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  1. The PC version was outsourced during development from what I heard so rocksteady is trying to fix it now. It seems most developers focus more on consoles now than PC version which sounds odd
  2. That's fine Static but what about the one word replies proceeded to an immediate closure of a thread before anyone has a chance to post in? Can't we at least give threads a chance by having people post in them before having them closed? Closing a thread should be a very LAST resort when everything else has been exhausted; Closing threads when they're created gives the impression that were being told you cannot make threads at all as it'll be locked. Having a discussion involved offstream gameplay is a fair topic to be had especially considering with all the recent issues phils been going through like DDoSing and Swatting It may prove more beneficial limiting the streaming to a 2-3x a week rather than a full 7 days. Despite what people may think, DDoSing cannot be stopped permanently. You can limit the severity but considering DDoSing is sending a large amount of packets of data to a location to burn out a modem or a router it's just going to continue in some way effecting his business. Comcast can't really prevent this from happening
  3. I can't speak for anyone but personally streaming everything is superfluous. Let me state that something that is a fan service should be once or twice a week not apart of your business model as that would no longer be called fan service and more "my structure". I can see the live streaming working for some games but offstream playing a game and maybe doing a bit of your own research as you go has far more benefits. His offstream videos of arkham knight were some of the best content in 2 years from phil, from a commentary standpoint and gameplay stand point because he's not worrying about the comment section of a stream about what Joe Blow is saying. He's focused on the game and his commentary is fresh and on top of which not being angry about things. It was oldschool phil with higher quality video. I'm fine with the livestreaming but I think it's done too often and for everything now that I feel in some ways has hurt phils business in some ways. I mean the things people bring up as perfect examples were dark souls 1, Demon Souls, dark souls 2 and bloodborne. These 4 he supposedly got help by the stream and people claimed he constantly looked at the stream and they then said he was handheld through it all. While I don't agree i could see why they would say that.
  4. does he even need to have played it to be in there?
  5. The civilized debate thread became largely useless when phil decided not to post there, which was the point of that thread. The TC tried to make another version of it only before onyx closed it immediately.
  6. He had problems and couldn't record it with arkham knight being released. Maybe friday he's going to play it or saturday
  7. Maybe the stream chat takes away of his commentary? At the very least phil should do more off stream videos so he can focus less on the chat and more on the games he's playing
  8. Yea i'm actually surprised god of war 2 hasn't been done yet. He did the original god of war on july 02, 2013 which was 2 years ago :o
  9. That still doesn't change the fact that I WOULD have LIKED to play them in order like other like minded people. Witcher was made with PC platform first. The consoles became an afterthought. Whether or not the saves actually carry over wasn't really my concern. Not even god of war or uncharted series saves carried over yet they still have a storyline that would confuse you if you didn't play the previous games to some capacity(uncharted to a lesser degree) I was under the impression the games had a story line that actually, like other sequels, followed through in some way to the next game? That sounds more disappointing than I originally thought.
  10. I don't agree with this, i was simply saying why phil chooses not to. But nothing we say will change it unfortunately. I voted against hardline because the game wasn't that good and it's a typical shooter game when he could have chosen to do another game. I don't really think it'd gather much views but if he wanted to record it in the future during the downtime like the summer, he can. But at that time it would have affected a bunch of games he was setting on recording like persona or something else i forgot.
  11. Phil could do that, but that would go against his policy of how he chooses to do his youtube channel. He doesn't want to exploit things for views or whatever. At least that's what I gather from his comments, so listening to the fans that suggest things on how to increase views would be opposite to his model?
  12. Well what is everyone thoughts on the lego jurassic park coop? i thought it was pretty good, maybe mario party 10 with leanna will be good?
  13. I just noticed you skip dialog far too much, missing information. Like for example phil when you were doing the mining thing with the pick axe you skipped important dialog saying how to mine through the rock faster with you saying "What am I supposed to do?". May i suggest you slow it down before simply skipping that it would make things better for you by not missing out on key information. I'm sure that's another thing people have an issue with and why views are low
  14. i'm sure it's possible to find the playlists, he could even link those stream playlists on the front page of the site where you try to find the playlists for other games. It's not that difficult. As Joloda just mentioned his prestreams are in it's own playlist and it's pretty easy to find. Search on his YT channel: "Prestream playlist" boom the first or second result will show the playlist.
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