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  1. ​Because money is money. Phil is massively in debt and soliciting Patreon donations. The whole point of suggestions is to ultimately get him out of debt. Thus, how Phil spends his money is perfectly germane to the discussion.
  2. ​Most recent graduates aren't massively in debt, believe it or not. That's the minority. But to answer your question, if the recent grad was ALSO begging for money online while being in massive debt, then yes, I would tell him blowing money on a trip to Vegas would be a bad idea. ​I lived in LA County for 5 years and ate pizza quite regularly at a variety of restaurants. I've never, ever spent $30 on a pizza. Can you please inform me what specific places charged that amount for a single pizza?
  3. The hotel Phil stays at is $200/night. The pizza he bought is $30, so it's reasonable to assume food for the "staycation" is well over $100. He unveiled his Blu-Ray collection a while back. He had about 300 individual movie/television discs. At a reasonable $30 per disc, that's $9,000. He spent "hundreds" on a mobile game, WWE Supercard. He's leasing a BMW when he could have simply bought a more modest car. ALL of this while he is massively in debt. AND soliciting donations. AND PandaLee isn't working, studying, or has any plans to. (Homemade soap on Etsy isn't going to bring anything in for at least a year, if not longer; the competition is too massive and you need something unique to stand out...much like Youtube Let's Plays) I am astounded.
  4. ​Myself and others have noted this multiple times throughout the topic, but Phil ignored it above.
  5. ​I always did prefer the book, even given my love of Ursula Andress. Anyways, "Jill, you remind me of my mother. She was the biggest whore in Alameda and the finest woman that ever lived. Whoever my father was, for an hour...or for a month, he must have been a happy man."
  6. ​If you genuinely knew that without looking it up in a search engine, I'm impressed. Anyways, let's go with Doctor No for the current one, but I will let MDCFAN101 confirm, since I don't know whether that was in the very first Bond, or an early sequel.
  7. Very sad. The guy had legitimate talent. Haloid, Dead Fantasy, working for Namco Bandai and later Rooster Teeth. A tragic and random death I can personally sympathize with, too. He was really ahead of his time when he Haloid was first released in 2007.
  8. 1. Stream interactivity is what practically every single Twitch channel does already. It's baffling that you actively avoid doing so, and are presenting it as a Patreon incentive. In what way would doing this immediately hurt your income? 2. Normally, Twitch and Youtube streamers that receive donations, even $1 on one occasion (nevermind $25 pledged monthly) will give that person a shout out.
  9. ​Superman "He died on his knees. I took his head and raped his woman before his blood was even cold."
  10. ​No need to get butthurt because I brought up a fact you weren't aware of. :)
  11. Lethal Weapon 2. However, it's not a singular quote; one character says "Diplomatic immunity" and another replies "It's just been revoked". It's technically two quotes. Anyways, ""That's a damn stupid thing to do"
  12. ​John Woo's City on Fire "inspired" Reservoir Dogs, to the point where the entire plot and numerous individual scenes (even the bathroom story) are virtually identical between the two. Anyways, I haven't seen as many heist movies as I would like, but let's go with Running out of Time (1999) and Charley Varrick (1973)
  13. ​Whether you believe the parodies illuminate an important underlying point about Let's Players and their unique, lucky position. ​Hmm....I seem to recall you making multiple videos calling out Nintendo for being "greedy motherfuckers" hurting you financially, throwing a Wii U into the trash, and lambasting them as recently as your last Hate Live. That sure doesn't seem like someone "not affected at all". ​That's not what it's "basically saying" at all. They're mocking Let's Players who believe they have a God-given right to stream Nintendo games on Youtube. Nowhere, however, are they stating that Nintendo's actions are either correct or just. Just because an article parodies one extreme position doesn't mean they believe the polar opposite. ​It's another example of what you consider "malicious, mean slander", but the majority of your fanbase finds cool and funny.
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