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  1. Dear Phil, We all know that you have a cat named Jasper. You also used to have little hamsters during your first years in Washington. My question to you is: What happened to the hamsters? Did they pass away? Did you sell them? Did they run away from home? Thank you for your time.
  2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3/Xbox 360/PC) Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection (PS3/Xbox 360) Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (PS3/Xbox 360) Batman: Arkham City (PS4, Return to Arkham Bundle) inFamous (PS3, PS Now)
  3. Dear Phil, From the previous decade, you were well-known on the Internet as the guy who raged at video games, particularly the ones that fell under the Fighting Game genre. You infamously criticized certain games for presenting you with unfair challenges such as overpowered boss fights, horrendous cameras, awful checkpoints, and lame online connections (to name a few). After the latter half of the previous decade, you seemed to have transformed into a calm and chill guy who withdrew blaming the game for its flaws. My question to you is: What were the most relaxing, stress-free games that you played in the previous decade? Which ones made you feel the happiest playing? Thank you for reading this and keep up the fun entertainment.
  4. Batman: Arkham Origins on PC. The game is over six years old and takes place during Christmas.
  5. Kelenna

    Heavy Rain on PC

    Heavy Rain is now on PC! I think that it is appropriate for me to talk about this release due to the game holding a special place in Phil's heart. Phil first played this game in 2010, and it was one of his most successful playthroughs on YouTube! In the Taxidermist DLC, Phil witnessed one of the best scenes in video gaming EVER! In 2015, DSP later did a Best/Worst of Heavy Rain series. In 2018, to celebrate his success with Heavy Rain even further, Phil decided to replay the game on his Twitch Channel for his Heavy Rain: Anniversary Run. The game is only available on the Epic Games Store; it is not available on Steam. The price for the PC game starts at $19.99. Here is a snapshot from the store page.
  6. What is the schedule for DSP's livestreams on Twitch? He doesn't mention the times in his streams, and they're not on his Twitch profile.
  7. Dear Phil, You used to be skinny as a kid. You once disclosed to your Twitch Audience that you used to work out tremendously, by taking protein shakes and lifting very heavy weights. I remember your saying that your first back injury occurred in 2007, during a game of football. You also watch Pro Wrestling. What was your athletic career like pre-2007? Did you play any sports in school? Which sports were you best at and/or enjoyed playing the most? Do you play any sports right now? If not, would you ever consider playing a sport again recreationally? Thank you for your time.
  8. Phil does not fully disclose his financial crises at all. He does this out of fear of being attacked. I think that he should either be completely transparent or avoid mentioning the situation altogether. I prefer that Phil avoid mentioning that he needs money. Instead, he should work harder and conjure better methods to secure more income. One example I suggested was to create movie commentaries. Another example could be for him to spend less time mentioning the negative aspects of his career, including trolls and the like. By doing this, he could have more time focusing on the positive aspects of his career. This would lead to him feeling more secure/content and help his viewers feel more welcome, rather than attacked.
  9. Dear Phil, I really like your commentary on many video games. You give many creative comments on the various aspects of a particular game. My question to you is: Would you commentate over movies? You could hold polls on the kingofhate forums, determining which movies people want to hear you commentate over the most. You could then record your commentary on whichever movie wins the poll. Then, you could render the commentary as an audio-only, mp3 file and sell it on a new website. Think about the way you sell your content via Teespring. The website does not have to be overly sophisticated. All you need is a website that allows you to upload mp3 files and receive direct payments from those who purchase them. This could lead to a lucrative business that would provide extra income. Thank you for reading this question.
  10. What is your opinion on Cinemasins? Have you watched any of their videos and what do you think of their comments on movies?
  11. Why do you play fighting games online if you complain about the net code and the way other people play?
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