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  1. I think the idea of starting an hour early is smart for Phil but I don't know if losing the hour of gameplay helps since Phil logs in (roughly given the breaks) 5 hours a day besides the weekends. The 10PM-12PM EST window is brutal for a good chunk of international viewers(Which seem like a lot of Phil's backbone along with high school students) and east coast viewers so more often than not, I am just tired to stay up for 2 hours. It all depends on what Phil can and cannot handle, if the extra hour to keep it at 5 hours is too overwhelming than layback and stick with the 4 hours. Me pers
  2. Blindy

    I'm done.

    To basically sum what they said, Phil would send texts 5AM(2AM his time) to Rambo and Rambo would be asleep and to wake up thinking Phil's drunk or that something was up for Phil to do that. Phil would check up on what is happening with them, is everything alright but then would say everyone's been asking about a potential Smark Guys reunion or to do some co-op. Phil would start the conversation by asking how they are but then take it right back into trying to get some co-op done on Phil's channel.
  3. Blindy

    I'm done.

    It's a method used to close threads, sucks the mods haven't caught up to it. When someone makes any thread about being critical against Phil, the usual 4-5 blights of the forum bring up stuff to derail the thread and leave the mods no other choice but to lock the thread. The only way to combat that is to ban/suspend these posters for derailing threads that have some promise of giving useful conversation but that of course won't happen. And this isn't meant to be a knock against the mods, I like quite a few of them and I have had nice conversations with Silentwarrior over Persona 4 or Sta
  4. Blindy

    I'm done.

    Phil's the one who has cared more about doing co-ops than discussing anything else in their personal lives, Phil views the 2 as a method to help gain money and to relive the co-op fun since Phil doesn't have anyone else to do it with besides Panda.......and those 2 want Phil to be less about views and more about genuine friendship and fun. I think they are frustrated that all of their hard work has led to Phil gaining more money and feel sort of used in that regard.
  5. Blindy

    I'm done.

    his is a thread with someone (understandably) leaving the forums. I know I left for months because I didn't like what the site has become and who knows if I stay around longer because things don't look all that much better. Phil has mentioned Rambo time after time and did so in a negative light by putting full blame on Rambo/Howard and both of those guys are just trying to clear the air since they've probably been bugged countless times about Phil. Honestly what do those 2 have to gain from lying? I don't get that, just from a beneficial standpoint. Their take on DSP doesn't help or hurt
  6. I lean heavily toward TIHYDP as well but that's because I work every weekday from 9-5 and get up 5:45 and travel 1 1/2 hours to and from and get home around 7PM. I basically miss all of Phil's 1st stream and have to get up early to miss the 2nd and don't have much time to squeeze in the hours of content Phil puts in every day. I appreciate the mindset Phil has and god bless the people who have the time to squeeze all of those hours in but for me, it just isn't doable or feasible.....which is where the TIHYDP's, the brief recaps of Phil's pre streams posted by other youtubers and specific small
  7. They derail these threads that question anything Phil does on purpose, it's actually a clever ploy by these posters knowing they will get the topic so off topic enough to force the mods to close it down. It's actually brilliant, they use it like a weapon anytime any thought is put forth against DSP in a respectful manner.
  8. That's pure assumption on it being a bait thread. Regardless of who started it, just because the thread starter started a thread......doesn't mean the thread doesn't have merit or can't be continued by other posters. Just because someone is a new account does not mean they are spewing venom. This board grows because of newcomers, much like Phil's Youtube channel. "It's organic viewership" or in this case "Following". Scaring people off like that....that haven't broken the rules destroys this board, which is the exact reason why I left this board for a good 4-5 months or so before coming back.
  9. Just finished the entire playthrough, it was maddening to not only see Phil miss some visceral attacks but to go swinging blows face to face with this boss. That's suicidal, regardless of if you can replenish your health or not. Seeing Phil just go blow to blow with this boss was nuts, I don't mean this to come off as judgmental of how he played it too....just Phil's played all of the Souls games to know not to do that because 9/10 times it results in you getting flattened within seconds. Phil also never saw what runes he was wearing too, I don't even remember what 3 he had lol. Maybe he
  10. It is becoming a bad trend but I 100 agree with you. The amount of dropped playthroughs is concerning and it's been happening a lot more than ever. He didn't go into much for Mad Max and rushed through that as well, sucks.
  11. I am level 165 on NG++++(Got the platinum) and yes this boss is ridiculous. I spent about 2 hours trying to solo it and the best I can do is get it to a 1/3 of it's life before Ludwig unleashes that massive light blast attack. Had to "cheat" and use the NPC and won on my 3rd try, NPC died relatively early in the 2nd form so I did a majority of the 2nd form so with help, it isn't that bad of a boss battle. It's just when trying to solo it, it is tough. No boss should have 1 hit KO ability....unless you have the ability to do that too. Feel the same way about the giant watch dog in the cha
  12. Maybe DSP will consider the Ludwig boss battle as a possible candidate for Fan Appreciation Day. Maybe call 1 helper each attempt and let them each get a crack at this boss until someone finally does it along with Phil. The password method makes sense, provided maybe some viewers are around Phil's level(I think it is level 15 is the limit?). After that, maybe Phil can resume Bloodborne on a later date, ala January when new gaming releases is pretty dead. I would only hope the helpers would be used just for this boss since Phil's tried every effort to try and beat the boss. Would hate to s
  13. Yeah this was the only playthrough that I could not wait to see after he made the announcement of playing this DLC and now that he's quit on it, I don't have any further interest in seeing a DSP playthrough....besides the Rock Band one and the Patron's choice, since I am a sucker for platformers. These new games I either have no interest in or don't want to be spoiled myself. Sucks man, was willing to fully watch all of the Bloodborne videos this time around and still will but sucks it got closed down. I did love the showing the controller to the camera and the Michael Jprda
  14. I thought about it but has there been any reason why you've never done a Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of the upcoming year sort of countdown? Especially given how jam packed 2016 is from Nintendo(Star Fox, Pokken Tournament, Zelda?, Fire Emblem), Microsoft(Sea of Thieves, Scalebound, Quantum Break), and Sony(Horizon: Last Dawn, Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush 2, Detroit, The Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank Reimagine) and companies like EA(Mirrors Edge), Atlus(Persona 5), NIS(Danganronpa 3), From Software(Dark Souls 3), Ubisoft(South Park), Square(FF15), Capcom(Street Fighter V) and surely others,
  15. Defeat Father Cascoigne Defeat Vicar Amelia Defeat Shadows of Ynarnam Defeat Rom the Vacious Spider (Presuming) You just need to beat those 4 and run through the levels of each which took me 2 hours. Granted I am level 160(4th playthrough, got the platinum full solo) but it's really not that bad, especially if you go co-op.
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