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  1. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Multiplayer Friday the 13th multiplayer Also gonna suggest these now that @LastRambo341 mentioned them
  2. Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Street Fighter 5 online MP matches Mortal Kombat 11 online MP matches Among Us w/ viewers Overwatch Disney Afternoon Collection UFC 3 or UFC 4 online MP matches
  3. No DOOD. If you don't stop playing the game to look at another screen to read a message from people and stare at nothing in random sections of gameplay and take forever to do menial tasks then you are just rushing the game
  4. I completely forgot how he couldn't even get in contact with Amazon support. Maybe doing it at a touch of a button is too hard for him but considering its his business and it makes sense to invest in it and make it easier, you'd think he'd go ahead and figure it out
  5. Here is a Demon's Souls suggestions, put the death counter back. Chat wants it, chat likes it, its one of the few changes that is for the viewers. That excuse about other content creators not doing it is just false. Others do it and its a nice touch. The excuse that he wants to sit there and play the game without worrying about the count doesn't make sense either. In plenty of games he pauses to say something, or rant, or stops to update one of the many numbers on the screen, a few of which are completely useless and uninteresting. Another suggestion, add the dspDeath emote in front of th
  6. Other than a voice tweet being hilarious, I found another tweet of Phil's to be hilarious. It is funny that he somehow does not see that the two statements he is attributing to Phil Spencer aren't actually mutually exclusive. The console gaming market has been shrinking overall but even when there is a shrinking of the market at large, a company can still have a product still be their best selling. Whether it be by profit, unit sales, or whatever; it still works.
  7. I thought the voice notes were supposed to be for SuperBlindMan. But as @MoraMoria pointed out, Phil is not using the alt text that works with screen readers. It could be that he forgot but it also could be he doesn't even know that is something that can be done. Its hard to say what the point of the voice memo is but I'll say that it seems to at least be an attempt to improve? My own theory is not just that Phil likes the sound of his own voice because I think he does and that he is a naturally bloviating person. I'm under the impression that Phil is just so isolated compared to many oth
  8. You can't really help people who don't want help. Aside from that, he is a grown man who already knows how to make changes in his life and look out for his own health. If he doesn't want to do that then the only reaction people should have is "oh well". Plenty of people ave given him advice before. Nothing is going to change.
  9. I'm curious how things would work out if people simply refused to participate in the charade and let him just choose things himself. Too bad we won't ever get to see that. On stream just now regarding forum: "I don't read that nonsense" lol okay. Guess that goes to show what people here mean because apparently his feedback on stream was opposite of here. You're all "disgusting, negative idiots" lol
  10. He won't fix them unless there is some motivation to fix them. He won't do it without incentive.
  11. There is a very good chance you are right. Which if you are is a bit disappointing because I do not think that what took place was in the best interest of the audience and marathon itself.
  12. That sounds pretty fucking terrible. When I got on the stream and saw he was doing a regular playthrough instead of a special marathon game I bailed. Why play something you were going to finish regardless on a day that is a special event meant for other games that the audience would never see? Also the Colonel Sanders costume is "meh" but doing that voice and act got old in the few minutes I was there. I hope that really didn't last for the whole marathon. It is kind of funny to read that he restarted a game he had done before and didn't make much progress because of poor time allocation/
  13. @MoraMoria Whoops, my mind slipped. Thanks for catching that
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