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  1. If you're ever there for the game, just come by 2 hours late. It's been getting that bad.
  2. Only 2 or 3 people even bothered to vote for anything in the patreon section. That's how dead the patreon section is nowadays lol
  3. Well classic is coming out in 2 weeks.. so it just depends on when he is gonna do the marathon. As for WoW being played off stream, i feel that he wouldn't do that since he is almost completely reliant on stream contributions now vs before he did whatever he wanted and didn't care.
  4. Well obviously you have to play WoW online, there isn't a way to play offline, especially cause hes doing it in a marathon. He can't just turn off the stream to play the game. (Unless theres a way to play WoW offline that I'm unaware of) *Edit* what I am surprised about is that Furi isn't winning. The rage in that game would be insane!
  5. World of warcraft and f zero would be amazing..
  6. Omfg i forgot about f-zero gx. I'll nominate that too.
  7. Okay why not, I'll nominate Fire Emblem three houses too. Not for the rage but because he might wanna come back to it and do a full playthrough. I'll only nominate it though if he plays it on classic mode.
  8. Yeah thats true too. The first battles are piss easy even on hard mode.
  9. Yes! World of Warcraft is an awesome suggestion. +1 from me
  10. Some ppl are saying fire emblem.. and i agree but if he plays FE and chooses casual mode there won't be any real rage i feel.
  11. Voted to metroid prime 2 but who cares.. it never wins these polls >_> sigh
  12. With Smash bros ultimate around the corner, I wanted to ask some smash related questions. 1. With smash for 3ds/Wii U, you seemed to have quite a bit of fun at first but later seemed like you didn't enjoy it much. Not even coming back to it as a way to play with your fans later as a multiplayer stream. My question is: with the new smash, how do you plan to play the game and do you have any plans to use smash as a game to play during a multiplayer stream or future streams? 2. With the new smash you can play with all the dlc characters from smash 4. I am curious to see what you think of Ryu, since you can input his original hadoken, dragon punch and other original commands for stronger attacks in the game. Is there any character you are interested in playing in particular?
  13. Yet you said this: When has he confirmed what you said is true? Your original comment was: "I never got anyone doxxed", the problem is you did. You went out of your way and went to a certain group in kiwifarms and pissed them off. What did you think was gonna happen? I can't blame kiwifarms, I have to blame the idiot who went there to piss the people there off.
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