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  1. Yeah, I've seen that guy keep cheering about Barry Burton when I've jumped into the stream a few times. I've never seen Phil correct that person to say that a specific character cannot be chosen so it wouldn't be shocking if that ended up being the choice... unfortunately.
  2. Good point. I was thinking that it is a hassle to keep going through every single post repeatedly to collect that information but it would be better to skip it. But just cosigning something in a reaction wouldn't make sense as nomination.
  3. Are you also collecting when people add a forum reaction (like and upvote)? Or just when they quote and respond to a post of nominations?
  4. Not like you get to choose which one he will be anyways. He picks the costume in whichever category wins so people who are angling for a very specific character have a good chance of not getting it.
  5. That's right. He has a bad habit of being spiteful and thinking of it as a win over people and also just being incredibly stubborn.
  6. I'm going to amend this with Homefront: The Revolution
  7. Oh thats right. He prefers to listen to the "silent majority" instead
  8. Kudos and thanks to you for putting in the effort. It does appear to be something ridiculously easy to set up for everyone to use. And with zero drawbacks and no overhead, it is a slam dunk to just do it for those who might enjoy it.
  9. Something like this will almost never happen without tons of goading and hand-holding. It takes time to understand it, takes time to set it up, and it engages the audience. That is like a holy trinity of qualities for an idea/improvement to be rejected. @FloydMayweatherwas right when he said minimal effort with maximum gains. Ignoring the random percentage that sounds like its pulled out of someone's ass, there is no reason not to make such a quick and easy improvement even if it was only for 5% of people. @MoraMoria do you think he might have been more inclined to listen to you
  10. Thanks. That Mortal Kombat nomination was/is for MK11. I'll edit that. That Call of Duty was for the 2019 version Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. So I'll edit my post.
  11. Jak II Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PACIFIST RUN) UFC 3 MP Among Us Ultra Street Fighter 2 online matches Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) MP Street Fighter 5 online matches Mortal Kombat 11 online matches
  12. Was that a message from OIC yesterday? LOL. That is funny. It doesn't matter. People who love attention like that always seem to end up coming back. It is honestly somewhat amusing at this point to see what the viewers receive. There is pretty much no fan service to just give back to the fans and the paywalled rewards are a bit stupid. No, a bit stupid is too kind. It is extremely stupid. he has plenty of suggestions flying at him from every direction but absolutely no desire to do them or there is always a convenient reason it can't be done. Well said. The spin was as stupid g
  13. Any chance this will include a green screen setup? I'd like to imagine that the presumed seating change will include something that is good for the audience and gives back to them as well. Having his background hidden from the stream would be at least a step in a better direction
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