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  1. Heres the thing, those are the genres u are not into. U could complain that there are no games suited to u and that would be understandable. But phil likes soulsborne genre, he also likes jrpg (“i grew up with jrpg” or sumthing along those lines). He Plays all the genres of the games i mentioned and completely fine with it. But somehow he started to get sick of soulsborne clone even tho he skipped them all. How could he get sick of it if he didnt play any of them? And if the clone game quality is good, shouldn't he like it? For jrpgs he just chose to replay old jrpg games he played years ago and skipped fan requested jrpg instead. Then he proceed to say his usual “theres no games to play etc etc, this month is completely quiet etc etc”. Which is not true. same question also as why he is not playing any other fighting game except sf2turbo. Tekken is good, dbz is good, arcsystem fighting games are good. But he only play sf2t or forced to play 3rd strike even tho all games’ online connection sucks to him.
  2. If he just doesnt want to play them, then dont complain that theres no games to play. Because there is, but he just refuse to play it. Not to mention his reasons for not playing them are mostly stupid reasons.
  3. Well hes up for a talk and reaching out to phil.
  4. Grandblue fantasy versus coming out soon. Heard its good. just sayin’
  5. Wait a good while as in him taking a ton of time to finish a game or him to not get bored by the game? bcos i can understand somewhat that now might be too late for him to finish ff7 in time for the remake. But he seem to be fine replaying games for 3rd+ times or play multiple sonic games in a span of a few months. A remake should be no problem for him. If he could ve played ff7 instead of ff6 or other shit games he picked up like wwe2020 it would not affect his schedule at all. ps: Not gonna comment about spongebob bcos that would take another paragraph
  6. Plenty of ppl are returning to ff7 original b4 the remake due to hype and/or refreshing their memories so that they can make a good comparison when the remake comes out. Phil didnt even finish the game and never play it on internet. He could ve capitalize on this while the interest in the original is high since remake isnt out yet.
  7. What do u mean impossible? Ppl can immediately went to sleep after work especially ppl with hard grueling work.
  8. Is one of those acquaintances happen to be Tolomeo? Because im pretty sure he addressed why he decided to not be involved anymore and the reason is not what you think it is.
  9. The important thing is discord is free, while he pay hundreds for this site. And now hes bankrupt.
  10. I barely read the email except his BIG CAPS EDIT bcos its too long. But I care about how the content was presented and claim that it was not doctored. to be fair i dont think phil would change the content that much anyway since it would be too much work for him. But his edit already proved my point that the copy-pasted text is not a reliable source of reference.
  11. Not trying to defend DP fyi bcos hes an idiot. But there you go. I quoted your text. I swear it was not doctored in any shape or form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. “Without being doctored” -> copy-paste text from email where it can very easily be doctored /facepalmed
  13. Separate fiction from reality and enjoy the game like any normal person would.
  14. Astral chain fire emblem 3 houses Multiple ppl ve been telling phil to play these games even before the games are out. So play them and stop claiming no one is asking for them please.
  15. @Phil why are you not playing astral chain? why are you not playing fire emblem 3 houses? why are you not playing ff7 before the remake comes out? why are you not playing dozens of games you skipped this year and said you will play it when theres free schedule? why are you playing ff6 again when nobody asks for it? What will you do if the contributions are low because of it?
  16. Nah he did say it. I heard it during one of his prestreams. If he didnt have thousands of prestream vids i would gladly linked it to you. At least it was when hes still with his ex. If u care to look for yourself.
  17. “Zany”... i have a feeling its gonna be underwhelming with that description.
  18. I think its a hit or miss. Some ppl really love it and some hated it. And from what i can see the combat is definitely not as solid as souls games. But it have more complexity/builds to fool around with and straight forward storytelling anime style. So if ur okay with that u ll like it.
  19. Astral chain, code vein, fire emblem 3h, actual good games he skipped for no reason.
  20. He also got adrenaline rush doing laundry, making it hard for him to sleep at night. Adult life sure is difficult.
  21. Maybe try improving his gaming streams instead of doing fundraiser every month? his job is a full time gaming streamer, not full time fundraiser. If you cant make ends meet, then you re doing something wrong.
  22. The more he tries to hide, the more curious i am. he didnt seem to care when he was with leanna. They were almost like married anyways. Why does he care about privacy now?
  23. uk have great taste in gaming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  24. Good action rpg that require skill and attention. 1-2 games per marathon tops. No walking sim, no chills. If not action then its strategy rpg.
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