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  1. Interesting what money does... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-32169080 Happened in the same year...and was worse...Yet hardly anyone heard about it. Still horrible in both occasions. Rest in peace.
  2. Thats a bit harsh on Syrians. Its not their fault. They're military has been taking beatings from IS and they need help. There were hundreds of chemical weapon attacks. Their towns and villages have been destroyed. And condemning them for requesting help is just irresponsible. https://justiceinconflict.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/syria-rubble.jpg This was made in 2013!
  3. Uncharted looks better in My opinion. However, because we haven't seen Uncharted in a night time setting yet I cant really say for sure. But we have seen Uncharted at night in a cutscene and it looked awesome. (Still a bit annoyed with Elena's re-structuring) What I'm saying is that we haven't seen much of ROTTR in pure sunlight
  4. Compton - Dr Dre's new album. Also The Documentary 2 is supposed to come out tomorrow. Cant wait.
  5. Getting to the 10th season in career mode is pretty far. I only get to about the 6th then a get bored when all the players are the new yougsters generated by the computer
  6. BTW Vito is the old guy in the background.
  7. Thats the point of truth or they're supposed to be embarrassing/stupid/otherwise irrelevant.
  8. I'm sure it usually goes up to 21 not 20. But anyway. Would you rather not read a marvel comic book for 2 years or always be forced to say a non trademarked name of every super hero even though people know who you are talking about for 4 years. (Example you have to say : Arachnid Man instead of spiderman even though people know you are talking about spider man. Also everyone else can say spider man just not you.)
  9. Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Jak (Jak and Daxter) Ellie and Joel (The Last of Us) Sackboy (Little Big Planet) Franklin Clinton (GTA V) Ryu (Street Fighter)
  10. Hi Phil, What is your opinion on The physical representation of women in games (their appearance, bodies, clothing etc). Recently an article/social experiment thing was done by bulimia.com and they had photoshopped female video game characters to look more "normal" adding more weight and reducing breast size. Which is fine by me. However, the women they chose to photoshop were abnormal because these women were slim and made to be a little heavier which is weird because Rikku, Laura croft and sonia blade are slim because they are very active and are most likely slim because of it. Now admittedly some of these women were OVERLY buxom and on that part was exaggerated.But some women in real life do have bodies that are like those in video games (whether plastic surgery was in-volved or not) . The alterations were done to make female gamers feel better. My question is it ever acceptable to make females in video games overly-sexualised for no reason? Because video games are often used to escape real life and if we saw average looking women (and men) in every game it would (in my opinion be less immersive and more mundane).If EVERY character was average in what they wear, say do an look like . Also admittedly men are less sexualised than females in all types of media. Link to the article: http://www.bulimia.com/examine/video-games-realistic-body-types/ Silten Sidenote: I was originally reported this story by rooster teeth on the know and Meg Turney was presenting it and agreed with my opinion. Now Just google image search Meg Turney before reading my question.
  11. May the 52 innocent people murdered in the 7/7 bombings 10 years ago today rest in peace. May their families reach peace. And the 700 + injured be granted an easy piece of mind and not be traumatised of witnessing and being a victim of the worst terror attack in the Uk.
  12. Also I don't think there would be a good enough motive for Ellie to go on adventure by herself. I can't think of one. Second big spoiler. Alongside this: Dont change Ellie's face. Just saw the public E3 Extension of Uncharted 4 on twitch. They redesigned Elena from scratch, there's literally little to no correlation between the new and old. FFS
  13. I don't think Joel will die. I just think Ellie will leave him. Big spoiler.
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