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  1. LastSonOfKrypton

    DSP can now remove channels reuploading his videos

    Um, how exactly is that a defense against YouTube's spam policy? "You're uploading too many samey videos at once." "But I paid for the game I'm playing." Huh? It makes no sense as a defense for this.
  2. LastSonOfKrypton

    DSP can now remove channels reuploading his videos

    This rule is vague enough that it could end up affecting Phil too. He does upload an enormous amount of similar content on a daily basis after all.
  3. LastSonOfKrypton

    Fair Use

    Interesting that, to you, WOOF! doesn't have to back up anything he says but we do. Burden of proof falls on both sides to prove their claims, not just the one you disagree with so kindly stop being a passive aggressive ass. I've done my research into this and can reasonably confirm payment and profit have no bearing on fair use. But because I can't find that exact sentence in anything you two refuse to budge on it. How about we reverse this for a change. I will concede to WOOF! if, and only if, he can provide something to back up his claims. Otherwise my research has proven to me what I've already said.
  4. LastSonOfKrypton

    Will Future Playthroughs Be "Attention" Based?

    I would say don't hold your breath for it to come back. Yakuza Kiwami was "on hold", Persona 5 was "on hold", Disgaea 5 was "on hold". Honestly you should just consider Okami a dead playthrough.
  5. LastSonOfKrypton

    Fair Use

    Seems like you didn't really understand anything anyone said about this. That or you have some serious confirmation bias. So that there can be no confusion I'll spell it out nice and clear: In accordance with Fair Use law you are not required to ask for permission to use a copyrighted work nor are you required to pay the copyright holder. Whether you profit from your use of the copyrighted work is irrelevant as to whether it falls under Fair Use.There is no set amount of a copyrighted work you can legally use. What matters is whether your use of the work is transformative. Ultimately Fair Use is a defense for claims of copyright infringement. Again @WOOF! payment has no bearing on Fair Use. Neither does any profit being made.
  6. LastSonOfKrypton

    Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    Use a little inference dude. If you don't have to ask permission why you have to pay anyone? You're just unwilling to let it go at this point.
  7. LastSonOfKrypton

    Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    https://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/fair-use/what-is-fair-use/ Written by actual copyright lawyer Rich Stim.
  8. LastSonOfKrypton

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    True, but I am of the opinion that rules should apply to everybody. Even the people that make the rules. Because if certain people don't have to follow them why even have them?
  9. LastSonOfKrypton

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Guess the rules don't apply to everyone huh?
  10. LastSonOfKrypton

    Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    Since we're on the topic of fair use I'm gonna give my thoughts on it as far as Phil and TIHYDP as well as link a couple videos that explain fair use. Based on H3H3 Productions' recent lawsuit and the videos they made about I think I can safely say whether you make money or not is irrelevant. It has no bearing on what falls under fair use. The amount of copyrighted content used is also irrelevant. Contrary to what Phil says something like MST3K does fall under fair use, it's a transformative work used for criticism. What does matter is whether the work in question could be a reasonable substitute for the copyrighted work it's taking from. In the case of TIHYDP the majority of them could substitute for Phil's playthroughs and therefore hurt him financially. So they wouldn't be protected by fair use. On the flipside any gaming youtuber or twitch streamer's content could be used as a substitute for playing the game yourself. I hate to say it but what Phil does might not fall under faor use. We'd need an actual case to set precedence to know for sure. Edit: Just wanted to add that you don't need permission to use copyrighted content nor do you need to pay anyone for their content. Both are irrelevant to fair use. Here's the videos I mentioned earlier:
  11. LastSonOfKrypton

    Very important Patreon changes incoming

    What all this tells me is that a surprising number of people giving Youtubers money when they really shouldn't be. If an extra 30 cents makes hundreds of people pull their pledges they either couldn't really afford $1 in the first place or they pledged to far too many people at one time. Neither of which is Patreon's fault. All Patreon did was try to give creators a little more money and you want to crucify them for it. Over 30 cents.
  12. You are exactly the kind of fan Phil doesn't need. The white knight who'll blindly support whatever Phil does no matter what. You make him feel good in the short term, but ultimately end up killing him. What Phil needs right now is criticism, suggestions for improvement, not blind praise. But it's clear you think Phil's doing fine despite the fact he may lose his house, is only staying afloat because of fans giving him money, and has to work constantly to make a living. So go on, keep enabling him. Keep telling him everything's fine and he doesn't need to change. It'll be your fault when he loses everything.
  13. Will you please stop worshipping the ground Phil walks on for two seconds and have some critical thought? Phil's content has gotten stale. His patreon goals are the same thing over and over. Even his commentary has gotten lackluster and repetitive, but fanboys like you refuse to see it and insult anyone who does criticize him. Take a step back and realize it's Phil that's the issue, not the games and not the audience. He needs to break out of his rut, because people are getting bored.
  14. LastSonOfKrypton

    Why Patreon has been low

    You know damn well it wasn't people suggesting it that made Phil go back to Twitch. It was desperation when he started making even less money on his videos, nothing more nothing less. He did it because he had to to make enough money to keep going.
  15. LastSonOfKrypton

    Why Patreon has been low

    Here's an idea I like, Phil could set a stretch goal on Patreon to attend PAX and do a fan meetup while he's there. He could try to do what he was doing with the PC again, saving a little each month towards the convention. He could potentially get hands-on coverage of the games there, maybe even interview game devs or get a collab with a bigger YouTuber or Twitch streamer. It could be a really great networking opportunity for him and some fun videos could come out of it.