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  1. Ending statements with calling someone a kid is so weird.
  2. No, it shouldn't; but it will. By definition the streak has concluded but I'm willing to bet that the people who find value in the streak number will not care.
  3. I guess its possible that Phil and mods both did unintentional time outs and bans
  4. People were getting timed and banned last night for mentioning that it had some memes in there apparently.
  5. Very curious what this reward will be since its been so hyped for so long
  6. I literally laughed at the absurdity of someones day being ruined if the vest streak ended when I made a mental image of it. But you're right that someone would surely feel bad about it or even guilty for not getting Phil there. The detractor thing with people paying to mock him is just weird to me. The minimum it costs you to do so is 50 cents. If you're going to troll and be a detractor, why pay to do it? Given that, I can't say that I'm shocked that they'll donate at the last moment to hit the goal. That's the thing. I'm not so sure the initiative really weakens. If anything, he might get people to rally and start up the streak and push for it more to get it back to where it was. The streak is just some arbitrary number that has nothing of substance behind it. When it comes to the actual monetary value behind it, he is still averaging above the $100 it takes for the vest. The part of the streak that is supposed to be important (the money) is still there and isn't ruined if the streak were to even break which I still doubt it will. Honestly, its not even just the reminders that can be called derailing. There are plenty of cheers and tips he reads that are instantly recognizable as a derail but still get read and he still goes into a tangent and gets distracted. The cheers and tips talking about the vest, the people like beastbod who ask about other donators, the constant reminders from Phil himself about aspects of the vest, and especially the spam of that vest emote that inundate chat are definitely derailing to the gameplay. Really flies in the face of that "This is a gameplay stream." comment that has been made before. Please do tag him and tell him if you see it. Maybe his response will be something that don't expect and can't infer. Maybe he'll actually be able to surprise us with his actions. Maybe he'll listen to you and dial it back, if only just a little. Personally, I just bail at a certain point of the reminders. The other day it got to three reminders and I had had enough and left his stream.
  7. Even aside from that day when he felt the need to tweet it, its become incredibly obtrusive to the stream. He doesn't want to talk to the audience about financial contributions during the gameplay ("like other streamers"?) and only at the start of the stream. But now he keeps hinting at it and mentioning the result of the financial contributions instead. Now we have stuff like: "I'm streaming for another hour and we are only about half way to the goal. So if you want to see the streak continue, now is the time to contribute." "I don't know if we'll hit the goal, I'm a little nervous." "I'm grateful. We don't have to hit it but I'm happy we hit it [X] times. An [X] stream streak! So it would be sad to see it end." "It's getting a little hard to hit the goal so we'll see what happens." "Some people will be disappointed if the streak ends and blame me for not telling them. Now there is no excuse cause I tweeted it." "A lot of people were getting anxious the streak would end." I thought the tweeting that stuff was the worst it was going to get but now we get these unnecessary reminders so much. People know how long he streams and there is no need to keep telling us how long is left. People can read the tip goal at the top of the stream the entire time so there is no need for him to give a progress report on how far we are. Literally everyone can discern how far we are to the goal. People know what a streak is and can see the number and there is no need to impress upon people how long the streak has been going. Moreover, there are people who literally always come into give something big or rally together to push to hit the goal or get near it. There are people who outright give him the goal money before gameplay even starts. No one wants to log in and see beastbod asking if anyone else has seen bishop_of_mercy on the stream. The goal is always hit, probably about as equally or more consistently than it was in the past. Even if were to miss a single day (which it won't cause of the handful of people who tip big for the vest), it isn't the end of the world.
  8. Yep, exactly what I mean. Trying to cook something that is new to him or that he has little experience with. After such a long wait, I have to wonder if people will even care about Cooking with the King after asking for it for so long. The interest in it has probably waned. I think you are remembering something his mom made called pierogies which are arguable Polish depending on who you ask.
  9. Lol a lot of people would be pissed at cereal but I bet the big tippers who get him there would give that a pass and champion it as a fantastic choice. Can't be Wendy's Chili. He will offer the same commentary we've had him make about fast food chili except with possibly hamming up the reactions. We've effectively seen that video. Sort of reminds me of Dark Souls in a way; not the same way though. Something that is kinda popular for him and is played an excessive amount. Just that this time Minecraft isn't capably of having a real redemption run like those FromSoft games. He wouldn't do the lipstick thing at all. If you missed it, he was freaking out and being cringe about a certain segment of FF7 that was super short. If that rattled him so much, he'd avoid this at all costs. I do prefer non-food items in general unless its something very out there. Phil's descriptive capabilities just aren't at a level that I think is good for describing food that he purchased. So seeing a product being used might be more interesting. Food would be more interesting if it was some hybrid content like DSP Tries It and Cooking With The King.
  10. I'm personally burned out on Minecraft. Its been going forever and is just going over a guide prepared by a viewer. Maybe I'd be more invested in the playthrough if he was discovering, learning, and trying stuff on his own. That DSP Tries It needs to have some serious effort if it is the reward for 100 streak. Can't be some cheap product that is tried in 2 minutes and then nothing. Better be beyond the standards of the regular streams.
  11. Haha, pretty sure I know who you mean. A guy who is constantly saying it won't be hit and then makes sure its hit himself. Don't understand all that annoying chatter of it not being hit and then asking where past donators are to help out
  12. Would prefer a set night for this to try MP stuff. On night streams we have 2 games with no ending (one of them sometimes gets to morning), a long RPG that is moving so slowly it will takes an incredible number of weeks to finish, and a battle royale that he hates to play. Would love to see one of these get replaced by something more interesting. But even if its just for a week, that would be better than not having them. Feels like there should be a bigger reward for people giving him that streak Please no karaoke, we have enough of the songs played during regular streams.
  13. I'll give a comment. The "we might not hit the goal" / "the vest streak might not be hit" / "I don't know if the streak will survive" kind of comments are already kind of irritating and tiresome. People already have this weird obsession with continuing a meaningless streak. It doesn't need a reminder every single time the stream is halfway and the goal isn't hit. Everyone can see the metrics on the screen. Now you have people in chat calling for others who are known for tipping big to contribute and help the streak continue. Phil mentioned something being edited so I wouldn't be surprised if its a new animation that is edited to have the vest in it. Also, @MoraMoria I don't know if you have seen the streams where Phil talks about it but an option for vest alternatives is ... *drumroll* alternative vests. When the pandemic dies down, he wants to shop for different vests to wear so its not the same one each time. There is the answer to the thread apparently.
  14. No. That is part of the reason why I miss Genesis Mini streams. They offered a reprieve from the prestream songs. Should switch over to a massive playlist of video game related songs instead of just songs of Phil singing
  15. Fire Emblem making a bit of a surge now. Guess this "viewers choice" is going to be a heated finish
  16. Yeah, thats true. Kirby can be great with friends. Although it won't be played, I love Kirby and the Amazing Mirror which is pretty cool with others.
  17. Wonder if Celeste is also something that has that issue. People have called that out before as well.
  18. Whats the count for boosted games? It was at least 3 of them wasn't it?
  19. The thing is, he can't. "Idiot', "moron", "stupid", and literally any other word to debase someone and insult their intelligence level is part and parcel for interactions and the stream. Happens with new people, regulars, and everyone in between.
  20. Wasn't there a Kirby game recently that he got bored with recently? Stream chat seemed pretty annoyed with it too.
  21. Awful. Rather than actually fess up and say he made a mistake or see why he messed up, he is stubborn and doubles down and being a dumbass. Power tripping mod who is abusing timeouts and bans. Hey, @Phil, you said people tell you good things about the new mods. Well, consider this someone telling you that straightcashhomie is obviously doing poorly.
  22. And the history continues. There was a cheer tonight that was joking. @Phil read it and played off of it with a joke and after the cheer and interaction, the mod times out the person who cheered. And then claimed it was out of line and a "meme" against Phil. straightcashhomie29 is a straight up dumbass. Thats the problem with getting mods with no understanding of humor and think too highly of themselves, they turn into ban happy jackasses. Drsgangsta141 is also pretty stupid and against groups of people using emotes.
  23. If thats the cause then they illustrates they are bad mods in another way because there are very clear political statements in chat that get overlooked and don't even get a 5 second timeout.
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