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  1. I'm not Phil, but the easiest way to contact Phil is to send him a forum PM, I believe he checks the forum every day. You can upload the video files to Google Drive and give him the link.
  2. @PhiI Please use the following templates for the conferences tomorrow instead of those I sent in the PM, just so they don't cut off at the bottom like the three ones covered so far. These ones fits Popsicolo's format on his templates much better. Square Enix Ubisoft Sony
  3. Here's my fanart for Detroit: Become Human!
  4. Hello Phil. I have two questions for you. First question is regarding Muxy and the subscriber, tips and bits statistics that you sometimes use when you are streaming. I've seen that you edit those statistics manually. Have you even thought about getting the Muxy Ticker tool? It is a tool that automatically updates any statistic you can think of when it comes to streaming, automatically. There's even a guide on this forum on how to set it up and I believe that even you ( ) could manage to set it up in around 10 minutes. Here's the link to the thread: Here's also a video tu
  5. Here's my fanart for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! It will have to be an imgur link since the forum is broken and I can't upload pictures. So copy and paste this link in a new tab or window: https://i.imgur.com/1czPaBy.png
  6. The game is not out yet, it releases on the 17th of November. People playing now have the EA early access and they can only play the first 10 hours.
  7. Here's my fanart for Star Wars Battlefront II!
  8. Before you save the image, you have to LEFT-CLICK on it to get the full HD image, you have only been saving the thumbnails for my and others' fanart and they have been blurry on the pre-stream. So LEFT-CLICK first, then RIGHT-CLICK and save! Here's my fanart for Call of Duty: WWII!
  9. Hello Phil. As you might or might not know, there are going to be some really big Marvel movies coming up in 2018, such as Black Panther in February and Avengers: Infinity War in May and Thor Ragnarok premiering in Europe this upcoming weekend. So my questions regarding that are: What's your favorite Marvel movie? Have you been watching any Marvel movie recently? And are you hyped for the upcoming movies (Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and Avengers 4)? I know I am! Thanks.
  10. Here's my fanart for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus! Here's also my fanart for Assassin's Creed Origins! And last but not least! Here's my fanart for Super Mario Odyssey!
  11. Here's my fanart for South Park: The Fractured but Whole!
  12. Here's my two pictures for The Evil Within 2.
  13. Hello Phil. This is my second question. If you didn't know, Gamescom, which is like E3, but in Europe, so it's like E4 (European Electronic Entertainment Expo.) I am wondering if you will cover it. Most of, if not all, of the big companies should be attending (PlayStation said that they might attend.) The dates for Gamescom are 22nd of August to 26th of August, so this Ask the King episode is in the middle of the event and there will be live streams and announcements taking place from the 20th of August. Thank you and keep up the good job.
  14. Hello Phil. Did you know that your good 'ol buddy, 'ol pal (haha) Mitch Dyer is a writer for Star Wars Battlefront II? What is your opinion on that? I would love to hear your thoughts about this. "Reviews are about opinions, not facts." - Mitch Dyer. Thank you and keep up the good job.
  15. HERE IT IS! The grand finale! Sony's press conference TEMPLATE! IMGUR link down below! http://i.imgur.com/h51gGYa.png Really looking forward to Sony's press conference and Phil's reaction!
  16. Ubisoft's press conference TEMPLATE! IMGUR link down below! http://i.imgur.com/G65nIdb.png I tried to get rid of the white around the The Crew 2 logo, but Photoshop crashed then.
  17. Bethesda's press conference TEMPLATE! IMGUR link down below! http://i.imgur.com/kZmhPqA.png
  18. Microsoft's press conference TEMPLATE! IMGUR link down below! http://i.imgur.com/Nohdgih.png I also made the Twitter and Patreon links bigger and moved them to the right corner.
  19. I'm going to post the link to my image, since it's too big to upload to the forum, and the quality would probably be worse if I lowered the resolution. Here's my recap overlay! http://i.imgur.com/OA0MMJ4.png You will have to copy and paste the link and then save the image, Phil :). I'm sure you know how to do that. If you like this one. I can make others for; Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft and PlayStation.
  20. Thank you for the clarification, Phil. The thread can be locked now.
  21. It's a big deal if someone hacked the account. I hope he has changed password on his main channels and such, if they were connected to the channel.
  22. Hello. I checked my YouTube and saw a video about a football match streamed 53 minutes ago. I wondered what the hell was going on, because I don't subscribe to any channels that streams football. When I checked around the channel, I saw that it was Phil's Red Dead Redemption channel, but it was either given away by Phil, or hacked and renamed to "Sporti Stream". If it was hacked, you should probably change your password on your main channels, @Phil. I also took thee liberty to download the Suicide Kings videos, in case the possibly hacked removes them.
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