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  1. If ur drifting and hit a wall, then ur doing it wrong. holding on to defensive items when ur top 3, using it when needed. actively get items lay traps on speed boosts, ramps, behind item boxes or bottlenecks. Have you tried any of these suggestions yet? I played and beat it in early teens. These are just common tactics that kids can figure out. Im sure theres plenty more.
  2. 1. Lower the height of ur laptop so u can look above it, or just move it slightly left or right. 2. Why does AC needs to be directly next to window? Why is cooling the laptop would damages it? Unless ur in a desert blowing the laptop wouldn't damage it. U often complain ur office is hot. This is what the AC is for. U turn it on when ur hot, and turn it off when its not hot. This way u wont freeze to death. 3. I never heard any sound coming from the AC, nor did i noticed any improvement in sound quality after the soundproofing foam installation. U could experiment on it in future streams.
  3. No more sonic. No more mario. No more crash. U alrdy played it to death. It was mad boring.
  4. Its called hope. Stop being annoying. If ppl didnt hope and keep suggesting phil for entire 2+ years he would still be doing camcorder on fucking youtube and still shitting on twitch.
  5. He definitely got carried hunting gore magala, the first serious/fun monster encounter in low rank. And from wut u said he barely got anywhere, all the more reason that his playthru were half assed. ur questioning me why i made this thread. Its an attempt to get phil to play it and also talk about the news. But ur not even a mod, why are u policing shits anyway?
  6. This thread is about a game and about dsp, why cant i post it here? If it gets phils attention to play the game then its worth it. He got carried in 4u, and again in mhw beta. His experiences were half assed. Thats why i want him to play it properly. Mhw need no grind until endgame. U can put on random armor that u can make along the way and be just fine. Most ppl just grind bcos set bonus satisfaction and cool looks.
  7. “Ppl dont talk about mhw anymore” - monster hunter world iceborne expansion announced + more free dlcs ”i dont want to waste 60$ on the game” - free trial dec 11-17, can play with ppl who got full game (up to certain point) and progress will be saved for if u bought the full game later. @Phil you might want to get on that if u want to play the rpg GOTY 2018 for free. And no, u dont know anything from the game by just playing 3 missions. ps: i suggest play by urself this time bcos 1.) u can actually try to learn about the game instead of mindlessly running after others ppls ass 2.) monster is easier when theres only single player
  8. U said that u are very transparent in ur business. I suggest doing just that with the 16k$ “fund raiser”. Theres not even any documentation on how u get the number 16k and thats why alot of ppl are questioning this.
  9. The patron perk is useless. Why vote when ur game can be skipped regardless of the poll rank. The only condition that is reliable for patrons right now is ‘phil gets the money and u feel happy to help him pay his bills and taxes’. The marathon has nothing to do with patreon.
  10. looks cool, but im stilling playing divinity2 :D. (and phil should play it too)
  11. Nice! Now that 300$ “paperweight” donated to phil can stop being one. Oh and no more nintendo rant talks.
  12. Revamp patreon goals, editing contents, trying out game genres new to him, new series, events thats not just background decoration (and also other shits ppl suggested here). revamp patreon and new game genres probably the most easy to start with. If that doesnt work, get rid of the burden. (Car, 1k$/yr forums, house, attorney, statues, tv cables or wutever hes subbing to, 1 of the 2 internet cables, psVR, switch?, blah blah blah etc.)
  13. Phil should be focusing on how to improve his content rather than asking for a “miracle”. Since he refuse to get rid of the burden that costs him 16k$ he needs to make himself sustainable. Asking for help is not.
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