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  1. Don't recall the actual stream but it was within the past week I think. Definitely still happens even with this weird vest thing.
  2. Do we know when the poll ends? I wish there was a strict time that was set ahead of time. If there is, I may have overlooked it. I hope you are right that he does knows. We'll see if he does something.
  3. So Lisa, Deus Ex, and Celeste have all been boosted? What are the real leads here, Fire Emblem and Banjo? Phil has mentioned on stream that he has not even looked at the votes when people ask what games are leading. So has he not even noticed that there is fraudulent voting on his event?
  4. Did you specify a number of pushups and he refuses cause he can't do that number? Honestly, its such an easy way to make money even if its just hypothetical. If I was given $400, I'd crank out some pushups. Not like I have to give the money back if I fail before a set amount of reps
  5. It will probably still receive fake votes but I would agree that a limit on duration would most likely go a long way towards mitigating the fake votes. Your point about fairness is spot on. It might be unfair to those who can't make the stream but right now its literally only fair to whatever person/handful of people have the time to boost fraudulent votes.
  6. If it wasn't obvious to anyone before, this website is one of the worst places to do a poll. And the event is a bit of a sham. 1) Viewers choice restrictions only mentioned after hitting first goal 2) Several games dropped from the poll even though they qualified 3) Plenty of fake voting 4) Phil tells @MoraMoria on stream yesterday that its pretty much an "oh well" situation due to human error about the games getting dropped cause there have been 3 days of voting already This is among the worst instances of Viewers Choice that there has been and it really does not inspire confidence in the future of the event. Even though that was already pretty bad given past issues with this type of event. Time for Phil to work on finding a solution or just ending these events
  7. Minecraft, Morrowind, and Animal Crossing are all in the same kind of area where its all about chat helping him and telling him what to do. There isn't much that happens and they are slow moving. Minecraft and I believe Animal Crossing are unending. Morrowind is already feeling similar in that regard even though I'm almost certain its a game that has an end. Its overload to have two of these kinds of games in the rotation, let alone 3. The highest amount of a "chill" game should be 1. There are many other options that can be done with those 2 hour night streams. Smaller games, completing first stream games a little faster, special stream like trying out some gallery of indie games, MP games, anything. But please, some of the chill games need to be put out to pasture. If only we were so lucky
  8. @MoraMoria I think if we want more accurate polls, we'll need you or someone as dedicated as you doing those Excel sheet screenshots that tabulate game nominations
  9. Thanks for these. Guess these will probably be the reasons although I don't think I really agree with them. Hopefully he will answer you so we can know.
  10. Was this addressed on a recent stream by any chance? Also curious about this.
  11. Not the Deus Ex I was hoping for but I'll still vote for it. Diddy Kong Racing, Metroid Prime 2, and Banjo Tooie are all ones I wouldn't mind either.
  12. The games from this will be tallied and the top ones will be selected for a poll that will be in a new thread. This thread will be closed before the tallying.
  13. Hit the nail on the head
  14. 100% is never guaranteed. Its on a whim. If its feasible, it could be 100% run, otherwise its just to completion
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