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  1. Nich2440

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    I give Oddessey a 9.75/10. I'd give it a 10 but I had recurring dropped inputs. Plus some unfair stages and weird design choices for how power moons are hidden.
  2. Nich2440

    DSP and depression

    I think he needs time away from making content to relax.
  3. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    Well actually I saw a video that explains how ads work. I'll post it later. Basically the advertiser selects a demographic and how much money they want to pay for every 1000 views. YouTube's system then waits for people to watch a video and chooses an ad that matches that person and it starts with the highest bid. Typically advertisers with a very narrow and specific audience pay higher while advertisers who want to reach everyone pay way less. So if you want better ads you make content that attracts an audience of a small niche. The video uses an example that a mobile game about fashion would want females who like fashion and mobile games and thus pay higher. Nowhere does it mention engagement or retention. It's first come first serve according to the video I saw.
  4. Nich2440

    DSP and depression

    I don't think he should quit. I think he should take more than 1 day a week off. Or better yet take evenings off so he can unwind.
  5. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    There's no proof that suggests engagement effects ad revenue either. All we have is Machinima's word which I find questionable. Keep in mind when they told this to Phil they were simply guessing as to why his ad revenue was down. We now know for a fact that the true cause was YouTube losing advertisers. Even more reason to believe that Machinima didn't know what the fuck they were talking about.
  6. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    Like I said the idea is to have one ad every 10 minutes for a long video. He will not be losing money as that is how many ads normally appear. Videos that are between 10 and 15 shouldn't have multiple mid roll ads in the first place. That is overkill. And I still stand by my point. Longer videos generate more watch time. It's basic math. But I already said all there is to say on the topic.
  7. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    I know views and audience attention aren't the same thing. There's a group of people who watch the whole playthrough. Even if it's only a couple thousand it still adds to watch time.
  8. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    Okay let me rephrase. Sometimes there's an extra ad there but I believe this is YouTube doing it automatically. You typically can't place extra ads unless the video is longer than 10 minutes. But the idea is to have ad every 10 minutes. That way when someone keeps watching it's like they played a new video and Phil gets credit for it. Here's where your argument falls a part though. The actual "content" would be the whole stream. He's not making the streams shorter. Dropping in views in-between parts or dropping in audience retention in a full video. It's practically the same thing. The difference is in the longer video those who watch for longer add up watch time which helps it rank in search. I don't believe that nonsense that low engagement gets you shit ads. I've never heard anyone else say this besides Machinima (The same company that told Phil to delete the pre stream archives). Even if it has any effect at all I'd imagine it would be a small fraction of lost revenue. Getting more views by ranking in search is more important no?
  9. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    That simply isn't true. That was a guess from Machinima. The real reason was the ad boycott.
  10. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    No he doesn't? Everything you said is untrue and I already explained why several times.
  11. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    Well first of DSPGaming was only shut down for a day. But you do have a point. That whole thing may have been a Google+ glitch but YouTube is still cracking down on "spam". They recently gave a channel a full strike for uploading a short video announcing that they were live on Twitch. Another reason to stop doing short videos. It will protect him from YouTube pulling some bullshit in the future.
  12. Nich2440

    Half Life 2

    The fuck is wrong with you?
  13. Nich2440

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    My biggest complaint with the Switch is the controller setup. It's like an Xbox controller but they swapped the placements of the buttons so I sometimes need to look down to see what to press.
  14. Nich2440

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    He doesn't make money from views. He makes money from ads. And I explained how you can set multiple ads on a single video. And I did prove it. Search for any playthrough or let's play and long videos will always be at the top of the results. Also more subscribers will watch if their feed isn't spammed. That's just common sense. This won't hurt him at all if he does it the right way. Longer videos 1) Are in the top of the search results. 2) Makes less work for Phil. 3) Makes it easier to find content. 4) Make the same revenue if multiple ads are on the video. In short he'll get more viewers for less work and little risk. All of his excuses are invalid. How is that any different than having an ad play when they click on the next part every 10 minutes? That's my point.
  15. So, this has been a concern of mine for a while. In the latest podcast, Phil said that his videos do not show up in search and that making longer videos wouldn't help. All of this is untrue. When I search "vampyr playthrough" the fifth video and onward is from DSP showing mostly the recent parts. The top 3 videos from other creators are over an hour. From the research I've done I've discovered that the search algorithm focuses on three main things recency/consistency, title and tags that match the search, and watch time. and longer videos get higher watch time. Sure, you run the risk of people getting bored but you also have the hardcore audience that sticks around to the end. But if you split the video then the watch time they have been accumulating resets for the next video. It actually hurts your ranking to make the videos shorter. Let’s also not forget that Phil’s content is livestreams. He’s not actually making the content shorter. He’s splitting the content into chunks when he is expecting people to watch the whole session. It’s not like the old days of shooting with a camera where he can take breaks in-between shoots. The actual video is the whole stream. It makes even less sense to split the videos. Now yes if he makes longer videos his overall views would go down. But Phil doesn’t get paid by views anymore so it doesn’t matter. He would get 10,000 for the first part and about a few 1000 people will watch until the end. That’s no different than dropping in views in part 2. It’s the same people watching but the ones who stick around accumulate watch time. The trick is to have multiple ads placed throughout the video every 10 minutes. And I know Phil knows how to enable this because he did it with the E3 videos. This will make it so the creator gets more ad revenue from people who watch for longer instead of just one ad for clicking on the video regardless of how long they watch. It’s more than just watch time. It will make it easier on his subscribers by not getting spammed. It will make it easier on people who want to find his content and not see a wall of videos for one day of content which will also make it viable to do vlogs such as reviews or podcasts on DSPGaming. It would make it easier on Phil with fewer thumbnails and titles he needs to submit. It will make it easier for the search engine so it doesn’t have 100 videos to sort through. In short, there are absolutely no negatives for making longer videos. This is just another example of Phil being stubborn. His reasons for still doing it like this are that raw videos don’t work for long videos which is completely wrong and unfounded. Also, I know that YouTube is an archive and all but when you have financial troubles and you say YouTube is a huge chunk of your income would it not make sense to do everything you can to improve the profitability of the channel? Even if it’s just a little bit. And since it actually makes less work for Phil I can’t fathom why he’s so stubborn about this. Honestly focusing heavily on Twitch and treating YouTube as an archive is dumb. If you really want to succeed you should focus heavily on both so that you dominate on all fronts. At the very least I would like if the videos are split at a point that makes sense like the end of a mission or section of gameplay. Not in the middle of it because 10 minutes has passed.