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  1. Hey Phil, This is a wrestling question since I didn't notice anyone else asking one and I always like to hear your thoughts on the current state of Pro Wrestling, ever since watching Smark Guys all those years ago. How do you feel about WWE's inability to book babyfaces in 2017? Since Wrestlemania 33, nearly all the PPVs have contained heel-dominated cards whist babyfaces are booked incredibly weakly. Heels like Samoa Joe, Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman and even Jinder Mahal are being made to look like big deals when faces like Seth Rollins, Bayley and Sami Zayn are booked as annoying a
  2. Hey Phil, When a game launch is surrounded by controversy and accusations of dishonesty or false advertising on the part of the developer/publisher, do you let that factor into your review of the game? Should a game be judged as a work of art separate to its creators' actions? Or should a game be punished in reviews if it's sold on false promises and dishonest trailers or demos? I think either option has great merit to it. On one hand; if a game is still an enjoyable experience from start to finish, then does it really matter what it promised, who lied or how it was made? Surely
  3. Hey Phil With Nintendo delaying the new Zelda to be an NX launch title and the persisting rumors of more powerful versions of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, do you think this console generation was simply too underpowered and rushed out? Even though I think the PS4 is a decent console, it still has trouble running games at 1080p which is absurd to me. It's 2016, most people have had 1080p TVs for a very long time. Many PC gamers have been playing their games at 1440p and even 4k resolutions for the last couple of of years. 4k ready Televisions and monitors are becoming very p
  4. Hey Phil. Given the recent release of Plants VS Zombies GW2, a surprisingly feature heavy and content packed game, do you think more about what other games have to offer at a full retail price? It's seemingly rare to find a game nowadays that launches in a fully functioning state, with lots of modes, gameplay variety and no microtransactions or season pass being pushed on you at launch. I know the quality of the game's content is more important than the sheer amount of it but it's extremely frustrating to see so many games released in barely functioning states, with entire game modes
  5. Hey Phil, With the recent spate of shootings in the US (I'm not going to name names as to not give psychopaths anymore undeserved recognition than they're already getting from news outlets) I'd like to ask you about gun ownership, not your thoughts on gun ownership but on how the mass media portrays gun owners and how much control they have over public opinion. As someone from the UK and a frequent internet user, it's very common to see people chastise all gun owners as idiotic rednecks and murderers to be, personally I'm not as anti-gun as a lot of people and I do see lots of BS 'statistics'
  6. Hey Phil, As someone who spent your preteen and teenage years in the 90's, how did the music of the time affect you? You haven't spoken about music very often and I wondered if you still listen to listen to music from that time period if you still listen to music at all. With Nirvana spearheading the grunge rock genre and Metallica gaining mainstream success with the Black Album, as well as many different sub-genres of Rap and Metal music becoming popular, music must have been a big part of your life. I'd also like to know what you think of modern music and how the music industry has changed o
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