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  1. After reading Phil's response to the "Suggestion regarding Phillip's presence on the forums" thread I'm 100% sure he read the title of the thread, made an assumption as to what the thread was about, then responded and closed the thread without reading a single post in it. Thus proving one of the points made in the thread. That he won't have a discussion. There's only his side of things and if you have a different opinion you can fuck off.
  2. I decided to pop into your Bloodborne stream today and yes, you are getting owned now. But that's because you've finally reached an area you're not overleveled for. Now that you're actually being challenged again I may start watching, but if you go and grind up another 20 or 30 levels tonight I'll be wary of doing so. It's becoming entertaining again, for me at least. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you won't overlevel tonight. It's getting better Phil, I understand grinding a bitn after seeing you fight Ebrietas but try not to overdo it.
  3. All this arguing back and forth is pointless. No one's opinion is going to be swayed here. Let's just agree to disagree. Phil and a vocal minority of his fans find the playthrough entertaining, fine. Those of us who find it boring just won't watch it anymore. Can the argument be over now? Before I end it I suppose I should justify my opinion. In my opinion the playthrough is boring now because he's just breezing through every area without any challenge. Even the bosses don't seem to give him too much trouble at this point. Watching someone breeze through a game like that isn't entertaining to
  4. There's a difference between grinding up a few levels in preparation for a hard area/boss and grinding up 50 levels just because it'll make everything easier
  5. ​I would agree with the "let him play how he wants" mentality if he were just playing for his own enjoyment. But he's not. He's playing for YouTube so he has to play in a way that makes it entertaining. If he's overleveled, and by all accounts he is, then he's taken all the challenge out of the game. He no longer has to figure out a different strategy for every enemy and boss, no longer has to adapt and overcome. Now he can just spam the attack button through the rest of the game. If you find that entertaining more power to you, but the majority of people don't. It all boils down to this, when
  6. How would you know it was spam if no one got a chance to read it and therefore didn't report it?
  7. I got PM from a user called MrMoonman that was deleted as well so something's definitely going on
  8. Here's the house I built. It's very much a starter house and a work in progress, but I like it. Exterior: Ground Floor: Basement: It's coords are -76, 64, 487 if you want to check it out in person.
  9. I can't believe I'm having to talk about this so long after he left, but Phil needs to stop talking about Twitch streamers like he knows what they do. He has NEVER watched a twitch stream, not one. When he talks about Twitch streamers he's talking completely out his ass and it pisses me off. It pisses me off more that his fans believe the utter bullshit he says about Twitch and Twitch streamers. I watch several Twitch streamers, including some of the most popular ones. None of them beg for subs and donations every five minutes. Or beg ever for that matter. The only streamer or youtuber I have
  10. ​I'm just saying it's a little unfair of Onyx to encourage everyone to take what Revan's going to say with a grain of salt because it's only one side of things then turn around and say that he will not be giving his side.
  11. ​We've already got Onyx saying he won't say anything on the subject. That doesn't leave many other staff members.
  12. ​The thing is, Phil & Onyx will probably never give their side of things. The reason being is that they feel it's nobody's business but the staff. So we'll only have one side of the story unless they or someone else on the staff give their side. If they don't want people only going off of what Revan says it would be wise of them to tell their side too.
  13. ​ ​I assume this is what/who Gripper meant.
  14. Right up front, I'm not doing this to stir up negativity or drama. I'm not trying to nitpick something Phil said. I'm just responding to what Phil has said and tweeted about TellTale because it bothers me. Now that I've said that I'll get started. Earlier this morning responded to a question someone asked him on Twitter with: And on his prestream called TellTale "unprofessional" because they don't announce release dates weeks in advance. This all says to me that Phil doesn't know how TellTale develops their games. TellTale makes each game one episode at a time. They most like just started dev
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