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  1. When I looked at the replies there were comments talking about Phil and screenshots that Twitch probably did not care for and did not want people to look at those replies and screenshots
  2. Action games, platformers, variety/assortment marathons. For the last suggestion, its more like unknown stuff, hidden games, B or C tier stuff with commentary on top, old games he hasn't experienced, etc, Something akin to those random XBLA games he'd try out.
  3. It was bad. Very bad. Honestly, I hope he stops the event from now on. I don't think it really works. Even if you look at it from the perspective of being a viewers choice mish-mash of games, it didn't seem like the stream went over too well. Morrowind was on there because it was heavily promoted and probably to get him to do a full playthrough of it someday. Essentially having him play a "demo" of the game. WoW was awful. Nothing happened but the reaction to the trolling was probably the only halfway decent thing. Most of it was just running with some menus being shown every now and then to try and stop the issue. CTR was very meh. There seems to be a greater presence of "rage' in chill streams at this point. Whether that is from cheers/tips baiting him into a rant or just rage from the actual game. Probably in part because it isn't planned and also because the games actually support it (especially something like the SF collection). I'm not sure whether to blame "trolls" for screwing around with the polls and what was chosen or to blame "fans" for picking bad stuff. I mean we at least know the patrons had a record of choosing things that the general viewing audience didn't feel too great about in the past. The same issue may be extending from having a fully open option. Also, I think some of the games that were ruled out would have made more sense to have in the final list than some of the games we saw yesterday. If I had to score it, maybe a 3/10 off the back of SFV and Ninja Gaiden Black
  4. Hm, thought he liked one of their games at one point. Was it the transformers game?
  5. It apparently can't be done after the first stream because its a very long process. If I recall correctly, its about 4 or 5 hours of work for the sauce or something like that. So to make sure prep is done he has delay his stream and then take more frequent breaks when he is streaming so he can stir. Maybe I'm mistaken though and Phil can clarify why its not done at another time.
  6. Yep. I think this has always made the most sense too. Do a total tips goal amount for the month and steadily increase it.
  7. Some good points and ideas in these posts. Things can definitely be improved a whole lot more. As for the relatively recent inclusion of his story about becoming a streamer, put that on the website. Actually, revamp the website so the forum is just a section. Removing that front page was a step back. That streamer story could go in the "about" section or something. Could have the front page of the site be the upcoming schedule as well. Or what games will be played in the future. The information delivery going on now could be overhauled to help with some kind of growth.
  8. Yep. I came to stream like 20 or 30 minutes late a few times and expected him to at least be talking but it was still that YouTube playlist music. Now if I feel like catching a stream, I show up way later. I don't want to hear the schedule, origin story, and plugs on repeat. And the answers to the contributions often feel way too long-winded to me. Want to watch gameplay stream, show up 1.5 to 2 hours late. You won't miss too much. Otherwise, just watch on YouTube for stuff if you don't care about the stream or to watch stuff you missed when showing up late.
  9. I'm expecting less than that. Games are a max of 90 minutes I think he said? Thats about 7.5 hours. Even if he doesn't take a break between each game, I think the ones he does take will be lengthy enough that they will cut in. Unless he is guaranteeing to see the length through. I think if he did the 12 hour marathon plan he has done before it might work out better. At least then, we could hope for about 2 hours for each game. Although some games might wear thin early and others will probably not even get to the good parts even with 2 hours
  10. Should just be a longer marathon that he has done before when it was a different special event. Especially factoring in breaks and pre-stream
  11. To annoy him. Really, there aren't a lot of games that can be planned ahead and give him authentic rage. One-on-one multiplayer games and sometimes other multiplayer games seem like they have the best shot. There really isn't that much that can be done with the choices available. Even Furi, a game that he ragequit, would probably be him losing because he can't remember how to play the game and lost all momentum he had before. Rage-a-thons aren't really for rage now. Its a viewers choice sampler.
  12. Right. That impromptu rage from things like competitive games that gets exacerbated by trolls coming out to bother him and get annoyed is the kind of rage people like. Premeditated rage just doesn't work the same way or is as effective I think. Yes, unfortunately the time for the games feels pretty short and longer games that have a narrative suffer compared to games you can just jump right into. @Phil, once had a goal that was for a 12 hour marathon. Not only do I think that should be a a good fit for this kind of special marathon goal, it might even work as a monthly goal. Whether that is just a once-a-month special for fans or the format for all marathons moving forward. Give these games time to breathe and be played for a decent amount of time. Especially when we will be getting a pre-stream and 30 minute breaks dispersed through the stream.
  13. When you know rage stuff is coming, its a lot easier to temper your expectations and not be as upset and that even goes for when its inadvertent. Planned rage that seems authentic isn't something that works out all that well. Phil and others should keep in mind that people who vote these things will most likely either be playing games that he complains about or ones that they can needle him during to annoy and pester him so he blows up. Others will vote for games that they want him to start off and possibly play at a later date. Phil doesn't need greater control. He already has too much control as is. There are about 2 or 3 games that should have been eligible that are not in the list of games to be played here due to executive decision. People wanted it yet it is denied from the second stage of voting. It would make even less sense for Phil to pick his own nominations when he says he wants the power to be in the viewers hands. There is no way we should have events where Phil removes games AND adds his own nominations. He already also influences game choices when he talks about what people are doing on steam. I bet you this probably backfired a bit and caused Street Fighter 5 to get some bonus votes because he seemed annoyed about it being chosen again this year on stream a couple of days ago. This is a reward for people contributing so no, he shouldn't step in and change things so people will contribute. They'll do that regardless.
  14. Fair enough. I can understand that. Given the current votes, we have a very good chance of seeing this. If he gets far enough to face the true final boss, that could be pretty entertaining rage.
  15. Sort of unfortunate. I think playing against people online would be much more rage-inducing than the challenges Who knows. We'll see how it turns out if it makes it into the marathon. If its actually troll votes then a mod is probably partially to blame since there is a command in chat telling people to pick Morrowind. I doubt its all trolls. There is certainly at least one person in the stream chat who has been pushing for Morrowind for ages. Given his reaction yesterday, I'm surprised he didn't take out SFV and consider it being a bad selection since he said he won't rage. Still would have liked to see UFC and Mario Tennis over some of the games on this list. Especially since we've had whole patron events where people complained about the game not being a good idea and questioned over the decision to carry on with it. Maybe had that not happened in the past, the other games would have made it in.
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