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  1. The emotes kind of suck. That a shame.
  2. Just thought of another: Jak 2 (redemption run)
  3. @MoraMoria thanks for tabulating so far and making sure to properly count people quoting and supporting something as a nomination.
  4. Gonna steal some suggestions I've seen from the stream chat as well as adding my own. That includes replay of some games. BTW, does anyone have any idea how many nominations it takes to make it to final polling. I'll vote for other peoples list if they are boosting some of mine. Donkey Kong 64 The Quiet Man Jumanji: The Video Game Ice Age: Scrats Nutty Adventure Banjo Tooie Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Mirror's Edge (original) America's Army: Proving Grounds Rainbow 6 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 Far Cry: Blood Dragon Bulletstorm Blades Of Time Left Alive Decay of Logos Contra: Rogue Corps Eternity: The Last Unicorn R.B.I. BASEBALL 19 Pumped BMX Pro Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Ride to Hell: Retribution Manhunt Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III Just Cause 4 Deus Ex: Human Revolution (pacifist run) Also, I think the multiplayer games people are suggested should be taken as a serious consideration for a multiplayer event or even this event but dedicated to a certain number of streams. Like 5 mains streams of it. ------------------------------------- Just saw a suggestion of Mass Effect 2 as a clown in another thread so I'll add that to my list.
  5. He has fans and subs that are offering to play with him all the time. So he definitely does have people to play with, he just isn't choosing to. And as @MoraMoria mentioned there are other known people he has played with before that he could play with again. It would definitely be better if he played with other people once in a while.
  6. @BlueEyesWhiteDragon , thank you. I appreciate your endorsement.
  7. How many games from the poll are being selected? Wonder how the larger Twitch audience will react based on what is being voted right now
  8. I think this is starting to happen more frequently and its getting a little more frustrating for people each time it happens. Last time there was an event to nominate games it happened so I skipped out this time and just vote on it. Yep. And I think for most people its debatable whether or not the rejection reasons given in this thread really line up with the rules that were given in the nomination thread.
  9. I completely agree. But think someone asked on stream at one point but it was shut down cause Phil didn't want to do it. I might be mistaken though
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