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  1. The situation is a bit of an oddity. A lot of times, when Phil has like an hour left to stream and the money isn't high enough, he will drop a "hint". He'll tell people he isn't streaming much longer, say how much money is left to go to hit the goal, and then give a speech about how he thinks its really going to end this time and how he is grateful but if we want the streak to continue then we have to contribute but its okay if we don't because it lasted a while. This causes people to say "hint hint" in chat or use the HINT emote from one of the chat regular's channel. Afterwards, people say things like "send the tweet" or "im worried about the vest" cause Phil has sparked conversation about the vest due to bringing it up so often. The vest goal talk can be brought up multiple times in the last part of a stream. Highest I remember counting is 4 occurrences. Chat "stressing" him is just their response from what Phil is saying and giving them a topic to talk about. He might ask them to stop but it doesn't. Which is odd because when people spam copy pastas, talk about his ex, talk about detractors, talk about topics he doesn't like there is something that happens - actual moderation. If there was a desire for the vest spam to stop, we'd see the same thing.
  2. It can be ignored but its not because saying that is useful to encourage people to tip. Those "chill" streams were often fraught with rants about things anyhow. They weren't that chill and they will not be that chill because like you saw with Animal Crossing, you'll be getting that plug constantly towards the back half of the night stream until a big donator shows up.
  3. When I referenced Witcher 3, it was someone else asking for hard mode that I was using for an example. I didn't nominate it, but did nominate Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Since Deus Ex: HR can be completed without killing anyone but bosses (and a trophy/achievement is attached to it), I nominated a pacifist run. I'm just uncertain what he will really accept as a new way of playing. Hard mode of a game he might not think of as an interesting variable or a no kill run may not be interesting enough to him either. I'm hopeful but skeptical on this stuff. Him doing something much more challenging than normal has a different kind of appeal that I think it'd be nice to see. I know it was banned a while ago but I can't remember the why of Code Vein being denied. I thought I recalled him being interested in it.
  4. Well, we don't actually know if its allowed or not. I made a nomination for a specific type of play type based in the game and someone else suggested hard mode. For all we know, both are not allowed and would be ignored if they made it far enough. For all the times the event has happened, there rules aren't stringent enough for us to really know. Maybe in the future, the event will continue to improve so we know things concretely.
  5. Yes, that is highly probable going by past events. Maybe a winner like that gets blocked or delayed on account of Spongebob being played recently. Fair enough. I think playing a game on something aside from normal mode or completing the full story to something he has done is at least different from the way he normally plays games. The number of games he is playing is inconsequential to what is nominated. Anyone can make N number of games and it can be considered "proper" that they are happy with and they may consider them all "important". Having first round options isn't ridiculous. Its just the way the Viewers Choice is designed to work with the mult-round system ("THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get me a game you've always wanted to see me play, and I haven't! So take advantage of it and good luck!"). You're right. Nothing stops someone from choosing 500. So why not? Higher number of nominations don't stress the forums, don't make it harder to nominate or choose games, and has no negative impact on the event. Or is the idea to introduce a brand new rule in the midst of nominations like has happened in the past? Should we go back to every VC Nomination thread and ban everything that only got one vote just for the sake of it? Something getting only one vote and not moving forward isn't an issue. We don't know if something will get more than one nomination on its second appearance or if it will still get one. If Phil wants to make another arbitrary rule to limit the number of nominations, let him do so and make the new rule very clear. I'll go back and edit my own nomination post. And then all of us can police each others posts to make sure that we don't exceed the maximum number across multiple posts.
  6. I'm glad someone gets it. I mean it would be kind of silly for Phil to limit the number of nominations someone can make when only the highest amount of nominations make it to the next stage. People should literally nominate everything that they would like to see him play if they feel it can inspire others to make a similar nomination. And I'll give your idea of specific conditions a +1 too :) After all, doing something with some hint of variety or change from the original makes it better than simply doing a possible rehash of a game he is played before. And if its a game he hasn't played, it just makes it so much more entertaining when the game is played in a certain style. That is why I can also appreciate @EternalNapalm's suggestions cause it puts a twist on simply watching Phil play The Witcher 3 again or doing just Ending A of Nier: Automata. By the way, since you said you'd only leave "some out" for your list of every single game, maybe you can make your post just be a list of exclusions instead. It'll be shorter that way. But I don't know how the forum is configured so maybe you won't run into a character limit and have to use multiple posts. Just a suggestion :)
  7. Mostly copy and pasted from my last nominations: Primary Nominations Jak 2 (REDEMPTION RUN) Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PACIFIST RUN) Batman: Arkham City Secondary Nominations Ice Age: Scrats Nutty Adventure Jumanji: The Video Game Super Lucky's Tale Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Assassin's Creed 2 Batman: Arkham Asylum James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Mirror's Edge (original) Rainbow 6 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 Far Cry: Blood Dragon Bulletstorm Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Ride to Hell: Retribution Manhunt Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid America's Army: Proving Grounds Just Cause 4 Tenchu 2 inFamous inFamous 2 UFC3 Spider-Man 3 Peter Jackson's King Kong Simpsons Road Rage Perfect Dark Zero The Quiet Man Spider-Man PS1
  8. Agreed, @MoraMoria. I think it is much more egregious for someone to take advantage of those who want/do support them than it is to gamble. Gambling can and does hurt people close to the gambler but being intentionally deceptive to people who help is so much worse. As a person who experienced this kind of deceit in the past, I think people who deceive supporters are a special kind of scum. As an aside, there are ways gamblers who are ruining their lives can get help: Call 1-800-522-4700 Chat ncpgambling.org/chat Text 1-800-522-4700 Or an option that may be more recognized: Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  9. I saw it live but thanks for adding context for those who don't know. I really wanted to elaborate on how plenty of plants have changed over time to defend themselves but not all of them and why pretty much every other person can differentiate between plant and animal but its not worth the effort. I honestly don't know if its better or worse than the Corona takes.
  10. Who knows. But I do remember there was a stream where it didn't happen
  11. I thought he explicitly didn't want to. Some idiot in the stream chat kept talking about it even though Phil kept brushing it off cause he wasn't that interested.
  12. Would you say its it okay to lie sometimes, say, to protect your family?
  13. Yes. He is going to eat a Whopper and an Impossible Whopper and compare them.
  14. I forgot about this nicer looking layout that people thought of. And also the suggestion of switching offices since it looked like that one had more space. Lol yeah that was hilarious.
  15. Cosigning this statement. Twitch is far from the best platform for political discourse and the channel and Phil's chat specifically is not well suited for it. If the prestream length is not going to be effected by removal of plugs, then swap them back in place.
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