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  1. He has no idea what he is talking about. Called FF14 a flop.... yet its the second biggest mmo on the market next to WoW. The launch and original game was a flop FF14 reborn was an astounding success and the best mmo ever made.
  2. He was neutral before and even suggested he understands why people use it. Long 3 minutes ads on youtube before a video are annoying and not necessary. I was not trying to suggest he was ever pro adblock, but he was never so against it until his contract/youtube changed apparently.
  3. That is complete bullshit lots of tweets and video proof is showing differently. He has changed his opinion many times on it.
  4. Why are you so anti adblock now? You seemed to have a different opinion on an old hate live. Also mobile is not 100% adblock free. At least on android you can use adblockers currently and that is without and sort of jail breaking. No idea if you would get credit for that or not.
  5. http://www.thejimquisition.com/homefront-the-revolution-review/ Holy shit homefront first real bad game of the year i guess?
  6. Wow even worse than a dsp's normal ratio on videos. :P
  7. cooper

    Persona 3

    I think that is just the PSP version.
  8. cooper

    Persona 3

    Phil no offense, but people don't care if it affects your schedule. We just want the game and December is a good time for the audience of a jprg. If you had a big interest in the game you would drop what you are doing and play it. We still don't know what is coming out Q4 full anyway. I have a a gut feeling it will be December 2016.
  9. Who would have guessed that being caught jerking off on stream would be a huge revelation for him.
  10. Especially when it will be on the internet for the rest of your life and associated with you. That makes it even worse than normal.
  11. The video made it big on the internet and made it on a popular channel. Its the first thing you find now when you search anything about phil.... At least phil is taking it with a laugh, but its a rather big screw up rofl.
  12. True, but he should not have to do that. Its not really his fault there is a group of people that won't leave him alone. No matter what he has done or said in the past these people are just sad at what they do. Can't seem to move on.
  13. We should try and report all the people that were stalking and harassing/Griefing phil. Maybe we can at least get a couple perm banned. What they are doing is against the rules and is running other players/viewers experience. Can't really say i'm surprised at any of this.
  14. I already own a PS3, Pc and soon ps4 copy :P. Trying to make sure the localize the new game. :D Mostly i want it for the trophies now.
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