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  1. Another_Derich

    DSP and Nintendo

    I think maybe a couple of these at most would perform worse than the games that have been played so far. At least these would try to break up the run-n-gun shooter he has been doing. The one that I think would really hurt the viewership is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Otherwise, they would probably at least be worth a shot compared to what are essentially re-runs of previous playthroughs.
  2. Another_Derich

    DSP and Nintendo

    Which two of that list of games are you referring to? Also, it might be a bit short sighted to say they would not be good playthroughs and be a waste of time since: 1) You can argue that for almost anything and 2) it isn't as if those kinds of playthroughs haven't been done in the past anyways.
  3. Another_Derich

    Drake & Travis Scott Play FORTNITE w/ Twitch Streamer Ninja

    Nope. Don't bother. He has expressed his hatred/dislike for the game and has a contempt for any shooter that deviates from realism and/or "run-n-gun" style. I don't think very many people will be interested in seeing him return to a game he has berated so much. And if people do come out to watch, I think it is very unlikely they will stay because of how vehemently he dislikes the game and actively states it while playing. Seeing him play it now would feel incredibly disingenuous and it would actually be quite annoying to see him try to attach to the popularity of the game and going back on what he has said. EDIT: Regardless, its cool to see a record like that being set on Twitch as well as Fortnite continue to grow even more (on top of the incredible growth it has already been having).
  4. Another_Derich

    Suggestions for upcoming King of Hate Forums rebrand.

    Even if you were to have a couple extra mods in more time zones, that doesn't mean they will be available to look over the forums at all times. The thing about the forums is that the engagement rate is low so when a troll spams posts, you can't even be sure that people are even seeing it. There is a big contrast between someone spamming in a stream chat (where user engagement is relatively high) and a forum where there are a few handfuls of users. The spamming here doesn't tend to disturb discussion that much, at least not anymore than the ridiculous stuff some regulars post as well. Another mod or two isn't going to change much or matter and they'd be completely superfluous.
  5. Another_Derich

    Suggestions for upcoming King of Hate Forums rebrand.

    Make sure the forum re-branding only takes place after all the more relevant stuff on the main site is fixed first. In addition to the improvements there, a "random playthrough" function would be a decent addition for selecting a single playlist for someone to check out. As for the forums themselves: 1) Have clear cut and defined rules that are enforced universally for all members regardless of their status level. 2) Do not add moderators. The forums don't have an activity level that necessitates more oversight than they already have. 3) Reduce the number of threads that are deleted entirely. Locking threads and/or full on deletions of entire threads instead of just posts is too frequent.
  6. Another_Derich

    Phil dropping MH World

    Yes, I've noticed this as well. "It only got popular because it was free", "It takes no skill", or "The game is dead" are some excuses he'll say about games to justify not playing them when the only thing he actually has to say is "I don't want to play it." Its fine if he doesn't want to play popular titles and things that are trending. Zero need to pretend otherwise and give odd excuses.
  7. Another_Derich

    New gameplay idea. Role playing streams

    Nich, good effort but I don't think he is going to be interested in trying out radically new stuff to try and mix stuff up. I think the core concept you are offering is pretty good though. Even if we were to reduce it to "new gameplay style" then that would be an improvement. The only suggestion I'd personally feel like offering up at this time is setting a command: !goal(s) / !subgoal(s). With these people could see what he'd like to do if he reaches the subcount
  8. Another_Derich

    Make use of Muxy Ticker for more casual streams

    So the functionality for this does exist for Muxy. Good suggestion, @SuperBob94
  9. Another_Derich

    What should Phil play this week

    I'd agree. But more than likely he will hate it no matter what. He has already decided his opinion on it. Although he says he goes into games with an open mind to form his own opinion, I think we all know that going in for a second opinion won't change his mind. He played SFV before and decided it was no good and no changes will make him reconsider that. And moreover, the number of people asking for it are enough for him to notice some people want it but probably not high enough that he cares about playing it again. For two free slots I'd say that playing something that is casual and laid back is the best option. Which is why it would be a good idea to have a list of multiplayer games, both new and old, to play. Somehow that also seems unlikely so the only thing I'll actually submit as a possible idea that would be accepted is Super Mario Sunshine.
  10. Another_Derich

    DSP's Most Disappointing Games of 2017

    I think I heard Reddit users data mining and finding hidden stuff that screws with progression in the game. Is that what this is about? I'm glad that they are getting backlash. It is already bad to openly use microtransactions as a method of actual progression and trying to hide it and secretly change things for the user so they have to use them is even worse. I'm really happy that I skipped the second game after having played the first. We'll see if they bother trying to fix what they've been doing though.
  11. Another_Derich

    DSP's Most Disappointing Games of 2017

    That does make sense in general context and I was a person who was disappointed with the original Destiny and, to a lesser extent, the 2015 Battlefront game. But isn't this a list of personally disappointing games for Phil? Or is it what he things are the most disappointing for everyone? I believe Phil has mentioned in the past that he doesn't really fall for media hype (marketing) that much and goes in with an open mind on his own. Given what he knew about the original games and what he experienced in beta for one of the sequels, I'm kind of surprised that he would expect enough out of Destiny 2 or Battlefront 2 that he could actually end up disappointed by them.
  12. Another_Derich

    DSP's Most Disappointing Games of 2017

    It was peculiar that he talked about an "SJW cast" for Agents of Mayhem. Agents of Mayhem is a new IP so it isn't like they cut apart a cast of established characters to put in different characters instead. Moreover, given the past Saints Row games by the developers, it isn't like they weren't already known to enjoy putting a diverse cast into their games. Agents of Mayhem just took it a step further with a futuristic city to and a global agency to expand the number of playable characters. But these are his opinions so maybe he just prefers a more relatable cast of characters for what he has experienced in his life. Some entries like Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 being billed as disappointing are surprising because to be disappointed you would have to have a certain level of expectation to begin with. And considering all that was seen from those games prior to release from footage and betas, if you didn't enjoy the first entry in those series you probably wouldn't enjoy the second. Disappointing games countdowns are in general my least favorites though. And Phil and I have pretty different tastes and experiences with games anyhow. I hope in the future if he is doing just two series then it will be "funniest moments" and "game of the year"
  13. Another_Derich

    Phil dropping MH World

    I have zero interest in Monster Hunter at this point and probably wouldn't watch any video or stream but it would make sense for Phil to actually network, build relationships, and collaborate with other streamers. He should probably give this a shot at least for a little while. Doesn't have to be a full, dedicated playthrough if he really hates the game. Is there some other reason he wants to avoid it?
  14. I miss them too but I actually did occasionally look them over and read through them. Some of those companies are actually being "green" but I'm pretty sure there is definitely a financial aspect to their decision. That is pretty crappy if they make you go online for all instructions and don't even have any tutorial of sorts in the actual game. I don't think I typically get games from those publishers though. Do they not even include advertisement fliers in their boxes?