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  1. Lipjan? Never heard of him. Sounds like a mendacious idiot. Anyways, it's good that Dark Souls Switch has a release date now. I'm not happy they lied for so long that it was coming out in the Summer, but whatever.
  2. Yeah, my best advice is save like Phil; often and across multiple save files.
  3. Nah you'll be fine, it's probably better to be a tank anyways. Your side characters can handle all the non-combat skills, and it won't play into the story narrative as much. But like I've sid before, make sure you've closely scoured each area and completed all the missions there before you move on to the next area, because you cannot ever return. Great game tho. Well worth playing. I'll be interested to find out what you think about it as you progress.
  4. I beat Final Fantasy 9, the story was lame, and the overworld is one of the worst in FF history, but I still enjoyed it. Now I can play FFX, I knew I was gonna be completely lost unless I beat the 9 previous entries, so I hope it was worth it.
  5. Just lost several hours progress in Final Fantasy 9. The fucking autosave in the HD remaster means I rarely save with the Moogles, so when I get autosaved into a boss fight I can't pass, I'm tossed all the way back to the fucking Iifa Tree. Fuck me. Oh good, there's a hi-speed mode. It shouldnt take hat long to return but I'm still upset at myself.
  6. It doesn't matter to me, but I've seen people on Twitch start watching Phil at the beginning of a playthrough, sub to the channel, start supporting Phil with bit cheers, but then when he quits the game towards the end, they leave the channel completely. This happened with Secret of Mana, I really liked that guy too, but when he saw Phil was giving up at the very end, he left forever. Now, even if Phil goes back and finishes now, that viewer is still gone forever. It makes sense. Imagine watching that playthrough on Youtube, then he gets to the very end and gives up forever. Why continue/s
  7. Dark Souls on Switch STILL doesn't have a release date. August 31st i the rumor, but there's always December 28th being rumored despite Nintendo still insisting it's coming out this Summer. Summer's almost fucking over!
  8. Yeah and the Snow Kingdom, all the moons in their town, those markers are totally worthless.
  9. yeah i foundthe Toads but some of the markers are still a lil elusive for me. Mostly I'm lookng up just where the fuck the marker is telling me to go. Also, the art ones are obnoxious.
  10. I finally hit the point where I am looking up certain things in Super Mario Odyssey. I'm just tying up the levels where I lack 2-3 moons. I am at about 350 atm and it's just ones that are pretty stupid. Like, apparently you go into those things that give you a heightened view and then find something floating randomly in the sky that gives you a moon. I looked that up for the Cap kingdom and now Iknow to do it in every kingdom, so I don't feel bad doing it elsewhere. If we're gonna finally collectively acknowledge that user, and do so assuming they're a sincere human being, I'd go
  11. He was completely screwed. One of the tweets was literally "This hotel shower is the weakest ever. Felt like a three year old was peeing on my head." His fucking movies had worse jokes than that. They depicted people DYING in horrific fashion.
  12. Dude, new Twitch is so fucking fucking FUCKING Fucked the fuck up. That bar to the left is now always expanded, you cannot collapse it, but you can entirely collapse the chat. I want whichever individual human being that implemented this change to explode instantaneously right now. RIGHT NOW. This was clearly done by someone who doesnt even use the site to watch people stream, just some dickhead fucking cunt who needs a swift slap in the face
  13. Semi-unrelated,but fuck Rotten Tomatoes tho. Their metrics are dishonest. There are cases where two movies get identical review scores, but for one movie it's a fresh rating while for the other it's a rotten rating. Watch the first minute of this video: Besides, a fresh review means it got a 60% or better. A movie could only get 6/10 in every review and have a 100% rating. It rewards safe, mediocre movies for being safe and mediocre.
  14. Covers are my jam, and this isn't bad.
  15. How do you feel about joke thieves, being a sort of comedian yourself? What's your proudest gaming moment? What is your favorite Nicolas Cage movie? Have you ever had a turbulent experience in an airplane? Your favorite book/literature? What' your favorite portion of the food pyramid (dairy, wheat, fruit, veggies, etc.)? Have you ever been in a fistfight? Tallest building you've ever been in?
  16. It is so fucking good, you need to see it. There's a scene where Nic Cage builds a pool table. Then he fucking demolishes it. That ending too, goddam.
  17. I don't think there's anything wrong with people who enjoy something i don't I got told I need a psychological examination tonight because I thought that Nic Cage film "Mom And Dad" was funny and it irked me, so I don't wanna treat others like that I just really didnt see an appeal to Shazam so idk, it's something I won't watch, and that's totally fine
  18. It looks.................................................. average for a Blockbuster movie. Justice League was one of the worst movies ever considering its budget.
  19. Finally watched the Shazam trailer and it's horrible. I'd rather be stomped in the nuts a dozen times than watch that crap,
  20. It has nothing to do with Curse lol, it's a Google Adsense rule, I presume. We don't know for sure though, or at least I don't.
  21. The problem is he can't associate any Adsense account to the DSPGaming channel, even if she made an Adsense of her own for Phil to use. He's also stated that there's other reasons that wouldn't work, but didn't specify further. I assume it's also against their terms of service or something. The theory when he made the account to associate with his Curse partnership was that he used someone's information other than his own, instead of a dummy account. Apparently that's not an option at all.
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