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  1. ​Counter question, why does he need to record a video of him showing all his videos? Everyone can see the videos that follow him so why make a video about it if you're not even going to make it unique or at least have some form of editing? Oh and as illmatic pointed out, the week is not over yet so why make a video now, especially when Phil was gone for half of the week.
  2. ​The reason why you are being called desperate is because you are using it as a ways to help the huge decline in views, the other YouTubers, or at least some of them, are not using it for that purpose. You say fundraising but what are you raising these funds for? Is it for a charity, for a dying relative, what is it being used for? No you have gotten complaints about constantly looking at the stream chat for help instead of just playing the game. I told you I use to be a fan and not once did I see you whether it be on Twitch or here, interact with the fans in fact the only time there was interaction was when John Rambo was over and he would use your account to interact with the people. When people say interact they mean to actually talk to them or shout them out or anything that shows that you care about what your fans want instead of your own wants. This right here is a lie and it is downright throwing the SOK under the bus because they're not here to defend themselves. Well I might not be in the SOK but I will defend them as they have shown to be far more trustworthy than you. They tried many times to help you out with many suggestions hell, Loophole who trolled you twice even offered to give you the Patreon account but you instead slapped his hand away and said no deal. Actually it was more of along the lines of "I will never listen to the SOK as long as you are in there" which even I will admit what he did was not making himself look better than you, it should not be something that you hold a grudge over as it is no big deal since Patreon got the account back for you. Now you can claim that I am trying to derail all you want but you mentioned it so I will be the defender. If you wish for people to stay on topic then remain civilized and show that you will also stay on topic.
  3. ​Um you loved Beyond Two Souls and complain about this game that has two scenes needing your input? BTS needed no input except for move, you could fail every QTE and get through the game hell you couldn't even really die in that game. Well it's a narrative based game so it's not going to be action packed.
  4. JPress15

    Getting Involved

    ​Well Game Theory already pointed out why that was broken, but okay. I would seriously love to know why he needs a Patreon then if he's doing fine.
  5. JPress15

    Getting Involved

    ​He's BARELY pushing the thousands hell, none of his recent videos are even breaking 5,000.
  6. JPress15

    Getting Involved

    ​A lot of teens hate DSP, at least the ones I know. At the rate he's going, he won't be making money for 2 years. But that's not why the views dropped and you know it.
  7. JPress15

    Getting Involved

    Teens grow up. If people won't leave then how do you explain his drop in views and subscribers?
  8. JPress15

    Getting Involved

    ​Because not everyone will stay and building a good trust with your fans could keep them around, but when people wise up on all of his nonsense they will leave as he will have shown that he doesn't care about his fans.
  9. JPress15

    Getting Involved

    ​If you're going to have your own forums for your FANS, the least you could do is interact with them on different topics. He may feel pressured, but if he wants people to feel comfortable with him then he needs to actually make them feel comfortable and he needs to make his fans feel important in ways that aren't just needing them for fan art.
  10. ​I have to agree but I have to say that it's not that they're idiots, they're just extremely close minded to any opinion that is pro-Phil. Some are open to it, but a lot of them are just in denial about Phil and some just don't care.
  11. ​Oh sorry, "close to home". But still doesn't answer anything else I said.
  12. ​No one is saying he has no money to spend, people are just tired of him complaining about views and asking people to check out his Patreon when he does things like spend $3,000 on a lemon, buy tons of fast food, and spend $400 to go to a hotel that is only 40 MINUTES away from his house. That's the incorrect definition of a staycation, by the way. A staycation is when you take a vacation in YOUR own home. He has had many days off and he could have more if he would stop being stubborn and change his schedule around. Seriously this is supposed to be HIS business but yet he makes a ridiculous schedule of working every damn day but then complains about stress? Oh and I don't consider this to be a day off as he is still making vlogs which he also gets paid for as they are monetized.
  13. ​You have no problem with criticism eh? Then why is it that you closed a thread reviewing mods and admins? You think you can handle criticism? Then stop deleting threads giving criticism. Oh and people shouldn't say things aggressively? Well what fantasy land are you living in because I would hate to live in that nightmare where no one is allowed to be a critic. Oh but go ahead, claim that I'm "spamming" or whatever nonsense you want to claim as you know you will do it because I point out a valid argument.
  14. ​Transformative? How is it "transformative"? He uploads videos of himself playing video games, that is not transforming anything. Oh and no he couldn't have them taken down as they still have some editing to them. Once again, Phil is not protected under fair use so that would be like the pot suing the kettle for being black.
  15. ​Well as stated, the video falls under fair use and Phil could also be sued as his videos are not for parodies or reviews as he doesn't review every single game he plays. Plus his videos are unedited and he once stole footage from someone else's video for Final Fantasy XIII AND made money off of it so he has no real right to sue anyone as at least they tell people who the video was made by.
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