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  1. ​It's mostly popular, but the manga I would count as underrated cause the manga is still following the story.
  2. So what's y'all suggestions on any Anime that's underrated but worth watching?
  3. ​I personally agreed. If Phil himself would take the time to read the criticisms from his former fans or from the SoK who are willing to want Phil change, then he wouldn't close down most of the threads, It's best is if any mods should give everyone a fair warning before doing anything else to the threads because so far, any threads that I see are legit criticisms to change Phil to become a better person gets locked within one shot.
  4. ​Should try Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Root A, they are really great so far. Death Note, the First Season of Darker than Black, and Claymore. c:
  5. ​Regardless he'll always start gaming around 4 PM no matter how much he says and post it on threads. He's like always breaking his promise. Honestly he could at least started streaming around 3 PM and do Gaming at 3:30 PM. But i highly doubt he'll even do that.
  6. ​It's a never ending story pretty much.
  7. 8.5-9/10. A great song, even though it's in Japanese xP the name of the song is Howling by Abigdon Boys School. "Just HOWLING in the Shadows" ;D
  8. ​Would you like some fries with that? ;D
  9. One Piece and SAO. Plus One Piece needs to end already. Over 700 episodes!?
  10. Mikasa from Attack on Titan, and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul.
  11. ​Don't forget that he needs to respect his fans and need to take some advice from his fans or anyone else that wants to help out.
  12. PS3/PS4/PS Vita: naldowwe Japanese PSN account: Kaneki425 Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 2552-2735-4757
  13. ​You could of just play the game alone in the dark with all of the lights off If you want the actual experience, but I understand if you're not willing to do so.
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