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  1. uk have great taste in gaming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Good action rpg that require skill and attention. 1-2 games per marathon tops. No walking sim, no chills. If not action then its strategy rpg.
  3. I watched his WoW gameplay, a lil bit of crash and morrowind. I heard SFV has the most rage in it.
  4. WoW could have been much better. Not for rage tho but for gameplay. If u look carefully, the trolls are not that many this time. With WoW classic trolls couldnt just fly/ride to where he is instantly. From what i saw there were less than 10. Could easily block them all and it would take them time to remake and get to him. also, if he knew this would happen and played WoW vanilla before for total of 12 months (or 7-8 months bcos he changed his story) he should be no stranger to addons. Its as easy as downloading a zip file, extract the file, drag and drop in WoW addon folder. Done. Hes so clueless for someone who played WoW vanilla for a year. If he was older i would ve assumed he got Alzheimers already.
  5. I really dont understand why he goes out of his way to avoid the game. He played multiple action games and played harder games before. Doubt it being harder than dark souls. the game has hype = good for streamer the game looks good = attractive to gamers But nope, doesnt care. At this point its either phil hates nintendo, hates platinum games or is just that out of touch. Cant find any other explanation.
  6. Wut u re saying make no sense and no proof whatsoever. Its nintendo’s new IP, theres no old fanbase to bitch about the score. If you dont trust reviewers, watch the gameplay yourself then. If u have some experience in action games, you should be able to tell the combat is fluid and look very promising. With platinum games name attached to it, the game should be on your pick up list unless action genre is not your thing.
  7. Cappuccino

    Astral chain

    @Phil "Will I play Astral Chain? Umm, it's not in the cards! If it comes out and it's critically acclaimed with everyone telling me to play, THEN I might consider it." How much “critically acclaimed” are we talking about here?
  8. Did they tag it as just chatting? If they did then im ok with it. But if they didnt and use game tags while rambling for hours then no, its not fine.
  9. It gotten worse btw. Now he started the segment with “10 years ago...”. Hes telling his life story history everyday the same way. He still do shoutouts during gameplay anyway, theres no point prolonging prestream for shoutouts.
  10. Ppl already contributed. The event was a sub goal and the sub count was reached. Remember that? Anything else he gets during the event stream is extra.
  11. Executive decision happened
  12. Wow vanilla servers just release or is going to be soon im not sure. But ppl are excited for the nostalgia. Phil claimed he played it during vanilla he should understand. All those tauren mining racial ability, buffing each other and healing each other... that kind of stuff if u no wut i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. I hope theres no more executive decision this time.
  14. Question before i suggest anything. Is this rage a thon for one game only (no.1 on poll) or its 5-6 games where he plays only 30mins-1hr each? And will he finish the game if its 1 game after the rage a thon? Or is it a one time deal done and done? If its 1hr of fire emblem that basically means nothing.
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