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  1. ​Sorry about that and LOTR return of the king?
  2. ​yes "Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away."
  3. Phil instead of us making a bullet point list for you how about you read it or i don't know have a talk with these people instead of us typing everything it would be so much fast and you might be able to defend yourself better so instead of saying no to that just do it you never let anyone defend themselves because you block them well show you can man up and go on Skype of something and talk to people shoot ill even do it.
  4. dpapi3434

    DSPGaming Wiki

    ​Its not bandwagoning its just more people not liking you it happens man.You dont need to make a big deal about this most people dont really care what it says you dont have to get angry about people and insult them. Most people dont even know it was there. Also why does the whole daughter thing bother you so much i get that as well from people because my girlfriend is really short and looks young i just laugh at it i find it funny people see that chill man.
  5. ​Agreed he creates drama and it gets annoying. He tries to start fights with people then block them when they talk back because he has nothing to say back.
  6. ^ a lot of times once you take them out and leave them out they are not worth as much from dust and other things. A lot of the statues you see are perfect and have only been taken out to show.
  7. Sorry about that my laptop freaked out i didnt mean to do that.
  8. Guys you have having a little too much fun tone it down a bit.
  9. ​so true if he just played what he wanted when he wanted he would have so much more fun but he forces himself to play at a planned time and most people just stream when they want. He doesnt have to upload all the videos at once say he plays DA:I for 8 hours upload 4 hours one day and the other 4 the next day,
  10. hardy boyz vs dudley boyz vs edge and christian ladder match WM/XVI. They all where my favorite wrestlers back then and as a kid it was my dream match.
  11. ​so be an ass and lose fans great character. ​He calls people idiots all the time lots of people have gotten in trouble for not breaking any rule. Also most chats dont get "derailed" they just talk about things closely related or go off on an argument it happens in forums all the time people dont get along or see eye to eye they argue about it. Instead of just closing down the thread either hide the comments or let them argue.
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