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  1. Have you ever been contacted by charities like Make-A-Wish, for example, to meet with sick fans of yours? If given the opportunity, would you do so?
  2. Seeing as you have a long history within the competitive gaming industry, particularly fighting games, have you noticed any differences in how "eSports" are played or viewed now compared to when it started out in arcades during your competitive Street Fighter era?
  3. Phil, Seeing as you've spent the majority of your life surrounded by video games, what was the one game you played that made you realise games could end up being respected as an art form within entertainment, as we know today? Were there certain aspects like narrative, graphics or characters that stuck in your mind and changed your outlook on how you viewed games from that point onwards? - Dean Jones
  4. Phil, With the recent shootings that have taken place in America, it got me thinking about the stigma surrounding video games and their effects on our mental health. A lot of people still believe that violence in games can trigger behaviour that causes people to go out and commit mass shootings, for example. Do you think that video games play a part in the way we think or, like me, do you think this issue is far more complex than simply seeing something on a screen and carrying an action out in real life. I'd love to hear your opinion on this. - Dean Jones.
  5. Hi Phil, What is your opinion on game publishers and their influence on the development of games? Over the last number of years, I've seen games that were rushed out to compete with similar titles. This obviously affects the vision of video game developers so do you think that those who invest money to produce games should take a step back and focus mainly on the logistics or do you think that, because of their significant investments, they have as much rights as the developers to steer the artistic direction of games? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks - Dean Jones.
  6. Hi Phil, Seeing as you've been uploading various content to YouTube for almost ten years, do you feel that you've impacted the gaming community on the platform in any way? Being one of the originators of uploading monetised gameplay videos and at the same time having a large audience and influence, how do you stick to your original and raw gameplay formula but at the same time, continually adapt so your content appeals to an everchanging market. Thanks, Dean Jones.
  7. Hi Phil, Do you think with the experience you've gained over the years playing and reviewing many types of video games, that you would be qualified enough to get into gaming journalism? I know in the past you've stated that you wouldn't wish to work for mainstream gaming news outlets due to the massive amount of incredibility these days, but if you were offered a job (or started your own website) where you were free to review games how you saw fit, do you think your experience through competitive gaming and YouTube would suffice over the time and money you would've spent on getting a degree? Thanks for answering - Dean Jones.
  8. Hey Phil. I just wanted to know, once you have decided to end your career on YouTube, would you ever consider operating a business related to what you did on YouTube? For example, starting an independent magazine outlet to discuss your opinions on current gaming news/affairs and maybe even writing reviews on the games you do play based on the Hateful Truth? Whether it be a physical paper or online version, I'm sure the fans would still want to hear what you have to say, years after you stop making videos. Sorry for the long question but thanks for taking the time to answer this. - Dean Jones.
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