works). So this is just me expressing concern that leaving Machinima right before dedicating a lot of time to Zelda could just be a lost investment if Phil runs into Content ID problems with Nintendo games.
  10. These problems may or may not be similar to the problems Phil has been having, but the fact that they're all happening at once makes me feel like it probably isn't coincidence. I've been hearing Phil for the 1-2 weeks saying how he thinks Youtube may have screwed with the algorithm again, but I thought it might have just been isolated to Phil. But then yesterday, I ran into this video by h3h3, also talking about how he's been having issues with viewership/Subscriptions: Still, 2 can just be a coincidence. But today, I ran into this video by BigFry, saying he's also been running into similar problems like H3 has been having: And he not only talks about himself in his video, but he shows clips to at least 2 other channels that have talked about it, ReviewTechUSA and ComedyShortsGamer. I subscribe to H3H3 and BigFry, so I've watched their videos. I am not subscribed to ReviewTech or ComedyShorts, however, so I have not watched their videos, but I checked out their channels to find the videos that they talk about it in for evidence. Reviewtech: Comedy Shorts: So Evidence appears to be mounting up that Youtube's done something to the Algorithm that's affecting Content Creators. So take comfort in the fact that you might not be alone, Phil, and other people are going through the same thing, are talking about it, and are trying to get Youtube to fix it and/or be transparent about it.
  11. http://www.moddb.com/mods/autumn-leaves/news/big-publishers-and-a-small-mod Now, I've never played Fallout. But I think this is a rather interesting story, and I know Phil's played through Far Harbor. I think it would be interesting to see Phil play through Autumn Leaves. And then hear his opinions of if he thinks the "Brain Dead" quest shared enough in common with Autumn Leaves deserved an acknowledgement by Bethesda or not, maybe with an "Inspired by Autumn Leaves" line in the credits of Far Harbor or something. Not in the legal sense, since ToS probably says Bethesda owns everything made by 3rd parties. But in a moral sense of just giving credit where credit might be due. I didn't really watch his Fallout playthroughs (open world games just don't hold my interest enough to watch full playthroughs by anyone), but I know he loves the Fallout series, and thought he would be interested in this bit of news. This was posted 2 days ago, and several Gaming News sites are reporting on it, so it's semi-relevant at the moment, and it's downtime. I just linked the primary source from the Mod's Creator posting about it.
  12. http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Whispers_of_the_Old_Gods#How_to_get 1. Logging in for the first time during the Whispers of the Old Gods launch event will reward the player with three "Whispers of the Old Gods" card packs. I think the event will last a week or something. 2. Opening their first Whispers of the Old Gods card pack will award each player with a single non-golden copy of C'Thun, and two non-golden copies of Beckoner of Evil. These cards are not otherwise available from card packs. 3. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/4fu2fd/13_free_packs_when_old_gods_launches/ You get 5 packs when you win 2 games in the new Standard format. (This will be a quest) You get another 5 packs after winning 7 more games in Standard. (Also a quest) Clarification: You don't need free quest slots for the Standard quests to show up. When you free up a quest slot, the Standard quest will appear. The second one (7 wins) will only show up after you've completed the first one. The packs you'll receive will be Old Gods packs. I don't mind if Phil doesn't stream this or anything, but on-stream or off-stream, this is just a suggestion that he logs in during the week of April 26th and get the free Legendary and do the quests for the free packs.
  13. Like naming the video series "Phil reacts" kind of irked me the wrong way. I'm okay with Phil doing content about pop culture stuff etc. That's a format of which anyone can do. And I am glad that Phil isn't just doing reaction videos where he has the video playing while him reacting live to it. That is what every else does. If he did it, it wouldn't just be making use of the format, but doing it because just because everyone else is doing it. The kind of thumbnails that do annoy me are in 2 videos here: I'm not gonna look for the video, but I'm fairly sure stuff like other Youtubers "making funny faces in the thumbnails" is probably something Phil has criticized other Youtubers for. And it's one aspect that agreed with him on. It's dumb, unnecessary, and oftentimes degrading. Now, I think he had a rather negative view on "react"-style videos in general at the time (again, feel free to disagree because I don't have the time or caring to go through all of his vlog videos. I think he called them "talking head" videos), but I disagreed with him there, and am okay with him making react videos. But I don't want him to go that extra step and start feeling that he has start making thumbnails that go after the "making funny faces" demographic just because everyone else does it. Not to say he can't have fun with the thumbnails, or can't ever look silly. I personally can make a distinction and feel stuff like the thumbnails in these videos are silly and funny in a good way: Aviator shades. Classic. Universal sign of self-aware douchebaggery parody. Sign of "I don't care, I'm having fun". Shredder helmet with sunglasses. Again, "I don't give a ****, I'm love the ninja turtles and am having fun". I'm assuming it's Shredder here, I don't know, I just watched the video, and couldn't find the frame the thumbnail is from. And of course, this classic thumbnail, which became his Twitter pic for a long time. It's silly, but to me, it says "F*** how anyone thinks I look right now, I love Sonic". To me, the 2 recent ones I was annoyed by feel like they're saying "I'm trying to appeal to whatever demographic likes seeing funny faces in their videos". A bit more cynical than the ones I mentioned positively. Now, I'm not gonna overblow this like saying that this is going to ruin Phil or anything. But I'm very much hoping this doesn't become a normal thing, because it feels rather cynical to me.
  14. Some more advice. It's not too bad now (it's actually kind of entertaining), but eventually, all this complaining about the stream/chat delay is going to get old (joke: #BlameTheChat). A small suggestion could be to get one of your experienced fans to use the in-game spectate feature to watch the game and talk in the in-game chat or Discord (chat client that can hide IP). Other streamers have managed to find ways to mask their IP to defend against DDOS attacks, and I think it would be good for Phil to try more fan interaction stuff out. I don't want fear to hold back his content forever, whether it be fear of DDoS attacks or trying new things. Not wanting to try new things like Direct Capture and streaming has held his content back before. And ultimately, I just like seeing Phil interact with more people. For example, I miss the call-in sections of the Hate Live podcast.
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