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  1. ​you described 2 types of people with the above sentence. if you can think clearly and decide in which of the 2 types of people phil belongs, you ll have the truth. and the truth will set you free.
  2. it would be a great idea. i d love to see exactly where the hours are spent on. i m under the suspicion there is tettible time management going on under the hood. but it will never come to fruition.
  3. there is no theft. phil, if he decides to sue, has no legal leg to stand on. besides, people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw rocks.
  4. phil is not a "public figure" you can call him a "minor youtube celebrity" though, thats accurate, or even "hatelebrity" that could apply too. but not "public figure", thats totally erroneous
  5. this is what the title reminded me of. instantly.
  6. ​the mobile spending was after the fact he openly admited he was in "huge debt" so ofcourse its relevant. why would he be saving for months for a vacation when he is in "huge debt"? there is no 2 ways of seeing this.
  7. ​belief isnt a factor. the facts speak for themselves. i am being objective. a person that describes himself in "huge debt" and among other things 1. spends money on a mobile game (in a video he says "i dont know how much money i spent on it, probably hundreds of dollars") 2. spends money on a mini vacation a person doing the above isnt in that much of "huge debt" it would seem. but everything else in his behaviour (patreon, talking about his huge debt often etc) points to the opposite. you understand it doesnt add up right? i m not the only one seeing it right?
  8. thats exactly what it means. phils actions (patreon, talking about it very often etc) certainly point to meaning exactly that.
  9. In a previous thread (the staycation discussion) you posted "Nor have I said I'm in awful financial straights and I desperately need tons of money to pay bills." and "Last time I checked, that didn't equate to me being financially destitute, nor did I ever say I was." but in a video you described yourself in "huge debt" (your exact words). if i recall correctly you even called it "cripling" at some point. my question is how can you describe yourself in "huge debt" and yet claim to not be in "awfull financial straights"? one of the 2 statements must be false.
  10. ​his way going about patreon shows that no, he doesnt NEED a patreon. he just wants one because he thought it could prove "money for nothing". and it did. if he actually NEEDED one, oh boy, if he did, he would have his perks and goals up during the first week, he d make it a priority and make sure he offered what he could.
  11. ​he doesnt have to get 5k every video. thats why he "shoots" out so many videos every week. cause he knows he wont get 5k on everyone, its like shooting bullets out of a machinegun, as long as some hit the target he is ok. look, the numbers dont lie. add all the views he got last week. he is doing fine.
  12. ​rate? he is getting decent views to stay afloat. he certainly wont dissapear earlier that 2017. thats my estimation anyway.
  13. ​sure teens grow up and more teens discover youtube everyday. the "pool" never empties completely. he will keep on making money like this for a good 2 years, if not more. ofcourse the views are gonna drop, back then his channel was a novelty, now its old news but not that old (he is still making a very decent living on it)
  14. no, people wont leave. people, most of his viewers are early teens. there will always be a crowd for his type of videos and that is it. early teens.
  15. phil no offence but i have a great deal of difficulty imagining someone in "huge debt" as you have said for yourself, doing the following (among other things) 1. not selling the statues, or planning on selling them in such a slow pace that its almost like you are not in "huge debt". if i was in "huge debt", those statues would be long gone. you go about it so leiserly like you are in no "huge debt" 2. not implementing the green screen months ago. if i was in "huge debt" i would learn about it asap, use it offering the viewers at no extra cost (certainly not patreon funded action) a novelty tha
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