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  1. So we've got two people on here who have pulled the last post if you respond to me I win, never really understood that logic since they posted in the first place, I get you want to act like your moving on but really just ignore the thread if anything if it bothers you that much that people are talking about the sok still. Also the kiwifarms thread is dead and the original leakers are all gone, some guy even made an account pretending to be me, they ended up becoming massive hypocrites and kept calling each other autistic and they pretty much ruined the thread. One of the girls in the sok
  2. I will say one thing, everyone who is apologizing is not getting off completely free, one of the original guys who exposed the sok in the first place is going around to every twitlonger and giving the members shit. He even stopped them from doing streams about calling out Fred after he posted this and it's brutal. There hasn't been a single stream since and only non sok people have been making fun of Fred after this. I don't know why this guy is going around doing it as he has no ties with the sok it turns out. He even ended up being the first one to start the leaks, maybe he just d
  3. A lot of it is in the kiwi farms thread
  4. Worse, he got all buthurt over being blocked by phil after blaming leanna for the change in phils content. ask yourselves, is that normal? Most people when they get blocked just move on to something else, this guy went to one of phils videos and spent hours of his life editing all of phils fuck ups and made a four hour video out of it. That's psycho behavior to do over just being blocked. Based on how aj is acting on twitter after being called out, he might have some mental problems, there was a livestream he did where he was going to answer questions while playing a game and he woul
  5. I think it's done for the most part phil, they were all sick to do the things they did to you and not one of them have yet to apologize to you. They all made twitlongers to address criticism, and what's funny is that a lot of them are just blaming Fred for all of it. Most of them denied responsibility to the very end. One even played victim saying they had social anxiety and that they don't have many friends(what a big surprise) despite going on a stream and constantly mocking you in front of thousands. Social anxiety my ass, most of them didn't even have the guts to go on camera and apo
  6. @KGhaleon he was talking about a personal friend that wasn't Fred, if it was I would have told you all about it, I saw those tweets and it was someone else, all Fred's been doing is removing everyones credits from YouTube, deleting twitter posts, and playing destiny 2 alone.
  7. Letting you guys know the suicide info is false, the guy who was saying shit didn't specify who and turns out it wasn't Fred. According to sources Fred is sitting at home playing destiny 2 all by himself
  8. Don't worry, all the members were getting shat on, not just Fred. He just happened to be the biggest asshole of the group. The other ones were all forced to apologize and admit what they did and now only like three are yet to admit anything.
  9. By beating them I meant outlasting them.
  10. The sok has disbanded only six people are left in the group and they are all staying quiet, and of the six only five are on the sokast still, its over @Phil you beat them, karma collected and all that time spent on those videos harassing you was for nothing thanks to these leaks. They will always be remembered for this and only this. No one is standing up for them at all anymore and everyone wants Fred gone for good. I really want to give credit to the people who started this and took them down in kiwifarms, sirjamesdtech, JoRo, kingofpol, supermariopawnstar, and unsungherobot. I do
  11. I just want to say when I send any info on here I don't want you to think that you need to respond, I just wanted to show you proof of everything they lied about and give you some clarity and to show that you were right. Also to let you enjoy them going through shit for a change. Fred tried apologizing and lied in his apology and got colossal shit for it. The sok is not going to recover for some time and no one sees them as good people anymore other than a few diehard fanboys.
  12. Trust me, it's going to hit them hard on the next stream they do, they were banning people left and right last time. There is no way they are getting away with it.
  13. He addressed the leaks on stream saying he's just going to ignore it and that he doesn't care, from what I'm seeing on twitter the sok is fucking dead, they have no chance of coming back from this since they all are guilty, not just Fred, phil doesn't have to say a word to them, it's already over. Those five guys on kiwifarms killed them.
  14. This has gone beyond drama and is insane now, showing ips, doxxing, false copyright strikes being planned, this shits illegal with what they are doing and phil called it from the start.
  15. Here is proof that the sok had a role in the copyright strikes. @Phil you were right on the money about them being obsessed with you, watch this video to see how right you were, this was from an ex sok member who admitted that the group is doing a lot of psycho shit.
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