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  1. Do you honestly think old fans like myself and hazzer who choose to leave have as you put it “lost their way” or have become detractors? Personally, I think walking away is the mature thing to do if you decide you don’t like them instead of hating on them. Also, do you believe you have done nothing wrong despite fans leaving or dropping their Patreon pledge. I get that it’s nice to have an audience that likes you but that shouldn’t undermine the people who are legitimately upset with something. Thanks and I hope there is no hard feelings.
  2. Lol I haven't even been here in months.
  3. I don't even know what you guys are fighting about now. This place is a goddamn mess.
  4. Just so we're on the same page I made a new account so detractors wouldn't harass me. Neither of my accounts were banned here. Right. So what's the point in pointing out common knowledge? Me being TraditionalGames has no relevance on anything. But that's exactly what I did. I checked the forums a couple days ago to see what was up. That's it. More strict moderation for toxic behavior. Both Amityville, and I admit, myself should have been banned. I'm not even sure why I'm still able to post.
  5. You exposed things that I publicly addressed. Good job. The post you made about me was half a month ago. This was my first time stopping by in a while. And no. I don't regret anything.
  6. But this is what I mean. This entire first thread was a drama fight without any input from me. No one wants to be a part of that. Anyways I just decided to stop by because I saw people talking about me behind my back. Peace.
  7. Again. A tweet I made publicly. What's your point? Everyone, even Phil, is aware I stopped watching his content. I haven't said anything about him or to him in months.
  8. " I smited them into oblivion" is professional? When you respond to childish smack talk with childish smack talk the entire conversation is, you guessed it, childish smack talk. Why would anyone want to be a part of that? Oof
  9. This entire thread is the problem with the forums. Conspiracy theories and high school drama fights.
  10. It still exists. And no, I didn’t make any new accounts. It’s common knowledge because I admitted publicly. What of it?
  11. It's like watching a 5 year old play a game for the first time. XD
  12. Personally I am disappointed. This was something I wanted to see. But it also isn't a big deal. But the thing is this is a common fault with his Patreon. He confirms a lineup of games that he can't commit to.The same thing happened with Sunshine.
  13. BTW This is the tweet where he said he was going to play all 6 games. Don't make a promise if you can't keep it Phil.
  14. I agree here. I was indifferent when Silent Hill was barley given time. But at least he did give it a try. But completely skipping a game that got nominated in for no good reason is bullshit. At this point why even have Patreon. BTW I realize that Stardew Valley only got two nominations but why confirm you're going to play it when you have no plans to?
  15. I'm still skeptical if the flagging bot has yet to be shut off. I believe it will happen but I'm doubtful it will be immediate.
  16. Yes. The reason why I haven't been banned is because I'm a fanboy which causes Phil to look the other way. It's defiantly not because I haven't done anything wrong and am just speaking my mind with a reasonable level head.
  17. Did it? I didn't use any insults. All I did was say he should have held of on the move instead of going in debt.
  18. You acquired debt when you moved and were not able to sell the house forcing you to bleed money every month. These are facts that you yourself publicly stated. The declines in income were unforeseen circumstances but that doesn't change the fact that you took a major risk and in the long run it bit you in the ass. If you didn't move you would be fine right now. So no it isn't nonsense. I'm not saying you should have been psychic. I'm saying that buying a new house when you will still be paying the old one is a fucking stupid idea in the off chance that the bubble bursts.
  19. Actually he's in debt because he bought a house he couldn't afford but whatever.
  20. I mean you don't have to to do both. You could just pledge on Patreon and let others sub on Twitch. Remember that when monthly goals were on Patreon if Phil didn't hit it the $5 Patreons got nothing for the month.
  21. I don't think that's the issue. The issue is that there are no Patreon goals at all meaning the content on YouTube stays the same.
  22. I just checked. His Patreon is now in the 500s. Revamping his Patreon (As well as advertising it in more videos besides prestreams) is an obvious first step.
  23. His reviews on KOGaming averaged at 10K and some even got 100K so that isn't even in the slightest bit true.
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