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  1. There are a couple of times I decided to look at his Twitch and saw the news segment. What he was saying was pretty inaccurate and seemed like it was really just a launching point to talk about his opinion and interpretation of the news. Other news stories that would have been a good topic were skipped and the ones that were covered sounded like he skimmed what they were about. But if people actually cared, they'd read or watch the source of the news instead of someone trying to recall the news.
  2. I think that is true but I never expected a video game was something that could make the list. I'll take advertisement as the point. I think that is a weird way to go about it but that tweet could serve as an advertisement for a certain kind of audience that Phil wants for his streams. The reason you don't see objective aspects under a criteria is because there is very little. There are a lot of people who masquerade their subjectivity as something objective though. I can't understand the point about excessive gore as well. It isn't anything outside the limits of what the franchis
  3. Aside from this looking like it doesn't make complete sense; what is the point of this? This is an unhealthy grudge for a video game. It is like Neil Druckmann personally did something to Phil.
  4. I'm going to nominate two games I have been plugging for several events: 1) Jak 2 2) Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Pacifist Run) Deus Ex: HR especially because I think a pacifist run is a good twist on top of just replaying the game
  5. The simplest explanation is that there is a rule he broke that is for partners/affiliates that does not break Twitch ToS. That is even assuming that there is a "why". Twitch does have the right to ban people or remove them from their contracts for whatever reason they want to. While we are briefly touching on it in the thread, any kind of doxxing is wrong no matter who is doing it. I think its pretty cut and dry that confidential information shouldn't be shared outside of who has been authorized to see it.
  6. You can run the command "/mods" on a channel to see the list of moderators.
  7. Ok. Thanks. That is the rumor that I had heard but was unsure as well. I think he should have banned the person as well even if it was going to be reversed by Phil later which I expect is how it would go down.
  8. From what I've been told and read, the story for the game he is/was playing ends in a way that says the series is done anyhow and that the devs are pretty clear that they don't want to continue. I can't verify how true that is though. Danganronpa theory and the original post theory about it being contract issue are both believable to me. I wouldn't be surprised if Twitch suddenly decided to do something about that or didn't even realize he was uploading his videos somewhere else until recently. I'm curious how many other people it has happened to since I would like to see a full sc
  9. I know who the "user" is but somewhat unclear on what they did. Is that popular rumor about the user true?
  10. I get what you mean. I don't have a strong preference for any. For me these range from "a growing interest" down to "that looks boring". Voted for the ones that I thought might be more interesting than others.
  11. Hey! Yeah I'm back. Nice to be remembered by someone. Mora what did you end up voting for?
  12. Hades seems like an interesting game that a lot of people have been hyping up. I'm curious about that one the most.
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